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GME XRS-330C UHF CB RADIO $354.32 Delivered @ Ryda eBay


Good price for an Aussie made CB radio. It's a compact hideaway unit with an OLED screen.

Currently cheaper than an Icom IC-450


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  • Decent price was looking at them last night and didnt see one under $400 - ended up settling on a TX3120S (only a secondary UHF)

    • 3120s is a superb unit though for what it is. It easily fits an ashtray 😎 but yeah great price for XRS

  • What's the wattage on this?

  • Breaker…breaker…

  • 330 or 370? Also is a gme
    antenna worth the coin vs say a repco budget antenna?

    • If your a casual recreation CB'r the the cheap antenna will do fine. If you need to rely on it for any reason, do yourself a favour and get a half decent antenna from RFI or GME.

      Also keep in mind that gain is not always what you want. If your operating in hilly terrain then you want a low gain (unity or 3db) antenna, on the flats get yourself a mid gain (6.5db) whip.
      Some brands will do pack with both low and mid gain whips with a spring base.

    • Units actually won't make much difference as antenna will do. They all have the same power, just some more features. But antenna is what transmits the signal. Wouldn't go nameless, Oricom, basic GME will be fine; for the ultimate RFI CDQ5000 is the way to go. I personally think the chunky GME antennas are just for show off.

      • Chunky fibreglass antennas are for durability when 4wd'ing as it can get whacked by branches. Also spring whips will wobble itself apart on corrugations

        • Ive had GME AE4705, and inside the fiber whip the antenna fell apart. Not all antennas are made the same.

          CDQ5000 is fiber as well, but very durable inside as well as with heavy duty spring.

  • Very tempting! My cheapy Oricom has given up the ghost so looking at my options.