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[LatitudePay, Switch, Pre Order] Zelda Skyward Sword + Controller Bundle $114 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Enjoy both the game and controllers for cheaper than the controllers are listed separately.

Can select click and collect

Original Deal: $50 off $150 Spend: Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, LE, Wireless1 I $25 off $75 @ Catch, Cotton on, Kogan @ LatitudePay

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Winner. By the time I flog off the joycons that'll be a cheap game.

  • Oh wow! What the hell is latitudepay?… and just now reading reviews of how latitudecan have a negative impact on my credit rating while I’m trying to buy a house, it’s a ‘no’. A Zelda joycon is worth risking a home loan over.

    • Don't know why you got downvoted, but again, is Ozbargain.

      I've had heard a lot of people complaining about their credit score being affected by applying for Latitude Pay.

      • Don't know why you got downvoted

        Because a lot of people on here are idiots and only care about saving a few bucks and not the long term implications.

      • Maybe I got downvoted because of all the typing errors in my comment?

    • not sure why you're being downvoted. All BNPLs will negatively affect your credit score.

      source: i work for a bank

      • It’s common sense. Going into debt for a frivolous purchase like a video game doesn’t paint a good picture of the potential borrower.

      • Is it easy to quit those memberships?

        • Should be easy enough. Pay off debts, call customer service and cancel.

          When your bank does a credit check, they will see all BNPLs that you've signed up for, even if you've only ever used it ONCE it to take advantage of the $50 off deals.

          It's not the end of the world for a home loan, but it certainly gives the bank a reason to scrunitise your spending and expenses more closely.

  • Joycons look great, but it is a 10 year old game and the prices Nintendo charges for old games is hard to swallow.

  • When I go to checkout and select latitude it doesn't apply the discount? When does the $50 off get applied?

  • Great deal!

    Basically getting game for free and then some

  • +2 votes

    Latitude actually banned me for paying off my full balance whenever I use it haha.

    • How many times did you do that before you got banned? I would also rather pay the amount in full but some discounts are good via Latitude pay.

      • I got banned, but called them up and they unbanned me and the guy just said the system bans instantly if paid off in one go and told me to pay 90% off at the start then pay the last 10% off a week later so the system doesnt ban

        • Thanks for the tip. Might give it a go then!

        • Yeah good tip, I just don’t see why it won’t let you pay it off. Literally wanting you to fail payments.

          • @cc23: Thats the exact reason, the guy even said it to me

          • @cc23: It's worst than that. Anecdotal but I don't believe them for a second.

            They fail payments on purpose.

            I had a "failed" payment on a card, on one payment, the next day it magically worked again on a different payment.

            Obviously I contacted them and they said "OOPSY! Our system had an issue!". So not even denying nothing was wrong my card.

            Pure BS. You take in to account how many transactions they make an hour, if it was a "system error", they'd have tonnes of failed payments and would revert everyones late fees.

            A "system" isn't going to just break for a single user, with a single card, just one time and magically fix itself the next payment.

        • What?! Why on earth would they have a problem with people actually paying off their balances quickly?

      • First time I used it.

    • that's ACTUALLY HILARIOUS. what a scam lmao

  • Awesome, thanks! Played the game before, have been on the fence about getting it again. This gives me the option of getting it, and just selling it if I'm not in the mood - was going to get the joycons anyway.

  • So I tried signing up to Latitude Pay and was declined. Anyone have this happened before? I think it was because I don’t have any credit rating, never owned a credit card in my life.

    • Probably not it, I have also never had a credit card and my account was approved no issues.

    • Generally in such a case, they offer you a basic $150 credit limit account. I had a similar situation (no credit cards, no loans etc in my life), and had to ring them up to get a manual approval.

  • Missed it :(

  • Missed :(

  • My order got delayed. Probably will be cancelled

  • Saw this last night and grabbed it, ripper deal for game and joycons.
    Had pre ordered both at JB for near double this price, time to cancel that shiz


    This appears to be back online. More stock maybe?

  • Yes. It's back in stock now. Hurry, anyone who missed it previously.