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[LatitudePay. PS5] Returnal $78 + Delivery ($0 with First) @ Kogan (via App)


PS5 exclusives we know are overpriced with $108 being the best deal, but today you can get it for $30 off and free shipping.

Sign up for a free KOGAN First Trial to avoid Shipping -$shipping
Download the KOGAN App and use code APPLOVE -$5
Pay with Latitude Pay -$25


Original Deal: $50 off $150 Spend: Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, LE, Wireless1 I $25 off $75 @ Catch, Cotton on, Kogan @ LatitudePay

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  • Looking forward to this game but would prefer to wait a few days after release to buy incase of problems.

    • If it’s anything like Resogun & Nex Machina I couldn’t expect this to be anything less than awesome.
      Length is my only concern.

      • It's a Roguelite which means the gameplay is on a loop, ala Hades. Only concern would be if it felt too repetitive.

  • I'm sure this game will be good. Just going to wait until the reviews come out. Plus i'm not a Kogan fan.

  • Yep. Burnt with Cyberpunk, even studios with a solid history of good games can fail. Given this isn't anything like they have done before, waiting for reviews personally. I anticipate it to be a success though!

  • Any reviews of this out yet? Looks awesome but it better be like 10/10 or limited release if it's worth getting on release.

  • Not overpriced, the pricing is better for the developers and without developers there are no games.

    • The game is published by Sony as an exclusive so they would be getting a very healthy financial package to be exclusive and have the financial backing of Sony.

      The price increase is just squeezing consumers for more money with no tangible improvement in quality of games.
      They can survive on games being the same price they've been for years, that's proven time and time again.

      Developers find new ways to bring in revenue and not all of them are "evil" as people like to make out.
      Skins, DLC and other additional features which gamers can pay for can in many cases bring in more revenue than the sticker price of a game.
      And these additional features the majority of the time have no negative impact on a game (if they do they get called out - see Shadow of Mordor or BF2).

      Charging $124.95 (https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/ps5/266995-returnal) or even $109 (https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/playstation-5-returnal) for a game is outrageous and does not align with the way the industry is trending.
      More outrageous is that people are championing for these increases to continue.

      • I can't believe this price point is being allowed and I hope no one buys games at $100+ here.
        It's even $3 cheaper to buy from Amazon US and ship it to Australia. ($70US + $11US shipping = $105AUD~)
        Last gen could pick up most new physical copies of AAA games for $79, for that to now be $124 is ridiculous.

        I'll be waiting for deep sales this gen if this is the direction they're going.

    • You on crack

  • Thanks for posting. Just wondering where you put the discount code in to get the additional $5 off? I am not getting that option pop up.

  • Hm so what are the chances of arrival by release date?