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[Kogan First, LatitudePay] 4x Kogan Smart Plugs (Was $39.99) + Kogan Smart Powerboard (Was $35.99) for $50.98 Delivered @ Kogan


It was showing me $25 of with $75 spent with Latitude Pay,
So just wanted to share this possibility.

Seems like a really good deal for $51 for 4 smart plugs and 1 smart power board

or you can also buy 2 x 4x Smart plugs for $54.98 But why spend a single dollar more than needed to get the latitude FOMO Promo discount, YOU CHOICE

4x Smart plugs

Control your favorite household gadgets and monitor energy use with this innovative smart plug – even when you’re away!

Set on/off schedules that automate your devices to suit your lifestyle
Monitor and manage energy consumption
Remotely control via the free Kogan SmarterHome™ app
Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control
Built-in Wi-Fi
Don’t bin your old devices in a quest for a smarter home. The Kogan SmarterHome™ Smart Plug with Energy Meter works with your favourite household devices to help make your life easier, save time, conserve energy and give you added peace of mind.

Stay in control

This smart plug allows you to remotely manage your favourite devices and schedule them to suit your lifestyle, even if you’re not at home. You can automate them to turn on at certain times, turn off while you’re at work and run for a specified period, whether that’s five minutes or five hours!

Other benefits include:

Turn on the lights remotely to make it seem like someone’s at home
Set the slow cooker to turn on
Set the TV in the kids room to turn off after 9pm
Turn on the heater before you get home
Can’t remember if you turned off the hair straightener? Check it from work
For safety reasons, we recommend exercising caution and limiting the amount of time your heater or any electrical device in your home is left switched on and unattended.

Put a dent in energy bills

With the Kogan SmarterHome™ Smart Plug, you can check just how much power your favourite devices are really using. Want to know how much energy your heater is consuming? Once plugged in, the app will clearly display just how much of a drain your heater is on your electricity bill.

Set up a schedule or timer on the SmarterHome™ app to minimise energy consumption (and save precious $$$) when you’re not home. Forget to turn something off before you left? Simply check on the app and switch it off from wherever you are.

Connected – anywhere, anytime

When plugged into a wall socket and connected to your existing home Wi-Fi, you can control the devices that you love from anywhere, anytime, using the free Kogan SmarterHome app.

Say goodbye to app clutter. With just this app, you can manage your favourite smart devices and use your favourite smart assistants, including Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Smart PowerBoard

Stay in control of all your favourite devices thanks to the Kogan SmarterHome™ Smart Power Board, allowing you to quickly and easily schedule timers, turn devices on/off and monitor how much power your devices are really consuming.

3 × 240V/10A Power sockets
3 × 5V/2.4A Quick charge USB ports
Individually controlled power outlets and USB ports via the free SmarterHome™ app
Set timers and on/off schedules for your devices
Turn individual power sockets on/off
Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
Energy-efficient with overload protection
Stay in control

Plug into a wall socket, connect to your existing home Wi-Fi and enjoy greater control over all of your favourite home appliances via the free SmarterHome™ app, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Put a dent in energy bills

Set up schedules and timers using the SmarterHome™ app, turn individual power sockets on and off, turn off devices from wherever you are and easily check just how much power your favourite devices are using, helping to minimise your energy consumption and putting a dent in your energy bills.

Protect your devices

Thanks to the built-in overload protection, you can be sure your favourite devices are protected against damage from unexpected power surges.

and of course can use your 98 cents discounted gift card ^..^ and still get the $25 discount.

You can sign up for Kogan First For Free, just make sure that you pay for the Kogan First seperately from the items you want to buy using Latitude FOMO PROMO Offer payment for Kogan First Signup will be taken by card only. But the items eligble for KOGAN FIRST can be paid using latitude pay

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  • Note: These are running the latest Tuya firmware - and cannot be reflashed OTA with Tuya-Convert.

    • what does OTA offer over Tuya?

      • OTA stands for Over-The-Air. Its a less physical way to replace the kogan specific shitware with the generic more stable version.

      • OTA re-flash = firmware replacement via a wireless connection.

        The alternative is to make physical wiring connections and flashing firmware via a USB programmer. This usually requires disassembly and soldering leads onto small, delicate electronic circuit boards, which many people would find challenging.

    • Glad I got a 4-pack of the previous version then. No problem flashing them.

    • Can you please explain why there is a need to flash this? I am hoping to start my smart home journey with these purchase.

      • These will work ok without reflashing, flashing an alternative firmware is more for removing reliance on tuya cloud and better integration with home assistant and other automation platforms.

        Out of the box they will work with Amazon Alexa (and google).

        The Tuya based kit is pretty cheap and available rebadged from multiple retailers.

      • there is no need to flash something. I have been using these with simply the Tuya Smartlife app. They work fine without any need of flashing.

        Its like one of those "Jailbreaking Android phone" things. which are not needed for most of the people. Certainly not needed for beginners like me and you.
        But yeah flashing may increase some potentials like e.g. Not having your data go to Chinese Tuya server (They connect to server via internet, hence why need wifi) or something along those lines.

        • Consider this the arclec smart plugs from bunnings are like $21 for 1, and these calculate out to be like $51 for 4 smart plugs (with power monitoring) and 1 x 3 plug smart powerboard + 3usb (with power monitoring)

  • Just created another New Kogan account sign up for free trial dump the last account, Use a new card. $0 Kogan First 14 days trial. (Remember to cancel Subscription)

    And got more of these again. For Bargain price