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[LatitudePay, Little Birdie] Philips Airfryer XXL HD9650/93 $389 (+ $50 Philips Cashback & $50 Store Credit) @ The Good Guys


Currently advertised $459
LittleBirdie voucher - $20 Original Deal
LatitudePay - $50 Original Deal
Philips cashback - $50
TGG store credit - $50 (C&C only)

All above will bring down to $289 with possible 4% cashback from cashrewards.

I just noticed that as soon as I picked up I received $10 TGG credit to access the invoice online.

This Philips Airfryer XXL Digital Black HD9650/93 uses hot air and Rapid Air technology, allowing you to cook and evenly fry with crispy results using little to no oil. A digital touchscreen display enables easy control when using this Philips airfryer. Five preset programmes, applicable for a variety of uses, lets you fry chips, roast chicken and reheat meals. With a 2225 watt heating element and a 1.4kg capacity, you can cook family sized meals simply and even consult the included recipe book for guidelines and ideas. This airfryer XXL can cook at up to 1.5x faster than a conventional oven while fat removal technology separates excess fat and grease from your food. With dishwasher safe removable parts, let this Philips airfryer help you put together quick midweek meals with a quick clean-up afterwards.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • I feel like i need a tutorial to get this deal haha

  • -2 votes

    Possibly $289

    So possibly a bargain ????

  • No deal, this is a part time job

  • Can someone explain the $50 TGG store credit? Will I be able to deduct the $50 from the airfryer or will I have to spend it on another item?

  • The Store credit is no use to me unless I can sell it, can anyone tell me if I can ? Would anyone buy it say I sell the credit for $40 ?

  • After putting up my cork board and connecting the lines I believe I managed to pull off the deal. Albeit I will still need to claim the cashback.

  • Are OzBargainers really whining about the process getting this deal? Really?
    Thankyou OP, appreciate your effort.

  • Nice. I've been looking at this model for a while (need to upgrade from my woolies $44 airfryer from last year, the Teflon is coming off).

    1. Go to Little Birdie and get $20 voucher. (voucher arrived in about 10 minutes)
    2. Go to TGG via Cash Rewards.
    3. Find product and select buy now.
    4. Enter Little Birdie voucher.
    5. Completed purchase remembering to choose Latitude Pay for $50 credit

    Total $389 today

    Still to do: send in $50 Philips redemption and collect $50 inshore credit for C&C pickup. (I might regret that since I'll cycle over on my bike with 8 octopus straps)

    Done !

  • I noticed if you try to redeem a previous issued store credit, you can’t use Latitude Pay at checkout. Only available options are PayPal and Credit card!

  • For me LP won't approve again, cos I closed the account before. I will just go to TGG, get them to price match either David Jones/ Myer/Amazon for 449. Use my store credit from last order $20, use 15% off giftcard.( From previous deal long time ago) redeem $50 from Philips, end up. 314.65 without trying to spend those $50 credit in 30 days.

    • Still Amazon's 319 (368 with 50 from Philips) from last Nov was way easier. It is getting more complex to be an ozbargainer nowadays. By that time I was thinking of how to beat the history low 269.4. proved I was too young too naive. Should just brought one.

  • What's the difference between this model and PHILIPS - HD9861/99 - AIRFRYER XXL Premium? Is it just the look?

  • Thanks OP - some of us on CBA have a 50 off 250 on a CBA credit card. Good alternative to the Lattitude Pay option if you have it!

    • That's a better option than LP. You can use store credit( if you have), discount gift card, and CBA credit card. To make most of it.
      For LP ,no store credit, no gift card. Only 50 off

  • That $10 invoice store credit only last 5 days from the day you receive the SMS. Don't get confused with the C&C store credit which last 30 days.

  • How do collect the in store credit for C&C at good guys?

    • for the $50 store credit. it should be used both online and instore.
      they will sent it to your email which you use when you order online.
      store credit will be issued on 26th May, and you have to collect you item before 17th May. the 28 April issue date requires collect before 5pm today which is closed.

  • I couldn't see anything in the terms and conditions, but is there a limit as to how many times you can claim cash back from Philips promotion?

  • Anyone know if we can use multiple store credit in one order, or only limited one per order

    • You can use up to two Store Credits per online order made. I am not sure about in-store.

      • Thanks, my gc is instore only, guess I will find out when I got all the store credit. Planning to make a complex order in store (price match+ store credit+afterpay card deal —-20 cashback of 21spending+ discount giftcard.)
        Not sure if store credit can be used on price matching order.
        Not sure what's the minimum amount for afterpay card to use in store.

      • Come back from TGG, staff says instore only 1 store credit per transaction. Online allows 2. Was so stupid that I forgot ask them to pm bing Lee's 439, only pmed JB's 449. Also forgot to open afterpay app first before use Gpay. Lost $25. I am a bad ozbargainer recently

  • You're better off spending another $41 and getting the $100 Instore credit tbh.