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1.5% Cashback on Bunnings Warehouse Gift Cards @ ShopBack


Just saw this from shopback. Not a big discount but I guess better than nothing.
Stack with bonus cashback when it's available :)

Available in $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500


The Bunnings Gift card is the ultimate gift of choice for everyone. Whether you are a tradie, a keen gardener or a DIY enthusiast - Bunnings Warehouse has you covered. Bunnings has a huge number of products including plants, gardening equipment and supplies, flooring, heating and cooling, hand and power tools, paint, kitchens and appliances, plumbing and electrical products and building supplies.

Fine Print

•No expiry on gift cards
•Use this Gift Card towards any purchase of goods at any Bunnings location in Australia.
•This Gift card can only be used once. When redeemed, the Gift Card must be relinquished to the cashier.
•Maximum change given is $9.95.
•Bunnings is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards.
•This Gift Card is not a credit card or debit card.
•This card is not redeemable for cash.
•Any issues please call the customer support team on 03 8770 9493 between 8.00am 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

How to use

•Valid instore only

Referral Links

Referral: random (3615)

$30 for referrer and $10 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • If anyone got the HSBC everyday global debit card
    you get 2% cashback for any payment below $100
    probably better option than using the Giftcard for small amount purchase

  • •This Gift card can only be used once. When redeemed, the Gift Card must be relinquished to the cashier.

    what the?

    • If you pay $27 at Bunnings, $100 GC given to the cashier will be exchanged to $70 GC + $3 cash.

    • Say you have $50 gift card and buy something for $23. Cashier would give you new $20 gift card and $7 cash. Their policy is don't give $10 or more change in cash if you use gift card to pay.

    • Yeah from memory it doesn't store a balance.

      They will reissue a new gift card for the balance, and/or give you cash as change.

      E.g. use a $50 gift card to buy something worth $20.
      You get a $20 gift card back, plus $10 change.

      I think they only have $100,$50 and $20 gift cards

      • Oh, does this mean you can't use them for online C&C/Delivery purchases then?

        • No I don't think you can (probably because of this no balance policy)

        • Can't even use for in-store purchase using self check out let alone online shopping. Bunnings is so backward just like Australian broadband, they got to this monopoly just because there're also other idiot wanting to make a quick buck and get cold feet.

          • @lgacb08: it's also very insecure, a single barcode at the back is all you need to use it.

            I remember someone selling bunnings gift cards on ebay and posted photos of the front and back.

            only good thing is no expiry date.

        • Website only allows Debit/Credit card, Zip Pay, Open Pay and PayPal payment methods to my knowledge.

        • you can't use them over the phone for special orders as well.

          and also the 'card only' self checkouts

      • and $10

        the maximum change they will give you is $9.95

        If you have time you can ask them to put through 10c washers in separate transactions.

  • If you can get coles giftcard, which is not that hard, then using that to get Bunnings giftcard will be cheaper.

  • This gift card is a pain if you buy higher value cards, As members mentioned above you will come back with more number of gift cards if you purchase something smaller.

  • Is this e gift card or physical gift card ?

  • hi is anyone having trouble like myself to view the bunnings gift card after purchasing it?

    • Having same trouble viewing card, did you manage to solve it?

    • Got a reply from shopback about this issue :
      "Hi there,

      We are currently fixing the bunnings voucher unable to load issue.

      Please be advised that this might take some time to resolve. Meanwhile, keep trying as it might work in a day or two.

      Thank you for your understanding and apologies for the hiccup."

  • Can you buy a snag with it?

  • not visible on the app anymore. unsure if they pulled it