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HSBC Everyday Global 2% Cashback on Eligible Purchases When You Tap and Pay under $100


Terms & Conditions

From 1 August, when you deposit $2,000 or more into your Everyday Global Account each month you will unlock Everyday Extras6, including:
Earn 2% cashback7 on tap and pay under $100 - Earn up to $50 cashback each month on eligible purchases when you tap and pay with Visa payWave, Apple Pay or Google Pay under $100.

Bonus interest8 on savings - Earn 0.4% p.a. bonus interests on the ongoing variable rate for your savings in an HSBC Serious Saver Account. Applies after the 4 month introductory rate period and when you make no withdrawals during the month.

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  • Does this include apple pay?

    • The bottom of the linked page contains the Ts and Cs, and the answer is….


      The cashback offer…only applies on whole transactions (which means you can't make part payments for one transaction) under $100 AUD made from your HSBC Everyday Global Account where you tap to pay with Visa PayWave, Apple Pay and Google Pay

      • How can they tell if it is part payment? I don't think it is enforceable.

        • I have a feeling that what they are trying to say here is that you cannot split one big transaction into smaller transactions and pay multiple times with this card for the purpose of claiming cashback for the full amount.

          I believe they would be able to enforce this since the transaction ID might be the same.

          However, if you pay the rest on other payment methods, this is probably harder to enforce — if it is possible to begin with.

          • @scrypton: payment system doesn't work that way, transaction ID is unique for each payment on its own and has nothing to do with your purchase. This T&C is pretty much a fail safe way to give them a reason to deny cashback if they want to.

            • @samehada: Yea I don't think they would be able to pick up split payments through the transaction. The only way would be to look for consecutive payments at the same store within a few minutes of each other

  • Infinitely?

    • Earn up to $50 cashback each month

    • It seems to be an ongoing offer. Wonder if the competition will respond?

    • Yeah, seems like it. $600 per year refund. Not bad

      • It's worth being aware that you'd need to spend $2500 per month on tap and pay transactions to get the full $50 per month back. That's definitely not something I could manage. Especially since tap and pay transactions are capped at $100. 25 $100 taps in one month is extreme

        • That said, 2% is a much more attainable return when compared to rewards points

        • Petrol, groceries, loads of small lots of shopping… maybe offering to shop for your friends? Tbh I just prefer shopback or something like that.

          10% off eBay gift cards and then shop eBay coles haha.

      • I guess they could cancel it at their discretion after some time.

  • Any catches for the 2%? Beside the $2000 deposit each month. Do you need to leave the 2k there or can you move it in and out.

    • Max $100 per tap, AUD only and local processor.

      This 2% Cashback offer does not include:
      a) Business, commercial, government (including bus, ferry and train
      fares), foreign and non-fiat currency (such as Bitcoin);
      b) Travellers’ cheques, money orders or money transfers; and
      c) Debt payments, refund, reversal, gambling and HSBC
      transactions; and
      d) Transactions made at car parking and vending machines; and
      e) Car parking payment transactions; and
      f) Cash withdrawals and purchases made with a cash withdrawal
      (such as getting cash out at point-of-sale at a supermarket).

      PDS here: https://www.hsbc.com.au/content/dam/hsbc/au/docs/pdf/account...

      • Too many exceptions

      • Seems pretty reasonable. The vending machine one sounds like it's to prevent fraud.

        I imagine you could get around the transport exclusion by loading up e.g. Sydney Opal card at Woolworths.

        Question - Comparing 2% return to the best credit card rewards program out there - what's the comparable rough rate of return in flight points? - EDIT nevermind I tried to the math below.

      • Hang on. Does not include business and commerical transactions? Isn't buying things from a business, i.e a coffee shop a business transaction?

      • The PDS doesn't state that you have to leave the $2000 in the account for the offer to apply

  • FYI, that's $2500 in tap and pay purchases per month to maximise the benefit.

    • And all having to be under $100 so you need to make 25 individual purchases at the very least.

      Still, it's better than nothing.

  • You'll have to spend $2500 a month to get the full $50 back. Assuming you hit the max limit to trigger the cashback, you'll have to make 25 $100 transactions. If you invest the $2500 in a 2% savings account for 31 days, you'll get $4.25 so the $50 cashback is more of a $45.75 cashback.

    Better to think of this as "Get $1 or $2 off your next grocery trip"

    Edit: The cashback only happens on under $100 transactions so you'll have to make 26 transactions averaging $96.15 each to be safe.

    • Or, you could also lower your spending and save that difference. $2500 a month is a lot, maybe a parent with a couple of kids could spend that much in a month but as a single person my spending comes nowhere near that much even with rent. Definitely not worth it in my case.

    • So does it mean that if you didn't reach the $2500 spend mark in a month, you don't get any cashback?

      • I think you still get your cashback if you spend less that $2.5k but more it’s capped to $50 a month.

    • Or, if you put that money onto a mortgage offset account then you're saving ~3.5% on it = which is ~$7.30.

      I'll continue to just load everything onto a credit card and get the FF points, they're only worth half as much, but the opportunity cost on the money makes it just as worthwhile.

    • Better to think of this as "Get $1 or $2 off your next grocery trip"

      Buying discount eGift Cards will give a better return for groceries (eg 5% or more off Woolies & Coles from different suppliers). Much simpler.

  • I wouldn’t bother with the associated savings account. The interest rate after the introductory period is pretty bad.

    0.7% base rate.

    So 1.1% total, IF you deposit $2000 each month with NO withdrawals.

    • I think the no withdrawals is from a linked account, the 'Serious Saver'account. This card is linked to the Global Everyday account.
      SS must be some kind of side, savings focused account.

      • I wouldn’t withdraw from Serious Saver! It doesn’t pay interest if you made one single withdrawal - Learnt it the HARD way! Ugh::

  • This certainly beats spending with other debit cards, credit cards even, for sub $100 purchases.

  • The catch is that you are dealing with HSBC. They are the worst bank I have ever encountered. Had to take them to ACCC to get them to pay out cashback due in a previous offer. Am upvoting because on paper it is a good deal but beware!

  • Would this cashback be better than Amex Platinum edge where you get 3 points per dollar spent at supermarkets?

    • Depends on how you value points, let's take the standard 1c/airlines pts, 3 MR pts worth 1.5c which means 1.5%.

    • +2 votes

      Depends on how you use your points. The AMEX Platinum Edge allows you to redeem your points to pay your credit card balance at a rate of 1000 points = $5.00 (i.e. a 0.5% cashback). So for supermarket spend you're getting a 1.5% cashback with the AMEX PlatEdge vs. 2% with HSBC.

      If you're converting your AMEX points to frequent flyer miles and redeeming for premium cabins, you're likely getting better "value" for your points than a 1.5% or 2% cashback. YMMV.

      • Correct my quick calculation off google if I'm wrong, warning I'm slightly drunk:

        So on supermarket spend with KrisFlyer, anywhere between 2.4%-13.5% (typically 5.4%) wither upper end % value being for business class flights of course. Base return for non supermarket / petrol at 1$/point is 0.8%-4.5% (1.8% typical).

        So if you spend even a moderate portion on supermarket / petrol AND use your flight credit to offset your annual fee AND actually use your flight points, then you unlikely to get more value from this (2%) than AMEX, even for an economy flight.

        • +2 votes

          AMEX Platinum Edge transfers to KrisFlyer at a rate of 2:1 (it used to be 1:1 until April 2019).

          • @DisabledUser292661: I think the value estimate from the site already captures this since they quote 1:1 conversion.

            • @RedSky:

              I think the value estimate from the site already captures this since they quote 1:1 conversion

              I don't think the author is Australian… Looks to be an American churner so they could potentially not be aware of the devaluation here for Amex Australia

  • Where do i sign up there is no apply button?

  • So it’s essentially the ING Orange Everyday before they took all the benefits away

  • Me Bank used to offer 5% cashback

  • No Samsung pay

  • How much was ING again ?

    5% ?

    • Thinking of firing up the time machine?

    • 5% then dropped down to 2%. I loved shopping at Aldi with it and their 1.5% card fee.

      • 0.5% fee, no?

        • Oh, my bad. It's been years since I've used a card there.

          • @Caped Baldy: All you need to do is put the card in or swipe it to avoid the fee. Only paypass has fee.

            • @watwatwat: Wow, seriously? Good to know.

            • @watwatwat: because inserting the card you can select SAV option which means EFTPOS network with low merchant fee. Paywave and Paypass is processed through the Visa/Mastercard network and the fee is same as credit card fee. That is the reason why bank is very keen to promote this.

              This is a big rip-off for merchant and RBA has warned banks to route these Visa/Master Debit transactions through a cheaper fee option like EFTPOS.

              As a normal buyer, not many people knows or even understand this concept, all they know is just that it's cool to tap the card and go if the merchant has no surcharge. In fact this cost will be built into the price and those using other payment methods are in fact subsidising it. That is also the initial reason why Australia allow credit card surcharge back in 2003 while many other countries didn't allow it.

            • +1 vote

              @watwatwat: Yes but then you will NOT get the cash back … neither this 2% nor the prev ING%
              Only Pay Wave gets cashback.

              OK if you don't care/interested.

            • @watwatwat: Use that for fee free transactions @Aldi with my debit card.

              But then there's no benefit from the bank when using the card! That's the basis of this & previous Deals.

  • +2 votes

    Can you deposit the $2k and just transfer it out?

  • Why do they need so much information to open a bank account? I've been asked less questions applying for credit. No wonder they have to offer incentives like this to get customers.

    • It gets even worse when you set it up. Takes several confirmation emails/texts followed by several letters. Then you need to download the app and setup a different password to generate codes just to transfer your money out.

  • Link to the product page
    For those who were wondering, like myself, $0 monthly charges

  • discounted egift cards from suncorp (and other places) are a better deal. 5% at coles and woolies, 7% at others, also rebel, jb hifi, etc…

  • Can you withdraw the $2000 deposit?
    Yes, but you need to leave some money in the account or you won't be able to make any pay wave purchases.

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