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$100 Bonus for Opening a New HSBC Everyday Global Account and Depositing $2000 or More Per Month for Three Consecutive Months


In addition to the 2% cashback deal HSBC are now offering $100 bonus for new accounts after some hoop jumping.

The AUD100 bonus paid in AUD to new HSBC customers (Not held an account in last 6 months) who open an HSBC Everyday Global Account before 31/07/20 and deposit AUD2,000 or more per month for three consecutive months within 6 months of opening the account.

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  • Their site is probably getting hit hard.. Just submitted application but all I am seeing is a progress bar for the last few minutes

  • Is this applicable to existing HSBC customer who does not have EGA account or only new HSBC customer?

    • Yeah it's kind of ambiguous "new HSBC customers who open an HSBC Everyday Global Account" I'd ring and ask?

    • I need to know dis !

    • I just chatted with them, and this is what they said: "Well if you have never opened up an Everyday Global Account before, you would be able to qualify for the $100 bonus for the Everyday Global Account"

      • Thanks. This is what I got from the live chat agent. "So the $100 bonus, would be for customers who are new to HSBC AU and have not banked with us on the last 6 months." Confusing?

        • very

          • @ChiMot: I asked again it means if you’ve never banked with hsbc au or last account closed was 6 months ago, then yes you can get $100 bonus if you do all the required.

            If you had any other products, then no.. coz you’re a customer already..

        • I can confirm that I did not get this because I closed my account with them about 2.5 years ago. I received a message confirming that it is for new customers full stop. So don't think this 6 month policy applies.

    • Called in to clarify by having an existing HSBC Serious Saver Account account, would that make me eligible for the $100 bonus? Tthe guy said the $100 bonus is only for Brand new customers with no existing business with HSBC. Maybe others can confirm?

    • They told me it's applicable to customers who open new Everyday Global Account. Whats the final outcome ? 2v2

      • Need to be new new.. so if you currently have any account or closed your only account within 6 months ago, then no..
        I called up twice of different agents.. seemed to be pretty consistent for me..

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    How is the conversion rate when you withdraw from overseas? Is it good compared to citibank?

  • just new account or need to be new HSBC customer?

    • New hsbc customer! I confirmed, either that or your last account closed was 6 months ago or more.. if you have any products then no

  • How do they calculate the $2000 deposit? Can we deposit today and withdraw the next day or they count based on net deposit/withdrawal? The website noted that I have to deposit $2000 before EOM.

  • my account is now ready to accept funds

  • yeah made a call, they said as long you dont have this specific global account, you will be eligible.
    $2k doesnt need to stay

  • Does anyone know easy/hard it is to close the account after getting the cash from this deal?

    • shouldn't be any harder than closing any other banking account. I'd keep it open since it has no fees and may come in handy for international purchases with no fees etc. e.g. netflix turkey and/or youtube premium india

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      I closed recently by mailing a signed request. Would have faxed but I lost fax after NBN.

      • Thanks. That's annoying you can't just close the account over the phone like most other banks.

        • It reduces the profit by a $1 for the stamp. Though with the Bankfirst deal I used the reply paid envelope they included for submitting your tax file number.

          Need to find their reply paid details.

        • Phone? Madness, who wants to wait on that? I've only encountered one that wouldn't close an account though their in Internet banking message service - and been lazy enough to keep that one open for a free extra years by now…

          • @ely: I tried to fax my account closure to them twice, and in both instances they didn't follow through with closing the account.

            Not having any faith in posting it to them, I then opted for the phone and surprisingly it was all done in 2 minutes.

            • @alloveranthony: Fax?

              [runs screaming from the room]

              Just cancelled an Amex card. Took a couple of clicks. That's how it should be :)

              Having had more experience with HSBC's tech stack now… I'm sure you're right, phone may be the way to go.

  • I had HSBC account about 5 years ago… Am I a "new" customer and eligible ?

  • I missed ING 5% cash back

  • I haven't had an HSBC account for well over a decade. Can we open an account without going to a branch? That is not just compare online and then have to go in for it checks etc

  • Joint account get 200$..?

  • fuccccc cant go past step 2, submit my application button is not responding.
    chrome and edge.

    • they need to invest in their website. I got a funky error at the last step of setting up my online account, but it worked at the end anyway.

    • same issue happened to me…

    • Horrible, horrible website. Stuck on Step 6.

      Edit: now "Application error"

    • I managed to submit, but I don't think the online ID verification worked since they emailed me to fill out forms and get them signed by a referee.

      The application number I was given doesn't work through the website when I try to view it either.

    • just tried it as well and stuck too, that button's not responding and I have popup blockers turned off.

    • You're an existing user? Then it's a known issue that's been ongoing for the last week and a half.

      The solution that worked for me was, after logging in, use the new customer application link, go through the 5 step process and it should connect to your account automatically. Probably based on your name, TFN, Passport Number, and/or that you're already logged in.

      5 Step sign up link

      I was advised to do this by support, and it worked.

      • i tried (login first then click your link) but i wont connect to my account. so i stopped at step 6 submit otherwise it will create another account under my name. wait what do you mean should connect, do you see your details got populated? i didnt. i need to filled up all everything from blank

        • You complete the whole process. Everything. If you use the same information it shouldn't create a whole new account, it should connect to your current account.

          If you go into your online banking the new accounts (one for every currency) will be shown along with your existing acconts.

          I was worried about the same thing, but it worked out fine in the end for me.

          • @MatthewTeng: i see. hmm i just submitted an email query lets see what they say, or maybe i will follow your way. good thing is they saved my app so i can just comeback anytime and press that last button submit

            • @ChiMot: When logged on they have the live chat service which is really fast to respond. They're the ones who told me to do it. I'm not sure about Sundays though.

            • @ChiMot: Info: Welcome to HSBC Live Chat. This chat may be monitored and recorded to ensure quality of service. Data may be processed and stored by members of the HSBC Group and authorised third parties, which may include processing overseas. HSBC will not ask you to share security information via this chat session.

              Info: You are now chatting with Janis.
              Janis: Good evening Matthew. How may I help?

              Matthew Teng: I just lost connection with Isaac, how do I get him back?
              Janis: Thanks for chatting back Matthew

              Janis: I may not be able to connect you to Isaac but I may be able to help

              Matthew Teng: Ok, I've been trying to apply For the Everyday Global Account, but it does nothing when I click "Submit my application"
              Janis: And what happened after you submit it?

              Matthew Teng: nothing
              Matthew Teng: the button does nothing at all
              Janis: Appreciate the info Matthew, we've been getting feedback from other account holders that they get the same issue

              Matthew Teng: I've triend in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, on my phone, all are the same all do nothing. I've tried through my Wifi and through my phone data connection. No difference
              Janis: Some of them logged off and applied as new customer outside of online banking and it worked, would you like to try this as well?

              Matthew Teng: Apply as a new customer?
              Matthew Teng: Will it still be connected to my normal internet banking?
              Janis: Yes, it will ask you to enter your details like a standard application but once approved, the account will be linked to your online banking

              Janis: You can try it now and I'll wait on chat

              Matthew Teng: ok
              Janis: Just log off to online banking and apply from the outside

              Matthew Teng: just doing it now
              Janis: Okay, I'm just here

              Matthew Teng: I clicked submit
              Matthew Teng: it has a loading bar
              Janis: System may be slow but let me know what happens

              Matthew Teng: it's done
              Janis: Cool

              Janis: I can see the accounts now

              Matthew Teng: how do I connect it to my netbank now?
              Janis: You've opened all currencies right?

              Matthew Teng: yes
              Janis: Please login and you should be able to see the accounts

              Matthew Teng: I see them
              Janis: Great

              Matthew Teng: wow, they all list asseparate accounts
              Janis: All set now Matthew

              Janis: Correct but they have the same account number

              Matthew Teng: did you link it, or did it do it automatically?
              Janis: It is automatic

              Matthew Teng: based on what information?
              Janis: Most likely on the name, date of birth and identification, address

              Matthew Teng: ok, thank you very much =]
              Janis: You have a lovely evening
              Janis: Thank you for using HSBC Live Chat.

              Please click on the + symbol beside the chat box and select End Conversation to participate in a quick survey.

              We look forward to hear from you on how we can continue to improve our Live Chat customer experience.

              Info: The chat transcript will be sent to: *****@*********.com at the end of your chat.

  • The last time Bank Of Melbourne had a similar offer my account got 'flagged' for money laundering or some other BS, the headache to fix it and then in the end get my bonus $50 or whatever it was made the entire thing not worth it.

    • Didn't have any such issues with the recent similar CUA offer.

    • flagged' for money laundering

      😂. The number of bank account ozbargainers open, I would not be suprised that to happen.

      • its not money laundering unless lots of moolah runs around the chain (of accounts)
        must be ozbargainers transferring $2000 to avoid the $5 monthly account fee of some bank accounts
        whoops didn't read poster's explanation below

    • What do you think you did that made them think it was money laundering but not?

      • I had one account and my partner had another, it was one of those minimum deposit things, so at the start of the month I had automatic deposits going in and automatic withdraws going out back to my main bank account, this may have flagged something. I got a call saying my account had been 'hacked' later on it turned out it wasn't hacked and had been flagged for laundering. I think it was due to all deposit/withdraw going to one account and the amount I was doing in one hit.

  • how long does the 2% cashback last?

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    Why does this feel like a credit card application?

    • Looks like it's linked in with their Visa card. Wonder if you can open the account without the credit card.

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