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Rapid Bloom Vertical Garden $370 ($528 RRP) + Shipping ($0 C&C) @ Epic Office Furniture


Another week, another great deal from Epic Office Furniture!

This time we're offering up our already discounted Rapid Bloom Vertical Gardens, usually $528, reduced to $470 - but for OzBargain Shoppers we're throwing in an additional $100 Off when using the coupon OZGARDENS at checkout - making each unit just $370.

You've probably seen these popular planters in hotel receptions, clinic waiting rooms - or just adding a pop of green to office hallways.
Or if you've been to a large warehouse office supply store recently or browsed a popular online-only furniture & homeware store, you've likely seen them on offer from $565 - $629. …or more likely you haven't seen them before but are now rapidly Googling to compare pricing to see whether this is actually a good deal. It's cool. I'll wait.

These Vertical Gardens are available in Black or White powder coat, hold 8 x 150mm pots (supplied) and are weighted with 20kg of polished stones in their base, visible through a mesh cage.

  • Perfect for adding some nature to your room
  • Concealed Wall & Floor Mounting Provisions
  • Dimensions: Width: 390mm, Depth: 210mm, Height: 1935mm
  • 5 year warranty
  • No Assembly Required

Use Code OZGARDENS to get the Rapid Bloom Vertical Garden, delivered to your door (in Metro Areas) for just $399.

$29 'Metro'
$59 'Semi-Metro'
$88 'Regional'

Note: Local Pickup is Available (free) in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth - simply enter a Metro Postcode at checkout and select 'Pickup from Warehouse'.

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    According to this, you had it reduced to $459 before, why not reduce it to that and then give $100 off?

    • +10

      We've since repriced a number of products for 2021, including the likes of our Magnum Mesh Chair and Cascade Chair that have since been offered here at discounted rates. While we'd never artificially increase a price just for a deal, with the increase in supplier charges and freight rates, we have had to increase prices on some items. That said - those increased prices are the new set prices for those products. We change prices when there's a need in order for us to a) keep a roof over our heads, and b) stay competitive. Personally, I'd love it if cartons of VB were still sold at 1970's prices, but alas… capitalism.

      Thanks for bringing it up! All the best,

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      Not really sure this is a fair neg.

      • +3

        Agreed, I've changed my stance after seeing the replies.

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    Picture is misleading…

    It's only 2 columns of pots for $370.

    Seems overpriced to me…

    • +10

      Hi jv,

      Unfortunately we don't have any control over the picture that OzBargain pulls from our website for the image that goes with the post.

      I've stated in the post that the planter holds 8 pots, provided the dimensions of the product, the product page clearly states that the purchase is for 1 Vertical Garden, the detail image shows all the dimensions for the single planter - and given you need to choose which colour (Black or White) you want for the garden, I'm not sure how we could make this all that clearer.

      There's absolutely no intention of misleading anyone with this post, sorry if you feel you have been.

      All the best,

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    This is good price for who is never being to Bunnings.

    • +8

      This product isn't stocked by Bunnings, nor do they have anything similar. There are vertical wall gardens and pot stands for much less, but none of the same quality or style

      It's like saying an Apple Pro Display XDR is a great price for people who have never been to Kogan. Apples and Oranges.

      All the best,

      • -2

        Yes, I guess your frame is made with high quality metal type, I.e. titanum :)

  • +1

    For that price you think it would come with some sort of integrated watering system. It's essentially a wire framed book case with some pots. Something like this for 1/3 cost from Ikea
    But each to their own

    • +9

      Shhh! Personally, this product brings out the cheapo in me that thinks I could put one together with some sheets of Reo mesh, wooden planks, pots, stones, paint and a couple of hours welding. Then I remember that the cost of all those actually adds up pretty quick, and I value my time more than what it'd cost just to buy it all pre-made. When I think of all the swearing, hassle and band-aids I'd go through to put it all together… that pre-made purchase price very quickly starts to look like a bargain, especially when I consider the eventual quality difference.

      But, like you say, each to their own. ;)

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    Upvoting for the store responses! A grade beef!

  • +11

    I'll upvote any vendor that puts jv and the other trolls back in their box.

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    Damn I don't even care if it's discounted I just wanna meet OP instore!

  • ostensibly this is screwed to the wall either on an internal wall or external wall/pathway.
    I think the design could be improved with the addition of a tray to collect the excess water from the pots , unless the pots aren't drained.
    I would think however that drained pots are better to avoid drowning the plants and to avoid fungal overgrowth.
    The existing design with drainage means water onto the ground.
    A removable tray under the rocks would catch drip and perhaps even allow for moss or other embellishment to grow on the rocks.

    • +2

      So it does have mounting points to allow it to be screwed to the wall or floor, or can be left freestanding, with the rocks in the base providing a fair amount of weight with a low center of gravity to keep it firmly planted on the ground. Ha. Planted.

      There are 2 x 3mm(ish) holes in each pot that do allow for drainage, should you wish. With the one we have in here in the office, the top 6 pots have holes in them, and we've plugged the bottom 2 - that allows us to freely water the ones in the top (when we remember), which kinda drains down watering the plants in the bottom. There isn't a collection tray at the bottom - but that'd be a great idea. One you could probably do yourself with one of those Alfoil BBQ trays from Woolies. But the idea's been added to the whiteboard. For us, we just don't really overwater them, so don't get any water on the floor. We've got Zee Zees in ours that work really well - they look great, don't require much care, and don't really grow fast enough to require pruning or anything.

      Thanks for the comment. Definitely food for thought.

  • Why do you need those rocks on the bottom?

    • +3

      Cos they're pretty.

      They do provide a counterweight low to the ground that keeps the planter secure and upright, so it doesn't rock back and forth just because someone walks past it. For OH&S it probably should be secured to the floor or wall… we.. uh… just haven't.

  • +1

    Shipping: $187 'Remote'

    • +2

      Apologies! That was my bad - for regional areas it was showing as a classed as a reception desk. That's obviously not the case. It's reception furniture, but not the size (or weight) of a reception desk, and it has been recategorized appropriately. Should show as $88 to regional now. Thanks for the heads up!

  • +6

    OP replies are detailed, clear and epic. Not in the market for this product personally, but OP rocks.

  • Pricey for a few bits of wire, rocks and pots

  • +1

    This one is honestly a bit of a tough sell on Ozb but the post absolutely gets a + from me.