Jabra Elite 65t Titanium Black $95 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Posting these headphones again but this time $30 cashback with combank rewards with $100 spend. Add a $5 item and get the jabra elite 65t for $70

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  • Hey OP just a heads up of the OzBargain Title Guidlines that the price after cashback isn't allowed in the title. However you can mention it in the description.

  • How good are these buds? Any owners' reviews?

    • Been using mine for last 1 year and the best thing I have ever bought. I use everyday and work in construction. Battert life could be better but I have mine on charge all the time. I paid more for these at the time and have the active version

    • I've had the Active version for 3 years, and love them. Only complaint is that the right earbud is the "Master" so you can't use the left on it's own, only in combination with the right. Battery life is good, sound quality is great, fit in the ear is excellent (they don't move even when sweating)

    • Brilliant. I'm afraid to buy an upgrade in case they don't isolate so perfectly

  • How is it compared to the airpods in terms of phone calls?
    Had airpods gen1 &2 and they were perfect, upgraded to airpods pro and people on the other side of the call always complaining they cant hear me!

    • Airpods have better call quality. These pickup a lot of ambient noise, i often have people complain that it's very "loud" when they call me and i'm using these.
      You know one of those "Where are you, is it windy there? it's very loud in the background" even when it's just normal conditions walking along the footpath or something.

      But I prefer the sound quality from these and the fit in your ears, so would still take these

  • And what's the difference between this and the active one please?

  • These are great. Have 2 pairs. Excellent call quality. Can pair with 2 bluetooth devices. Put my case through the washing machine and it stopped working so I ordered another case. By the time it arrived original had dried out and was working fine.

  • I just bought 75t active for over $200. Would have chosen these at this price.
    Very happy with them, can only assume quality is similar. Light and reasonably comfortable, auto on/off when in and out of ears is more reliable than other brands, battery life good.
    Would prefer a bigger and sturdier charging case, the Jabra case is very small and light which some people might like, but I don't feel like it could take a drop.

  • any more updates planned for these? or is the update only for the app?

  • Sorry this was the US Amazon. Stupid autoconnect VPN…

    On Amazon for $73 shipped. Good for people who may not have the Commbank offer or want to save theirs.

  • if you have access to the jabra F&F, they're $89.40