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40% off KB's Prawn Gyoza 1kg $13.50 (RRP $22.70) @ Woolworths


Ozbargain's favourite gyoza on sale at Woolworths. Time to restock.

PS: 1 kg pack

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  • Aldi have 750 gram prawn Gyoza for 8 or 9 bucks and it's delicious. I won't be buying KB again because it's still more expensive even when it's 40% off.

    • +1 for the aldi one

    • Have you compared the ingredients? Where are they made?

      I can’t remember where KBs is made but probably Australia. If so then it’ll probably be a bit more expensive.

      • KBs are made in Thailand

        • Thanks, then maybe Aldi is better value.

          Personally I avoid seafood from Asia so I usually get the pork or veg dumplings.

          • @GeneralSkunk: What's wrong with seafood from Asia?
            Fish caught in Australia most probably swam from Asia… Unless it's farmed Australian fish

            • @SeVeN11: Mostly because their fisheries often use dragnets and other methods of fishing which is bad for the sea environment.

              Also I maybe wrong with this but I think there is potentially a higher level of heavy metals like lead and mercury from coal fired power plants and industries along the coast.

            • @SeVeN11: Chinese seafood is commonly irradiated to extend shelf life and kill bacteria - poor quality end of life seafood can be extended by irradiating to kill the presence of bacteria. Whilst most countries permit it, irradiation can be used to hide bacteria levels which would force the seafood to be rejected by inspectors. Whilst not scientific here is a quote “We import over 80 percent of our seafood, and much of that comes from countries in Asia, such as the People’s Republic of China, that raise their seafood in squalid conditions,” the statement said. “The expansion of irradiation to cover more seafood products will allow those countries to continue to raise their seafood products in filthy and unsanitary factory fish farms since irradiation will be used as the ‘magic bullet’ to make the products safe to eat from microbiological contaminants.” https://www.oregonlive.com/health/2014/04/fda_approves_irrad...

              Chinese Traders have been caught illegally selling Fukishima irradiated seafood http://en.people.cn/n3/2016/0822/c90000-9103792.html

              Fish farms in Asia have high antibiotic useage and poor quality controls Most farmed shrimp is produced by small farmers in what is largely a poverty-driven production system. They may operate one or two small ponds on their property and have a considerable portion of their wealth tied up in the ponds. Poor outcomes, all too common, are disastrous and many resort to the use of readily available antibiotics, whether legal or not, in an effort to avoid serious financial repercussions. The farmer, often in desperation, uses every tool at his disposal to try and salvage his profits when animals are dying. Anyone who has visited Asia extensively for an extended period is aware https://www.aquaculturealliance.org/advocate/why-are-antibio...

              Wild caught, or even farmed Australian seafood is undeniably superior - we sell our God given resources for profit and buy inferior products to feed our children. We should not have to pay international prices for our own resources, our now recently affordable WA lobsters are an example of the inflationary pressure of international demand.

              Melamine laced milk anyone?

          • @GeneralSkunk: Aldi veg dumplings don't come close in taste to KB's veg dumplings.

        • Some kb products are also made in China irc, as they're a Chinese company.

        • Aldi's are caught and made in Thailand.


  • Time to restock? I still have one bag lying in the freezer. Guess it's dumplings for dinner tonight.

  • I find most of these brands really mushy and pretty bad. Out of all the supermarket brands I've tried, I think Mr Chen's is probably the best.

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      The range of Mr Chen's is awesome and it's great to get some things for having steamed as well as the dumplings. But I gotta say I enjoy the KB's prawn dumplings more than Mr Chen's. Mr Chen's BBQ Pork Buns, steamed for 15 mins, OMG so amazing for out of a box!!

  • I love dumplings but I just find these lacking flavour & filling. No prawn I can taste? For prawn the Hargow for me is the standout.

  • KB's use Thai prawns - I will give this a miss!

    Is Shrimp from China or Thailand Better?

    Almost 94% of all frozen shrimp sold in the U.S. comes from Asian countries.

    More than half of imported shrimp may be contaminated with bacteria. Consumers Reports tested shrimp from Thailand, Vietnam, India and Indonesia, and found that 60% was contaminated with Salmonella, Vibrio, Listeria, or E. coli. All of these can cause serious and, on a rare occasion, life-threatening infections.

    When buying from Thailand, you are also buying shrimp that may be produced using slave labor.