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Dell 27" Monitors - S2721QS (4K) $331.87, S2721DGF (1440p) $445.84 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Everyone's favourite 27" monitors are on sale again @ Dell.

S2721 - $331.87 - 4K IPS - Cheapest price direct from Dell, but not as good as the $298 in the 20% off eBay sale in Feb.

S2721DGF - $445.84 -1440p Gaming monitor - Cheapest price direct from Dell, but not as good as the $398 in the 20% off eBay sale in March.

UPDATE: eBay deal is now back, which is cheaper for all these monitors - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/619370

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      Are you too lazy to google it yourself? :)

      It's showing as $417.93, which is the same as the last deal direct from Dell - not as good as the $398 ebay sale, but still a decent price given Dell usually gives a voucher after purchase.

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    The 2721DS - so the 27" with stand which is cracking work monitor can be had for $292.30 using KONG7 - I recently paid $303 each for 2 of these so going to try out the Dell price guarantee……

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      Thanks for the heads up, couldn't pass it up at that price.

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      Purchased this morning. Hopefully arrives shortly

  • How long to be delivered? Last eBay deal is end of May.

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      Pretty sure the estimates are inaccurate. I bought off ebay deal about 6 weeks ago and it came within a week whilst the estimate was 2 months or something similar.

      • sad to know I lost $30 by letting the afterpay deal passed, anyway thanks for your feedback.

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      I got my 2721QS in less than a week direct from the Dell website. It did originally tell me that it would take like 20-25 business days, but just ended up coming quicker.

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        thanks, just put order, hopefully can get it by end of April, as a birthday present.

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          No worries! It's an awesome monitor. I love that I can adjust the height as well.

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    My 2721DS came within 2 days

  • Any one able to share the Dell voucher to me? much appreciated.

    • Which Dell voucher are you referring to?

    • Pm me and I'll send you a $10 one.

      Voucher claimed.

  • What's a decent usb-c monitor? Don't need 4K, just for basic office work.

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      Dell have USB-C versions of some of their monitors, although it's probably cheaper just to get a regular HDMI version and use a dongle.

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    • Any monitor with displayport will be fine, you just need to get a usb-c alt mode cable for around $15 on amazon.

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    I am hoping it goes to $299.99 for S2721QS so it becomes 100% tax deductible.

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      The ebay deal was below $300, but the actual Dell invoice still shows the full amount (not counting ebay discount)! Could probably argue based on the ebay payment price being under though I guess.

      • Actually my posting was a cue for the reps :-P?

    • Sorry, I'm not up to date with the tax deductibles. Why would it be 100% tax deductible?
      I just bought this last month for $298.

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        i think $300 is the limit. you can claim the whole amount for that year. anything above have to be capitalized.

        • -1

          How do I claim it? Do I have to do it via an accountant?

  • Is the Dell 27 Monitor- S2721HS the good one if I want a second 1080p monitor?

    I remember previous discussion about the one with the adjustable stand being best, and it seems like that's the one.

    I have a 24 inch one now, but I thinking about getting one for my new main one and use my current 24 inch for a secondary side one.

    • I think the "S" at the end means it's the one with the adjustable stand, based on the fact that there is a 2721Q monitor without adjustable stand and the 2721QS does have an adjustable stand.

      • Oh thanks! I think that was the one people were saying was the best choice then.

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    Got the S2721D for $260 to pair with my S2721DGF

    Not as good as the 20% off eBay deal but good enough.

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    So annoyed I missed the 4k 32" curved for $388 on the ebay deal…

    buy now or hold off till the same good price?

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      Buy now, the ebay deals might not come back any time soon.

      Plus if the price drops direct from Dell, you can use the price guarantee to get the difference refunded.

      • Can you claim Dell ebay prices on their price match guarantee?

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          Dell do not price match ebay store

    • Are you aware of the black smearing in VA panels?

      • Is this a drawback on all VS panels or is this an issue with Dell VS specifically?

        • I have seen demonstrations of VA panel black smearing on a AOC and Viewsonic monitors on YouTube, but have not seen any mention of Dell monitors.

  • Bought S2719DC on ebay a month ago, still waiting for dispatch so I can return it.

    • Not liking that it doesn’t have a height adjustable stand?

      • Bought a bigger one, so will return Dell, not going to even open it.

    • So am I, it says delivery date 20th May. (bought Mar 19)
      Now they don't even reply to my emails.

      Can only imagine why the delay.
      Worst experience ever buying Dell.

      • Delivery date on ebay and dell email are 1 month different…

  • Does the Dell 27 Monitor - S2721QS swivel from side to side ?

  • after so many "LOVEKEANU" code, anyone know who is he?

    • Keanu Reeves. I think it was related to the Cyberpunk 2077 game release. But that was ages ago now. Could be completely wrong though. Hahaha

      • I think it has been going that long. Keanu sure has been getting a lot of love from Dell and this forum now

  • Why would you pay $100 more for way less pixels? They’re both IPS. Is it colour space differences or USB-C?

    I’ll never go less than 4K again after buying my Samsung UR55. Just want another one now.

    • +1

      4k 60Hz vs 1440p 165Hz.

      Gamerz want hertz!

      • Ah yes, thanks for clarifying. I recall years ago reading that the eye can only discern up to 60Hz anyway? I’m sure someone will tell me I’m wrong :)

        • Got the S2721DGF and gaming on 120hz makes a world of difference, I dare you to try mate you won’t regret it! :)

        • You're wrong, but the answer why is complicated.

          I think Hardware Unboxed did a half hour video explaining how it works a while back.

          It boils down to input latency.

    • My PC can barely play games at 1440p these days. 4K would be a slideshow.

  • +3

    Thanks bought one for my new Mac mini m1 …

  • Interested in the S2721QS but wondering if 4K on a 27" might be too much (small)? Might the S2721D be a better fit for the panel size? It's meant to replace a U3011 (currently used on a spare PC so not looking for anything expensive).

    • +1

      I struggled a lot with this, but based on the Rtings review ended up with the QS because the panel seemed to be significantly better. Having received it, I'm very happy with it.. The only caveat I'd say is that my work laptop's iGPU does struggle sometimes with the 4K res, but it's mostly fine for what I need to do.

    • if 4K on a 27" might be too much (small)

      It's not a problem, every modern OS including Linux supports resolution scaling. You can make the user interface elements as big or as small as you'd like, that's the beauty of a high DPI display like this.

      I own the S2721QS and use the default scaling setting of 150% in Windows — you can set it anywhere from 100% to 500%.

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    I have the S2721DGF, great monitor I use it for both gaming and some video editing. I paid about $550 for it about 6 months ago so that looks like a great price.

  • Ordered one. Thanks!

  • Does anyone know if this monitor is vesa compatible?

    • +1

      VESA Mounting Interface
      100 x 100 mm

  • No Ultrasharp Monitors on Sale :(

  • Still rocking the S2721DGF thanks to the lovekeanu code and absolutely loving it!

  • How easy is it to power one of these with a laptop? What do I need?
    It' has 2 USB c and 1 USB
    Currently using a single 32 inch 4k ips which I love
    But I think dual is much better for wfh

  • +6

    I have a $55 off voucher. Expires 24th April 2021 (not sure if that means midnight).


    Please post afterward to show you've claimed it.

    • yes please

      edit: looks like someone claimed it before me :(

      Thanks a bunch anyway

    • Yep - already used (not by me), but thanks for posting! Very generous of you.

    • So nice… wish I had this :(
      Karma points for you

  • [Code Request/Giveaway Megathread] Discount Voucher Code for Dell

    Please use that thread if you want a code or have a code to give away.

  • Anyone know how long this kind of deal usually lasts?

  • Can we have this code for the AW2721D please!!!!!!!!!

  • Could we get a deal on the S2719DC please ? Really after a 27" with a USB hub…

  • Can anyone share their coupon :) I would like to buy the S2721QS :)

  • Will there be a 24 inch 4K monitor for cheaper?

  • Dell ebay deal now cheaper on all these monitors.

    See https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/619370 for details!

    • delivery in 4-5 weeks (25/5-1/6). why does it take so long?

      • It doesn't, that's some kind of default estimate, apparently ships within a week or so instead.

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