SilverStone Fara R1 Tempered Glass ATX Case Black $48 + Delivery ($0 with $79 Spend/ $0 VIC C&C/ in-Store) @ Centre Com


Cheap minimalist. Fits micro itx, micro atx & atx
Low stock instore but plenty online.

'Compact ATX Mesh, With Style
A solid all-rounder for undemanding ATX builds' -Toms hardware

Two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port integrated with single audio jack

Removable filters on top and bottom

Delivery was $8.70 for me

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  • All other usernames were taken right?

  • For Centrecom free delivery, $79+ needs to be spent.

    On the case itself, have used one myself. It does need at least one more fan at the front for most builds. Airflow is fine once you have enough fans in the case. Cable room at the back isn't great but if you don't need a 3.5" HDD, you can remove the HDD cage and get yourself a lot more room. Some of the newer, really long GPUs will be too long but those aren't the sort of builds for this case.

    • Add a couple of pwm fans. Cheap cases need good cooling that can ramp up when needed and shut down when not needed, biggest regret for a new builder is fans that run too loud and can't be controlled.

  • I got one of these earlier in the year. It's been perfectly fine for me temp-wise. I added a number of random leftover fans from old PSUs and an old cpu fan and the like, as it only comes with the one you see at the back there.

    Also, if you're a front panel audio user, the jack is both an audio-out and a microphone-in.

  • Damn delivery costs too much to WA. Was exactly what I was looking for too.

  • Mini-ITX*, etc.

    • I was able to use ITX motherboard in this case. Beware though if you're gonna use AIO water cooler. The top space is quite narrow. My radiator couldn't fit because it touches the RAM sticks

  • tempting

  • I own the white version. For anyone who cares, I'll write a quick list of stuff I've observed about it.
    - the front mesh does not filter dust
    - the class has a dark-ish tint
    - pcie covers are the bend off kind and you'll have to buy replacements if you pop too many out
    - there is not much room from the roof of the case and the top of the motherboard (refer to Scythic's comment about AiO coolers)
    - the case is short lengthwise which leads to little space for cables in the lower compartment if you have a hdd there (taller than longer I think)
    - the space between the top of psu and roof of lower compartment is very small leaving no room for cables (like hdaudio/usb) to snake from behind and up through the basement
    - resting pegs on the basement make a great anti-sag support for gpus :D

    I'd buy another but the shipping here is $31 u_u