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Strepsils Honey & Lemon Lozenges 36pcs $5.06 S&S + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Via Subscribe & Save + Delivery ($0 with Prime, First Order, or $39 Spend).

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  • Thanks OP. Ordered one for the winter to come.

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      You’re welcome I hope none of us will need it, but handy to have!

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        Chill man! I didn’t say you should get Covid tested! We had 3 COVID tests (3 different people) in the last month when we developed a cold, and these helped to recover.

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          Wasn’t direct at you specifically. Truely, thank you for getting tested. It’s the only way we’re going to get through this.

  • Yeah. Let's hope so.

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    Got the Plus one for $7.20

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      I reckon that's the real deal. Link: https://www.amazon.com.au/Strepsils-Throat-Lozenges-Relief-N...
      Then use subscribe and save (for ten percent off), 6 month cycle (to give plenty of time to cancel the subscription), and don't bother with cashback (no cashback on subscribe and save). Was still available when I looked a few mins ago.

      • Yeah great. This one has lignocaine which really helps numb it.

  • It’s coming up for $10.50 for me :(

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    Think it's over.

    $10.50 with $7.92 delivery or $8.99 with $9.99 delivery…

  • It's been ozbargained! Too late.

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    I have not taken Strepsils since the pandemic, thanks to the social distancing.

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    If your in Melbourne. Please be vigilant.. a big cold is coming around. I had it last week and stayed inside so i did not pass it on.

    • Yes a certain flight from WA could certainly cause a wave of cold like symptoms.

    • I hope you got tested

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        Yes. Negative.

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      Had terrible cold recently in Sydney. Infected 8 out of 8 family members it came into contact with (4 of whom are healthy kids). Anecdotally (due to very small sample size) it seemed worse in adults and worse again in the adult males (and don't give me the "man flu" BS, I'm talking about physical symptoms, like getting out of bed and feeling really weird and looking in the mirror and seeing bone dry pjs turn dripping wet all over in under 60 seconds because every sweat pore in your body kicked into overdrive for no obvious reason, when you don't have a temperature and it's not hot). Lasted 3 weeks for me, 2 of those were a write-off and completely wiped me out for the school holidays, developed into "bronchitis verging on pneumonia" according to the doctor, had to take triple antibiotics to bring that under control. Not covid, one of the adults had a test, not even flu as very limited temperatures and no aches and pains, just a really nasty respiratory cold virus. There were also reports in the media of bad RSVs in QLD, so suspect it's doing the rounds of the east coast. After 10 months completely cold-free, had honestly forgotten how bad some colds can be. And don't even get me started on all the other people I've seen sneezing and coughing away in public in the past 2 months who obviously had colds, not a single mask on any of them, not a single one of them coughing or sneezing into their elbow (it's all into the air for a giant plume of airborne virus, or their hand and then they touch stuff) - these are cheap simple effective things - so feel very dismayed sometimes at the sheer selfishness and stupidity of people's actions.

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        Yeah 100% feel you. My immune system has a habit of trying to recover the main symptoms quickly, only to have lingering symptoms for weeks later. Gives me false hope that it has gone.

        Definitely a weird feeling after having no colds/viruses for so long. This one hit me good!

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    Expensive lollies

    • I just use a tea spoon of manuka honey, and no sugary aftertaste like these lollies.

  • To buy these sucks !

  • make my throat nice and wet

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