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Blitzwolf BW-PCM5 15.6" 4K UHD 10-Point Touch USB-C Portable Monitor - US$249.99 (~A$321.11) Delivered @ Banggood


Have been keeping an eye on these for the last six months or so and this is the cheapest they've been by about $50. Not a heap of info about them as they're still very new but they seem to get rave reviews with the only negative comments being about how short the USB cable is and how long they take to arrive (up to 25 business days). So tempted!

YouTube review here: https://youtu.be/s5eV1cjOn4Q

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  • 4k at 15"?

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      When you thought 4k at 15" was a bit too much


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        Sony already had 4K on mobile phone since Xperia Z5 Premium

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      Yep, 4K at 15.6". Perfect for my needs… especially when mounted on flexible arms so you can move them around or push them out of the way if required. A large and/or rigid screen just wont suit.

      • @steveandbelle - gaming or coding? ozb is crying for blood (dollars) today but i can't see a good use case at work for this (spreadsheets/email/documents)

        Edit - ignore my question. just read your response and watched the vid lol

        • Ha, neither a gamer or a coder… but I have specific tech needs most gamers or coders or most other users don't :)

  • needs input from both hdmi (data) and usbc (power)? or does usbc give both data and power?

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      When using HDMI it needs separate power but it's a single-cable solution when using USB-C.

      • Looks like it uses 5v 3A so you could potentially run it from a USB power bank too.

      • ty

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          Not sure if you saw the link to YouTube video I added to the description above but yeah it's worth a watch.

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            @SteveAndBelle: Important takeaway from video:

            HDMI 4k limited to 30fps. USB-C is 60.

            • @Lukian: Yep. I'll be running USB-C only but then again for my needs (definitely not gaming) 30fps is fine anyway so all good :)

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              @Lukian: touchscreen ability only on usbc, not on hdmi. makes sense but i never considered that. useful to know as my work pcs are hdmi

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            @SteveAndBelle: vid has real good info, thanks matey. would be easier to watch on this 15.6" panel though =D

      • Are you sure? I have the 1080p version and it requires one USB-C for dedicated power and a separate one for data.

        *Edit: Nevermind, I just watched the YT vid, can use just one USB-C cable.

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    Can I plug my phone into this and play Diablo Immortal?

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      dO yOu GuYs NoT hAvE pHoNeS?

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        Not a 15.6" phone, no sir :)

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    worth it to connect macbook air? i wouldn't think so because it doesn't utilise touch displays, do they?

    • These displays tend to have very strange use cases because you have to a reason to not have just bought a tablet or laptop instead.

      A 2nd display for a laptop is a potential use but you'd have to ask yourself if you'd be better served by a proper monitor at home and travelling with a display cable to plug into a TV in your hotel or wherever you were thinking of using this.

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        Even if you don't use it on the road, using it at home at a touch screen panel is just very convenient.

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        I used to use the hotel TV as a second screen. A few years back this became too hit and miss. Some hotels now have massive TVs. Others have crappy ones. Too often the TV isn’t in a good position to work. I gave up and bought a 27” 4K monitor and a Pelican case. I got a big one so all my gear fits. It is just within the maximum dimensions for standard checked luggage. Total weight is around 28kgs, when flying down the back it is worth the extra $40 for the weight. It takes <10mins to turn a hotel room into my new office.

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      Yep but the PCM6 is 1080p only! I've been caught with that before… many times :) I'm sure a 17" 4K model will soon be available but I'd be happy with the 15.

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        Yep good pickup!

  • does the display comes with Pen?
    if not, what kind of pens it may be used for taking notes and drawing?
    how this one compares to Lenovo Thinkvision M14T

  • I have the 13" version. I use it mosly flat on my desk for ms teams and web browser whereas the main monitor is for RDP to work.

  • Would an iPhone support using this as an external screen with touch support?
    Also, would apps like Netflix and Stan allow video content to be played on the screen? I've encountered many situations where they just show a black screen when I try to mirror video content.

  • +1

    I have the non-touch version. It's perfect for what I need, basically a "to-go" office setup where I can have dual displays for my productivity. Not sure if I would have benefit from touchscreen or not.

  • Is there a recommended (arm) stand for this?

    • Well it comes with its own kick-out desk stand but if you want to attach it to an arm or the wall then it looks like you have to DIY it either with a stick on adaptor as per the one in the video or find a large tablet/surface type case it will fit into.

      • +1

        I was hoping you had bush engineered one for mass production and sale…

  • Do you guys think that for a setup using an S21, best adapter would be this?


    • You can connect to the monitor with USB-C to USB-C cable right? So I think you don't need an adapter.

      And a comment above said HDMI 4K is limited to 30fps while USB-C supports 60fps.

  • Argh, I have so many monitors at home. I need to resist.

  • Got the pcm3 which is the FHD touch version.
    Useful as an extra touch screen hooked up to surface pro.
    Eyes not good enough for 15.6in 4k so didn't go pcm5

  • Received my screens about 15mins ago. Used the supplied Lightning cable (without any other cables) connected to an old HP 'Studio' laptop and had a crystal clear 4K video playing within about 5-10 seconds with Touchscreen taking another 5s to get activated. Beautifully built & finished. Can't wait to try running both monitors off my PC!

    I did try running one screen direct from my SGS10+ not expecting much… and I was right ;) It really wanted to work with the splash-screen appearing then re-appearing but there obviously isn't enough power capacity in the phone to run via the single Lightning cable so it just couldn't boot. Would obviously work perfectly if the screen was powered.


    • i'm stuck on usb 2.0 generation and yet to wrap my head aroiund usb 3.x / thunderbolt standards. my screen is still in its box so haven't tested. for a single usb-c cable solution to work, am i right in saying the laptop must support thunderbolt or usb 3.x + usb-c + power delivery + displayport alt?

      • +1

        It just needs to be 'Thunderbolt 3' spec… but of course that's still near the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to USB-C interfaces with ultimate data & power throughput. I don't have a 'Thunderbolt 2' device to test it on so as long as you strive for 'Thunderbolt 3' then all should be fine.

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