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[NSW, VIC, QLD] Dine at Participating Restaurants, Get 20% Back ($25 Cap Per Card) @ American Express Delicious Month out


Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend in-person only at participating American Express Delicious Month Out businesses between 30/04/2021 & 31/05/2021 to receive 20% credit each time, up to $25 back. Limited to the first 75,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

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  • Offer valid at participating American Express Delicious Month Out ("AEDMO") businesses. In the event a participating AEDMO business has locations which are not listed, the offer is not valid at these locations.
  • Payments must be made directly at the participating AEDMO business. In the event a participating AEDMO business is within a hotel, the offer is not valid for payments made at the hotel front desk.
  • Excludes purchases made with third party delivery or take away services.
  • Offer is limited to a maximum of $25 credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
  • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, in-person only at participating American Express Delicious Month Out businesses. Valid at Australian locations only. Excludes online purchases.
  • Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.
  • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
  • Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
  • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.
  • Full Offer Terms available

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  • So that's $25 back per card and not each time you eat out? Hmm, I think I preferred last year's offer where it was $70 spend for $20 credit up to two times per card; I stacked it with the Rockpool Dining Group offer that was running just a few days in conjunction and got a $100 Fratelli Fresh gift card for $60.

    At least Melbourne and Brisbane are included this time

    • It says 20% credit each time

      • Yeah, but there might be a cap of $25 on each card that has saved the offer. i.e. they won't let you spend $125 five times at five different restaurants and get $25x5 credits back on the same card. There's no supporting terms and conditions (and not sure how OP managed to get the offer details before the official release date of the 30th)

        • I just added the full terms. You may be right. It could be a total of $25 for whole promo. That is dumb

          • +1


            Offer is limited to a maximum of $25 credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.

            Yep, guessed correctly.

            • @kerfuffle: Then you're right, not a great deal but better than nothing I guess.

        • I confirmed it with Amex earlier. It is only $25 back TOTAL for the card, not per transaction.

          • @danielh: Um, it's been confirmed for three weeks now that it was always the case when the terms and conditions came out on April 30 :/

  • So every meal is capped at $25 ? But I can use it as many as possible?

    • +1

      No, you get 20% off up to a maximum of $25 value (i.e. $125 total spend) on the one card.

  • TC: Offer is limited to a maximum of $25 credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.

    • -1

      So it's $25 max per credit card cumulatively, not $25 max each time I use this?

  • +1

    I wonder whether we can combine it with Shop Small Offer.

    • +1

      Don't see why not!

    • I'm currently looking at the map for this offer; eligible restaurants will show both the delicious. and Shop Small logos

    • +1

      I can confirm I went to a restaurant yesterday, and received two confirmation emails, one for the Shop Small and a second "You have used the Express Delicious Offer".

  • I got the offer on one of my cards - Low Rate Credit Card. (Primary holder only)

  • I didn't get an offer :(

    • +2

      Don't stress; it's not technically available to public until Friday. Hopefully there'll be a manual link

  • +5

    You can use this Chrome extension to see the names of the places that are on top of each other on the map page…

  • Has this started already? OP says starts 30/4 but when I registered I got email that says my offer is ready to use

    • +1

      Feel free to risk it a day early, but I would wait until the 30th if I was you

  • I can't find this offer in my AMEX Qantas Ultimate

    • Wait until tomorrow …

  • +2

    Eating out as a family once or twice and that's it for this promo.

  • +5

    Offer should now be available to save in your Amex account, however it appears to be for primary cardholders only as none of my supp cards had the offer showing. If it's like last year's Vogue Fashion Night Out In, they'll probably give the offer on the weekend before the offer ends …

    • Same here. Only for primary card.

    • Likewise, also only on my primary card.

    • Yes, same here.

    • Nothing on primary or any other card

      • What card do you have out of curiosity?

        • +1


          • +1

            @Pricebeat: Interesting. My Velocity Escape (which like the Essential is annual fee free) got the offer

  • +1

    So can this offer be used multiple times on the one card up to the $25 max? For example, can I spend $50 in one participating restaurant, get $10 back, then spend $50 in another, and get another $10 back?

    • I believe so, up until you reach the $25 cap

  • +1

    For Sydneysiders near The Rocks right now, there's a food truck giving out croquettes from Pony that are pretty tasty. Only for the next 40 minutes until 6 p.m. .

    Here's the rest of the food truck schedule:


    Manly Wharf
    Sat 1 May, 12pm – 4:30pm

    Bondi Beach, Campbell Parade
    Sun 2 May, 10:30am – 3:30pm


    State Library, Swanston Street
    Wed 12 & 13 May, 12:30pm – 6pm


    Fortitude Valley, Gasworks
    Wed 19 May, 12:30pm – 6pm

    King George Square, Roma Street
    Thu 20 May, 12:30pm – 6pm

  • +1

    Got my 20% credit from dining at Eastbank on Friday night (they also accept Dine and Discover vouchers for NSW residents).

    The same can't be said about my Shop Small points from last month …

  • I've received a few emails confirming I had dined at a venue with 20% off (often together with 3 extra bonus points which is great) but I can't seem to find online where this is subtracted from my balance? The transaction overview shows the full amount pre-discount and the MR points section only shows the expected points but not the credit?

    • +1

      It gets credited back to your account like a normal Statement Credit

      Source: got my 20% credit already

      • How long did it take to get ur credit?

  • +2

    For those that shop in Chatswood Chase: apparently Quattro Deli on Lower Ground counts as 20% off. Picked up some chilli olive oil and truffle chips

    • That’s good to know. Often shop there.

  • Silly question, but assuming you're allowed to have more than one transaction at one restaurant (separate occassions), just 20% each time and capped at $25?

    • I don't see why not.

    • Yes.

      Source: One card has four different restaurants/deli, with three credited already

      • Thanks, I actually meant the same restaurant but more than one transaction on separate days. I take it you've made four transactions with four different restaurants and not the same one as mentioned?

        • +2

          I’ve used the same card twice at the same restaurant on the same day and it’s been fine (I ordered food and then ordered more food later). So I’m sure will be fine on different days.

          • +2

            @magwri: Can confirm; used card on two different days and got the credit (hit the cap though).

            One card capped, two to go!

            • +1

              @kerfuffle: Two to go in 11 days! :)

              I only have one card (supplementary didn't get it) so choosing where to spend it carefully :)

              • @Craze: It's very doable. Used at one restaurant for lunch today, will use at another one for dinner tonight, and two more restaurants between Saturday and the end of the month, so should reach cap or be close to it on second card.

                Third card is for Chophouse (treating a friend for their birthday). :D

  • Didn’t receive any emails which is strange despite the place being part of delicious out and shop small.

    • Maybe you hit your cap? I was still getting e-mails when I last used the offer on Saturday

      • +1

        I only did one transaction which was $121 so I expected at least an email.

        I’ll just wait for few days and follow up with Amex.

        • Dumb question: you saved the offer, right?

          • +1

            @kerfuffle: Yes I did.

            Business name is matching the transaction on my card and on Amex’s map.

            I know some business will have different name which sometimes make you doubt, but all looks in order.

            • +1

              @Putin: Did you get the credit?

              I spent $150+ at Chophouse last night and got the e-mail

              • +1

                @kerfuffle: Not yet.

                I’ll contact them either today or tomorrow.

    • I didn't receive the email but got the 20% refund a few days later in my account. I'd not worry too much and also AmEx are really good about post sale refunds.

  • +2

    Really sucks that this never opened up to supplementary cards!

    I thought this promotion would suck compared to last year's $70 spend/$20 credit x2, but I actually like this version more! Was able to eat at a number of restaurants for as little as $11 pre-discount (and buy items from one deli) and get 20% off, such as Butter, Cho Cho San and Sekka. As a frequent solo diner, spending $70 is hard (especially when you throw it all up later, but I digress). Last year had limited restaurants participating as well.

    Hoping this comes back next year and extended to more states and supplementary cards!

    • +1

      I agree. The best part was no spending hurdle to trigger the credit. You could just spend any amount (up to the cap) and get a pro-rata 20% rebate.

    • My wife got the offer in an email as my Supplementary person. She was just too slow to get it.

      • +1

        What card is that?

        • Qantas Discovery. Its the free one.

          • @danielh: Interesting. I did see the offer constantly show in the ads between transactions when logged into my supplementary accounts which was highly annoying, knowing you couldn't save.

    • +1

      I liked the no min spend requirement too- tried a $7.50 banh mi at a new local bakery and discovered a little gem. Also makes it easier to spread out the spend across different restaurants so you get to try a bit of everything.

      I also only had it on my main card (Qantas Ultimate) and not supplementary :(

  • +1

    Lockdown sucks. Couldn't use my card where I wanted to, now thinking where else locally to go lol

    • +3

      To be fair though, you weren't in lockdown for the first 27 days of the promotion when you could have used it?

      • +1

        I was planning at going to a fancy restaurant for my birthday however didn't anticipate lockdown happening. I have been using it before lockdown, but wanted to max it out. Don't think I'm keen to order $50 worth of food for myself.

        • Do they do takeaway or delivery? Or are they outside of your 5km?

        • +1

          Maybe buy a gift card or store credit if they offer one?

          • @lilkid28: Yep I got some gift cards from a place nearby, but also decided to try find another business to spread the spend.

            I called a restaurant before making the effort to drive there to confirm they take Amex.

            Yes the manager says, and I explicitly tell him I don't have an alternative payment method if it doesn't work.

            Well, he lied. So very unimpressed at having to dip into savings (other cards maxed out for family/personal reasons) and driving all that way for no return.

            I am happy to support small businesses, but don't appreciate being lied to for the sake of gaining business!

            By the time I got back it was too late to go buy some more gift cards from the first place.

            • +2

              @blueyez: While the map itself sucks in general, it's a good indicator of whether they take Amex or not. If they don't take Amex and you have to use another method of payment, Amex will apparently reimburse you if you show them receipts. Were they on the map?

              • +1

                @kerfuffle: Yep they sure were! I'll try asking them although I don't have a receipt it will reflect on my other card hmm

                • +2

                  @blueyez: If it shows on your bank statement, hopefully that's sufficient enough. Good luck (both with Amex and with lockdown)!

              • @kerfuffle: Oh that happened to me too, the restaurant was listed on the map but then didn't take AMEX as they haven't "activated" it on their POS yet. Wasn't going to make a fuss over $18 but might contact AMEX about it.

                • +4

                  @Craze: Update: Contacted AMEX and they refunded the 20% to my account. Excellent customer service in my books!

    • In Victoria I just went to my local Asian roast meat place and got lots of crispy roast pork and char siew (BBQ pork) for take away. Did it a few times over the last two weeks and my last batch was yesterday. I assume you can do something similar. Otherwise maybe go get a gift card from one of the larger chain places (along with some small takeaway food) to make it look like a large food purchase.

      • +1

        I got frozen dim sum stuff which normally isn't discounted- perfect for the lockdown too!

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