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[eBay Plus] AMD Ryzen 3 3300X OEM $159.80 Delivered @ Harris Technology eBay


eBay Plus coupon code: PLUSFL15

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    I really shouldn't have purchased last Tuesday.

    • In other words ‘please refund the difference Harris Tech’. Would be for their reputation.

      • +28

        No, that wouldn't be fair. I got what I thought was a good price, and it was a good price. Just that today's is even better! Nothing wrong with that.

        • -11

          Nothing wrong with that.

          Well if there's nothing wrong with that, then your original statement doesn't make sense:

          I really shouldn't have purchased last Tuesday.

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            @Zackeroo: Ethical replies bring the opposite out pretty damn quickly here on OzB.

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              @mickeyjuiceman: Lol it really does tho ahahah. Infy definitely wouldn't have gotten that many upvotes if I didn't put that comment there :)

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          even better

          That's an understatement.

          This is the best CPU deal on OzBargain for months.

          3300x has been above $220 since launch 12 months ago, and even at $220 it's the best bang-for-buck AMD gaming CPU. It's very, very close to the top gaming CPUs for performance in current games, including the $1000+ CPUs.

          $160 is an absolute steal.

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    What does OEM refer to in terms of purchasing a CPU?

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      I know that if you buy a custom PC from a retailer, they will just pick a CPU from a tray of a dozen CPUs (e.g., there's no retail packaging). I'm not sure what packaging you get when you buy a tray CPU online though.

    • pretty sure it is the same item as retail but the packaging and warranty may vary?

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      I believe oem is cpu only no cooler and retail packaging. 3300x very worth. Like my 3600x I don't even use the original cooler. Found and paid for a rgb wraith prism

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      No heat sink, no documentation, just the chip and maybe warranty. If it’s proper OEM then you can’t contact AMD for warranty too, it has to go through the vendor.

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        That may be AMD's policy but it isn't legal in Australia. Both the retailer and the manufacturer are responsible for the warranty under ACL.

    • The OEM versions of the 3300X and 3600 both here and on other local retailers all specify that they come with a cooler (this listing even includes a separate picture of just the cooler, and "Wraith Stealth" in the title), so I'm not sure that the other comments are correct or not in this case about not having a cooler included.

      • From what I get from google AMD CPU category into below, but not 100% sure if the deal's MPK comes with cooler.

        OPN Tray:
        Thermal Solution (TRAY)

        OPN PIB:
        Thermal Solution (PIB)
        Wraith Stealth

        OPN MPK:
        Thermal Solution (MPK)
        Wraith Stealth

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          I just got a 3600 OEM and can confirm for future deals of the same nature that I did get an included cooler (Y).

  • Needs more 18tb hdds

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    Is there a difference in warranty/RMA process between the OEM and retail versions?

  • If you're selling OEM stuff how about some Renoir APUs? Please?

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    3300X better than 2600/1600AF with 6 cores 12 threads?

    • +2

      Yes (for 99% of things, including gaming, yes)

      Not sure if I'd bother upgrading if I already had a 1600AF though, even with this incredible price, the difference isn't exactly huge, especially above 1080p:


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      same boat, i have 2600 ryzen too, wonder how much more fps can i get by buying this with the same gpu 1070. (cs, siege, apex etc)

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        I'd say we're probably GPU bottlenecked with low end GPUs (I'm running an RX570). All the benchmarks do place the 3300X about 20% ahead of the 2600 in gaming but they use a 2080 Ti at 1080p which would create a CPU bottleneck.

      • +2


        It is better, but not by much.

        The red arrow is pointing to an overclocked 1600AF (which you can essentially treat the same as a ordinary Ryzen 5 2600)

        You will also notice that while the Average Framerate is higher on the 3300X compared to the 1600AF, the minimum 1% Lows and and 0.1% lows are a little worse. This is because the 1600AF (2600) has more cores / threads than then 3300x.

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    Hey OP, wrong link for the 3600 OEM - should be https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/184612463146?epid=13036636939

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      thanks for picking this up, updated

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    $249 for retail Ryzen 3600 is pretty good.

    • Yeah, but not when the 3300X is $160 (unless your primarily want the performance for decompressing lots of zip files or something. For gaming, 3300X is actually faster than 3600 in a lot of games).

  • Any good deals on a motherboard and RAM pairing for the 3300X?

    If I pull the trigger I will be upgrading from an i5 6600 which I think is bottle necking my RTX 2060 super. Would that be right?

    Gaming only. Usually 1080p and sometimes 2k.

    • +1

      Any good deals on motherboard and RAM pairing for the 3300X?

      I went with F4-3200C16D-16GVKB for my 3600 during the afterpay ebay sale. HT are sold out, but scorptec have it for $106 after coupon (add your own +giftcard discount +cashback of your choice).

      Just pick whatever is double sided (not important if you're planning 4 sticks), cheap, decent speed and latency and ideally in your selected motherboard QVL memory list.

      Motherboard bargains: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/tag/am4%2Bmotherboard

      If I pull the trigger I will be upgrading from an i5 6600 which I think is bottle necking my RTX 2060 super. Would that be right?

      My i5 2500k (at 4.7ghz) was bottlenecking my 980, so yes? :)
      With the Ryzen 3600, I gained about 60% performance (in dota2).

      If your CPU cores or threads are pinned at 100% while gaming, and your GPU is utilisation is only like 60%, that's a pretty good sign your CPU is limiting your performance.

      • Thanks so much!

        I'll check it out, can't wait for the performance jump. The improvement from my old and very solid 970 was good but knew I had left a lot more performance on the table.

  • Will the 3300x work in a B550 mobo ?

    • +1

      Yep it should out of the box. I just bought one to pair with a Gigabyte B550m i have lying around.