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[eBay Plus] Sony 55" X9000H 4K UHD Android Bravia LED TV $1355.75 Delivered @ Sony Australia


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Free delivery for eBay plus members, great price on this and not box damaged or refurbished and over 10 available so you can get one.

I have one and it’s great, only issue I have is they still haven’t enabled VRR. I haven’t noticed any 120hz blur issue but I only have a PS5 and Series X plugged in not a computer which is where they find the issue reading text.

My partner actually saw it on in the office and wanted to know why my TV was so much clearer than the one in the lounge room, I am now guilty of gaslighting.

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  • this or LG CX for PS5 gaming?

    • Reviews suggest CX, but another $1000. I have just bought the X9000H. Great picture, awesome connectivity, viewing angle not brilliant. No issues with pc blur.

      • Can you connect Ipad / Iphone to the Sony X9000H through AirPlay while it is connected to ethernet cable, or has to connect TV to the same WIFI network?
        Also I struggling to connect my Samsung S10 to Sony H9000. Thanks

        • Yep you can. I can do it on my 75, should be the same.

          • @iitsraining: I have the 75X9000H but cant connect ipad to the TV while ethernet connected, as it requires the WIFI on. So I have to unpluck ethernet cable and connect WIFI on.. Not sure if there is another way to do it? I asked Sony technical support but are useless.

            • @huntabargain: Ah sorry to clarify im running a ethernet through the shield. Not sure if it makes a difference but can cast iphone ok.

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      Oled > *

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      A monitor is better than a TV, but if you’re going with a TV anyway, then CX is better than this Sony.

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      I would go this. OLED is better but it's a hell of a lot more expensive aswell and if gaming is the main use I would go for the screen where I didn't fear having burn in from the HUD.

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        Hmm burn in risk isn't that high if playing less than 5h/day based off rtings. Did a 9000 hour test

        For gaming Sony 4k/120 bit dodgy apparently and still no vrr

        Main benefit is brighter screen and cost (main reason I'm looking for the 65)

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    Where is the 65", eBay?!

  • does this work for the 75?

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      It does but capped at $300, so it's just ~10% off $2995.

  • I'm looking to get a 120hz 4k TV for my ps5 and am looking around the 1k range. Would there be any better TV's out there at this price or should I just go with this?

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      Get this

    • But note, there are user reports that the 4K 120Hz is blurry and most sources say this may never be fixed due to hardware limitations.

    • I don't think there is any option except this for the price, but some people say it doesn't work correctly anyway.

    • Definitely the only decent tv for this price range. PS5 120fps is for sh*t tho.
      You lose so much detail and even objects in the game when applied.
      People are saying there is a blur issue with 120hz gaming but that's been exaggerated. Not too many people have it but it's just spread on forums. This Sony also has a special sync with PS5.
      Basically like VRR but not as good. It auto detects as soon as a PS5 is connected.

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