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Free GoldSmith Membership for Select American Express Cards (Save $700 Per Year) @ Mr and Mrs Smith


Mr and Mrs Smith is a high end global hotel chain. They do have a few hotels in Australia and some are quite nice. We can probably start looking at hotels in NZ and perhaps Singapore in near future. They have a paid loyalty membership program and the benefits are in 3 tiers, the mid tier SilverSmith costs AU 175 per year and top tier GoldSmith costs AU 700 per year. This deal is to get the GoldSmith membership for free as long as you have selected Amex cards.

The summary of 3 tiers of membership is on this website. Click HERE to view.
Use your Amex card first 6 digits to sign up and get the GoldSmith membership for FREE (worth AUD 700 according to their website).

Highlights of GoldSmith membership on this LINK
I listed the main benefits of GoldSmith tier below - Free Priority Pass and Onda membership are quite nice.

*3% loyalty money with every booking
*A dedicated travel concierge
*Onda membership to private clubs worldwide (worth AU134 per month). - https://ondalife.com/
*Free room upgrades
*Priority Pass - Discounted access to more than 600 airport lounges (worth AU 123 per month)
*Priority booking on exclusive offers
*Smith Extras - A free gift on arrival, such as bottles of champagne, spa treatments and picnic lunches
*GoldSmith membership pack

Your first 6 digits of Amex card should work with the sign up. If not use this 371595 to sign up and you should get confirmation of GoldSmith by email in 10 minutes.

Below is from their website -
People ask why we are called Mr & Mrs Smith… Well, firstly, our inception came about long before the film with Angelina and Brad. We're all about great escapes with your other half — a wink to couples everywhere, especially those who fancy checking into a fabulous hotel under this classic dirty-weekend pseudonym. (Among the many discoveries from our travels is the fact that most countries have their own Mr & Mrs Smiths.)

Mr & Mrs Smith started close to home, discovering boutique boltholes a quick dash from London. But then we packed our bags for the best of boutique Europe, and couldn't stop. We now bring you properties from every corner of the world – from Bali to Brazil, from Sydney to Sicily.

And then we thought, why should we have all the fun? So we opened for business in New York, LA and Singapore. Our Asia Pacific team works with local tastemakers, partners, correspondents and hotels to make sure the collection is as relevant to our Aussie, Kiwi and Asian customers as it is to their British, American and European friends.

The Mr & Mrs Smith website allows you to book any of the boutique hotels featured in our guides, as well as the new collections appearing all the time, exclusively online. We guarantee the best room rates available (you'll never pay more by booking with us), and because we give you a free BlackSmith membership when you first book with us, you’ll get added extras too.

There are some wonderful places to stay – provided you know where to find them. We offer peace of mind that these are the best in class, and you can rest assured that this is the most reliable site to book your romantic getaway through.

Why book through us? Thanks to exhaustive research, anonymous hotel reviews, and the guarantee that the room rates we get you are the best available, your special stay is in safe hands. Simply click 'hotel search' and let us send you on your perfect trip. Whether you're looking for a quirky city boutique hotel, a stylish country guesthouse or a luxury spa hotel, we have selections to suit all budgets and moods. There is also the opportunity to purchase our own Get a Room! gift vouchers.

Our hotel guide books and website take you on a tour around the most stylish and individual hotels in destinations around the world, from Amsterdam to Mozambique. We tell you the best room or suite to ask for, where to head for the tastiest lunch and signpost the best beaches and picnic spots – this is the inside track. We've even researched what's going on around each hotel, so you can make the most of your time (see our 'Worth getting out of bed for' recommendations under 'Activities'). All you need worry about is whether you want R&R or a rock 'n' roll escapade. Every boutique hotel has been visited by a Smith team member before being reviewed anonymously (and thoroughly) by a couple, and each reviewer tells their own evocative first-person tale.

Don't just take our word on all of this: see what the public and the press say.

Best wishes and bon voyage,

Mr & Mrs Smith

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    I presume they'll check your card when you rock up to the hotel (etc).. So i wouldn't arbitrarily use 371595?

  • +4 votes

    371595 is a US Centurion BIN code for those curious


    Is this not free every year as long as you have an Amex?


      Probably only if you have a Centurion. Platinum Charge doesn't qualify for this.

  • +1 vote

    Looked through a lot of the hotels and prices for stays. Seems to actually be quite a lot more than the prices I found just using Google hotel search.


    Free priority pass? Makes this a no brainer if it works out? Even without an eligible amex card? can they / will they check?


    Priority Pass

    A free annual Priority Pass membership is available to all Silversmith and Goldsmith members.

    Members can only claim this benefit after making a Mr & Mrs Smith booking.

    The membership is valid for 12 months from the date the code is issued and registered – not from the day of travelling.


    Doesn't work on Explorer or Platinum Charge?


      Explorer - No


    Doesn't work for Ultimate either

  • +1 vote

    So far only 371595 works.


    Where exactly do you input the number? I put it on the payment page and nothing changed


      Click on "go to deal"


        Cheers thanks - I was going through the links in the description lol


    How do we get the free priority pass? I just can’t see where to apply after joined… thanks.


      You need to make a hotel booking to qualify for the priority pass.