Lets list out worst rewards programs i.e. total waste of time (Example The Fork)

I was curious from your experience which reward programs would you classify to be waste of time.

Example: TheFork, I think is the worst one where every year they reset or reduce unused points for large portions. So, unless you dining out frequently using their app, it is a waste of time. The Fork is only good for their 50% off deals. That's about it. I don't see any value to go out of the way and book restaurant through their app.

I am not sure if Myers do the same but i have been with them for years and hardly even seen a $20 reward voucher.

Which ones do you guys rate to be not worthwhile?

Summary based on everyone's comments

Not Worth The Hassle
  • The Fork
  • Subway
  • Nandos
  • Priceline
  • Dan Murphy


  • +4

    The new subway reward system. Went from what worked out to be something like 50c a sub to a ~12c reward credit when they rolled it into the smartphone app. They were probably hoping to start gathering a bunch of customer data with moving to the app but I just stopped bothering to use the reward system and eventually deleted the app from my phone.

    • Sounds like Hungry Jacks. They stopped doing paper vouchers which were good 2 for $x deals, and pushed people onto an app which had very select and stingy deals. Deleted the app, stopped going to Hungry Jacks for a year or so until they brought back paper vouchers.

      • Hungry Jacks app is pretty good for their free daily coffee (pretty much guaranteed hit if you have 10 accounts like me).

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    I've had MyerOne for 15 years now and racked up like $550 in rewards. Of course if you don't shop there, or scan your membership card, you won't see the rewards. Furthermore, they've lowered the qualifier so you only need 1000 points to get a $10 reward instead of the previous 2000 points for $20.

    • Good to know. I thought at some stage they used to remove the points as well. Good to know that you simple keep accumulating the points.

      • Actually, they still remove points if they are unused after two years. (Point 4.6 in the T&Cs.)

        I had a bunch of points earned at the start of 2019 removed from my account a couple of months ago.

    • IGA is a partner to the MyerOne program.
      That means you can get MyerOne points, plus local fuel discounts, plus IGA Liquor special offers, all on one shop.
      If you are into that.

  • +3

    My wife is a MyerOne member & she always seems to be getting a $10 or $20 voucher.

    • +14

      She must be buying things in secret!

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    Aren't all rewards programs dodgy? I gave up on them years ago. All they want is your data and all the rewards are built into their pricing structure anyway.

    I love Aldi for this very reason.

  • +2

    We had a local coffee shop that had a punch card, buy 10 coffees and get a free punch on your next card. 10 cards gets you a free coffee… I dont buy coffee, but it was something as stupid as that. Every other place in town was 5 or 10 coffees, next one free.

    • get a free punch on your next card.

      Punch in the throat?

      • At least that's immediate.

    • So you had to have 100 punches for one free coffee? Or 100 coffees all up, or 90 if the 11th punch was free. I still don't understand..

      • +1

        I think it ended up being something stupid like 91 coffees to get that free one. I used to get the coffees for work on occasions and everyone would ask me to go there and take their cards.

        It was cheaper coffee, but only by something like 30~50ยข. I even remember doing up a stupid spreadsheet to show them how dumb it was and that paying the extra per cup netted a way bigger benefit once worked out over the 91 cups it took to get the free one.

        "BuT tHeY GiVe yOu A fRee pUnCh oN yOuR cArD eAcH nEw CaRd!"

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    The Dan Murphys membership, I does get you access to discounted deals, but in store they are trained to ask you to swipe your card, if there is a deal or not. Most customers scan the card as asked, which achieves nothing for the customer other than have the purchase logged on the database.

    • I find at Dan's, on the back of the stand containing brochures to sign up is some kind of barcode as well, and if you say you don't have Dan's membership they scan that one.

      Makes me wonder if it's a secret way of racking up points or something.

      • +1

        They scan a barcode that logs them into the POS. It was developed as a quicker alternative to typing in a username and password. Sorry, no conspiracy there.

        • Ah damn lol
          I'll take a look next time I'm there for the timing of them doing it.

    • I recall there were comps which you got entered into by scanning your card?

  • +4

    Priceline. Spend hundreds to earn a $5 voucher

  • Nandos - used to be good (like 10% back) but I don't think its as generous any more, and all my points disappeared after COVID.

    • +2

      Still 10% back at Nandos

  • whenever woolworthless is offering. in the pass 10 years of shopping have only been able to redeem $10.

    https://altituderewards.com.au/ was great 10 years ago when you would get 1 point per $1 spend or double points for amex purchases.
    Was about to redeem $400 in gift vouchers each year, to date it gotten to the point we're only redeeming $100 per year.

  • +3

    The Fork was good long ago when it was Dimmi. 10 activities (booking, reviewing etc) would get you a $50 voucher. Now it's just meh

    • +2

      still good for the occasional 30 or 50% off

  • +2

    Local (independent) bakery started a buy X loaves get the next free…I buy a premium loaf and was told one day "we don't make many $ on those, they have been excluded" sigh…still buy 'em as they just taste so much better. Still, annoying.

  • Kidstuff? even they in my local couldn't explain how it works, yet they are asking to join or if you have it

  • +5

    EB Games membership is pretty crap

  • +3

    Priceline. Used to be good. Now a waste of time. You need to spend a fortune to get anything.

  • I find Nandos and The Fork okay.

    If you have a regular restaurant you go to on The Fork still works out ok, just remember to book out than turn up.
    I have 2/3 restaurants on there and get points every visit. Half yearly usually have about 2000 points for meat and wine co.

  • On top of the above, I dont find Telstra Plus point useful at all.
    We dont do headphones and games, so that makes many of them worthless.

  • How about starting a post on useless meal deals. I don't go to Nando's anymore, but back in the day their meal deals were practically the same price as buying the components. They rode on the good will of other brand's meal deals, catching anyone too lazy to do the maths.

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