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Facebook Portal TV $189 (RRP $229) Delivered @ Portal from Facebook


Been eyeing this for a while to do Whatsapp Video chat with my family interstate and it's a lot easier to get kids to sit in front of a TV to do video calls with their grandparents than holding a phone or tablet in front of them.

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Portal from Facebook
Portal from Facebook

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    Zuckerberg can now spy on us 24/7

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      Absolute zero trust with those guys.

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      That is zucks.

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        So close

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          The whole privacy issue surrounding Facebook really zucks.

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      I am even afraid to click product link.

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      I've got the non-TV version and it has a physical camera blind and mic cutoff switch for when you're not using it. It's amazing for my little girl who hasn't seen her grandparents thanks to COVID

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        Requirement to provide blind and cutoff switch in your product says lot about what people think about the company.

        • You….you do know a lot of laptops run blinds on their webcams to address the real problem of webcam hacks..right? Like it's not FACEBOOK BAD it's PRIVACY GOOD.

        • Lol it's damned if you do and damned if you don't. At least they provide the option. I'm not endorsing Facebook in any way but it is super handy if you make a lot of video calls on Whatsapp, Messenger or Zoom

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      Zuck: They "trust me"
      Zuck: Dumb f***s.

      — Mark Zuckerberg, age 19.

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    holding a phone or tablet in front of them

    Thats one expensive phone holder !
    You could just get a flexible phone holder like this and cast your phone to your TV.

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      Can you cast Facebook messenger calls to your TV?

      • Might depend what phone you have, but I can just cast my whole phone to my TV, rather than individual apps. So Facebook Messenger calls would work that way. Do a search in your settings for "cast".

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          i tried it… quite noticeable lip sync delay… cause the audio is faster than the video

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    Yeah, I can handle Google, I can't Zuckerberg.

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      They are pretty much the same in term of data hoarding … except I can't stop using the google ecosystem

      • My bigger issue is the bans, automatic restrictions,marketplace inequality etc etc.

        Having no one to actually talk to….

        Facebook has become way to powerful imo. Silencing opposing views etc etc.

        Not as worried about the data side. I enjoy the benefits of Google's ability to track things personally.

        • I used facebook from 2007 to 2012, anything I am missing? I don't use marketplace but gumtree, keeping contact with people is either whatsapp or insta (i know they got bought by Marky), I don't really feel the need or maybe I'm just old

          • @Bubbleshark: Their marketplace is extremely good….. Unless it just decides randomly you are selling something it thinks is illegal. Like a Scarfe or a Coat ffs.

            The automatic warning banning of accounts for replies that they think are abusive yet the original comments could be disgusting or illegal.

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    a video camera controlled by facebook in your living room? what could possibly go wrong?

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      what could possibly go wrong?

      Mark isn't interested in watching you sit in your couch.

      • that's nice to know as i quite often sit nude and it wouldn't be a pretty sight …

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          it wouldn't be a pretty sight …

          "We'll be the judge of that" - Facebook

        • i quite often sit nude and it wouldn't be a pretty sight.

          If there anything I learnt from the net is there will always be some sicko that will yeet their meat to anyone or anything.

        • Hi Sharon.

  • I wish I could make Facebook video calls on my Chromecast

  • Another great spying Device, from Trusted Zuckerberg. He will be Patenting your DNA Next.

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    Interesting concept.. does anyone know if you google tv or any other android tv can do the same thing with an external camera?

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    so when fakebook dies so does the hardware ?

    • Impossible. Zuck is an immortal lizard alien. He dies fb dies.

  • Has anybody jailbroken these so they can be used with other services?

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      Answer is apparently no, and the FB apps do all the magic zoom and face tracking in software, so cracking to use other apps would just be an ordinary web cam.

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    It's worth noting the benefits of these. The camera autoresizes and shifts frame based on whose in the the room. So if it's just you, it focuses the screen on you, but if say your son walks into the room it will widen the frame to accommodate them, and change the audio processing to capture more sound.

    Well worth the money if you video chat frequently

  • Does it give you a time out if you say Kent?

  • Would have to be $100 for me to buy….

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    My wife asked why I was speaking so softly at home.
    I told her I was afraid that Mark Zuckerberg was listening! She laughed. I laughed. Alexa laughed. Siri laughed.

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      But did the FBI agent laugh?

  • Just got mine. Tested with kids and grandparents overseas. For me, worth the money.

    • Shipped from US or local ?

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    Arrived from HKG I believe.

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    • i get error below on credit card,

      GraphQL server responded with error 1675002: The query provided was invalid.

      tried a debit card, but Card Declined.

      sigh, no way to buy.