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Google Pixel Buds 2 $209.25 Delivered @ Google Store


discount is automatically applied. decent price for unique features like live google translation

tried 20% discount code for extra savings and failed :(

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    Don't forget Google Store credits for Google One members ….

    • Hey mate, could you please give us some more information about google store credits? I'm a google one member and i can't seem to see them anywhere / haven't heard of them?

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        Log into Google One and you'll see it under "Benefits". Also, if you go to buy these Buds in the Google Store while signed in with your google account, it will show you the store credit when you check out.

        • no luck, might be because i'm part of family subscription. may i know who much credit you see approx for buds.

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            @hopper: It's 10%… around $20.93

          • @hopper: ah yeah there's a post on OzB which says family members don't get the store credit. Looks like you need to get the main Google One account holder to buy for you. I get 10% store credit because I have the 2TB Google One subscription.

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            @hopper: same for me, not on a family subscription but don't see anything except hotels under "benefits"

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              @kmish: as stated below, only for plans above 100gb

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        Get rewarded for your Google Store purchases
        Google One members on certain plans get a percentage back on eligible Google Store purchases in the form of Google Store credit.

        Google One members with 200GB plans: 3% back in Google Store credit
        Google One members with 2TB, 10TB, 20TB or 30TB plans: 10% back in Google Store credit

        This benefit is only available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.
        Google One trial memberships and plan family members are not eligible.


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          Damn, We are on 100gb family plan :(

  • Didn't even know these existed

    • because its only google who sells them, no retailers are official sellers, means no demo units in public

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        Also because they are worse and more expensive then others.

        IMO not a good purchase.

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          I've only had these and Airpods, and I way prefer these over Airpods. But maybe there are other brands that work better. I always worry they won't fit my ears properly though, these fit my ears well and don't fatigue my ears even after a few hours. Only thing is I wouldn't jog with these in, Airpods were better for jogging.

  • Are these wireless earbud-style good when having a phone conversation? the last thing we want is to have the other party listening our muffled voice

    Also, this or Galaxy Bud Plus for android phone?

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      Galaxy Buds+ are much better. Do not waste your money on these.

      • i wonder how the sammy ones compare to apple pro ones? i dislike Apple, bit their poddy thingies are pretty awesome.

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    These are terrible btw. Sound quality is worse than the competitors, and QA is absolutely dreadful. If you buy them, expect to have to buy new headphones within 6 months due to them having a hissing sound, constant drop outs, and just general not working well.

    • with multiple microphones and AI you can expect decent voice calls i guess. but looks like this ins't the case. will pass and stick with samsung buds live

    • I had the hiss sound when and dropouts when I first got them, after about a few months of patches all those issues slowly disappeared, they work pretty great now. My only issue is when I wear them in my car they switch to my car bluetooth, but when I get back out of the car I have to reconnect them to get them to work again. That might be an issue on any blueteeth earbud though…

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    Maybe Google will release new buds now that I/O is around the corner?

    • Yeah, that's my guess for why these are being discounted around the world at the moment.

    • Saw something on the rumour mill that there's new ones around the corner.

  • Nope, get Galaxy Buds+ at $130

    • What's the advantage of Galaxy Buds+ over these?

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        $70 cheaper, better sound quality, better mics, better fit in ear, and way better QA because a lot of people actually buy them. Compared to the Pixel Buds which just a couple of YouTubers and some die-hard Google fans would have got. Just like their phones, Google's Pixel Buds quality just isn't there - lots of random issues.

        • Way better battery life too.

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    I bought these and the Galaxy Buds Pro. Will return one or both if the sound and call quality isn't good.

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    I purchased a pair of these when they first came out. Extremely frequent drop outs, basically un-usable. Would not recommend. Tried all software updates etc. Nothing fixed. Used with samsung S10+. All other bluetooth headphones I have tried since have worked much much better.

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    No where on the overview does is talk about audio quality for music……..that's ridiculous

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