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Here's an audio book by Thich Nhat Hanh called "Looking Deeply".

Looking Deeply (Digitally Remastered) is a selection of talks by Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh offered during meditation retreats throughout North America. In these lectures, Thay, as his followers call him, talks about mindfulness within the context of the social and political issues of our time. Although these talks were recorded in 1987, the messages they bring us are still highly relevant today.

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Running Time: 131 minutes


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          Why do people want to kill me all the time??
          I think I'll change my name to irreligious - no one ever says that.
          I didn't realise I was your personal favourite, StewBalls - how nice.

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    Like with everything in life
    it depends on what the individual person learns from the teaching.

    Maybe some people see something of value while others like you might not…

    Yes religion doesn't mean that person is good
    such as the numerous reports of priest molestation scandals etc..

    And just cos someone wear a priest outfit don't mean that they are any closer to god/or whatever higher being..


    But I don't believe the author is trying to spread religion.
    Just teachings on how to live a better life..

    If you can improve your life in some way from reading the book
    then that is a good thing..


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    'Mindfulness means paying attention with openness, curiosity and flexibility.'
    (may be seen as the antithesis of dogmatic religions)
    It is so good to see people fight over it…
    thanks for a good laugh!

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    just ordered one

    hope it gets delivered


    Oh why do you have to enter your billing address?! whinge


    have ordered one
    agreat man
    won the nobel peace prize

    read his biography to see how he practised during the vietnam war
    and how he was persecuted by both sides because he would nto take sides when he and his people went to give first aid to them. some died but both sides finally let him alone to help their wounded, all wounded.
    commie or yankee.
    buddhism was created for atheists and is atheist, agonstic and humanist, rational and actually was a direct threat to the religions of the time.