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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X AM4 CPU + MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI 6 ATX Motherboard Combo $699 + Del @ Shopping Express


AMD Ryzen 5 5600X AM4 CPU + MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI 6 ATX Motherboard - $699 + Shipping

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    Great CPU, good enough deal, overkill motherboard

    • I think it's a good pair for this CPU, my 3600X OC's easily

    • +1

      same site has a B550 bundle (Tomahawk too) for $630

      • B550 is better, x570 tomahawk is overkilled for this 6 cores/65w CPU

        • what are the main differences?

    • How is that motherboard overkill, it’s literally a $300 motherboard with some of the best vrm’s on the planet that rival even that of $700-$800 high end motherboards and is essentially a “we apologise” from msi for the stuff up that was the previous iteration of this motherboard so the crammed in the best stuff even has wifi 6 built right into the board. It’s also one of the highest rated mobo’s currently on the market by literally everyone a go to for over clockers and if you ever upgrade in the future then you’re still set and it’s $300. I just don’t get your comment at all, you're kidding yourself if you think it’s overkill it’s underpriced for what you’re getting.

      • -1

        Because this is a cheap as CPU and doesn't need any of that high end vrm

        If you're into overclocking, this motherboard is terrible as the memory controller is cooked, more often than not clearing CMOS won't help you after a failed ram overclock and you need to reflash bios

        And ram speed has as much effect as high end vrm in term of CPU performance

      • overkill
        excessive use, treatment, or action.

        It's "overkill" because of the part its paired with is a 65W chip.

        If all I do is travel 2km on a brand new road from my house to church once a week, a brand new V8 Landcruiser is also overkill.

        It's nice, but it's way more than required. Hence the term overkill.

  • +2

    throw in a strix 3080Ti and ill take it!

    edit: i mean for like $3k, not the same price or anything :)

  • Good setup!

  • That's a pretty good deal.

  • Tray 5600X was $412 on Ebay a couple days ago. Not sure why I'd be paying ~$290 for this mobo.

    • It kills me that they're including the Wraith Stealth with a $450 chip. Otherwise it'd be a great deal getting the retail packaging and this mobo.

      • You're spending $250+ on a motherboard, go buy an aftermarket cooler, otherwise you're just wasting money

  • +1

    Mobo has been about $233 + shipping recently, and tray CPU $413 roughly. $646 combined. Not the greatest deal here, but not bad by any means.

    • tray cpu is not a valid comparison, since you need a cpu cooler. But there was a 5600x recently for 428 recently so your point still stands. Not a terrible deal, not a great deal. A decent price and its bundled so you only pay shipping once, if you can't get it cheaper elsewhere, amazon prime for eg.

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    go to taobao.com . you can find 5800x + B550 mortar for ~AUD 710
    No warranty tho :))

  • -1

    So solar feed in is going to almost zero. So looking at mining as an option to use excess solar power. Know very little about it, but I believe Monero / Zcash are optimised for CPU mining. Guess the question is, what is the cheapest way to mine this stuff? Current solar feed in yields around $2 in 9 hrs. Could I get close to that for not much outlay? Happy to go used / referb.

  • -2

    Looks like a great deal but the retailer doesn't seem to have very positive reviews though….

    • +4

      Shopping Express are fine. Bought from them multiple times.

      • Bought a powered hub for $200 from them recently, they seem fine and it was the cheapest price around by a fair bit.

    • Only bought from Shopping Express a few times but always had fast shipping and zero issues. Even sent me a coupon for free shipping when I had an issue with one of their sales (which I think was actually my fault, I didn't see the minimum spend!)

  • I've purchased a few times from them . Fast order processing and delivery.