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Free Regular Coffee @ 7-Eleven via App


Free Regular Coffee as Bonus Reward in the 7-eleven App (No purchase required)
Open your 7-eleven App, and check the Rewards Tab. Be sure to 'Add to rewards'.

Unsure if it is targeted, confirmed with a mate and he's got it as well.

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    I have a different offer… Get large coffee for 1$

    • I had a free regular coffee on one account (used more regularly for fuel locks) and another inactive one had the $1 large coffee.

  • I got an offer for a super coffee for $2

  • I got this morning and claimed. Got a bonus original glazed donut also for free. Will enjoy my crappy coffee!

    • Was the donut also as a Bonus reward in the App or just as a gesture by the staff at your store?

      • It was on the app, bonus offer. It works in mysterious way, I didn’t even complete by 4th visit. I was double targeted, I guess.

      • Received free coffee + (birthday) Donut in Reward Tab - must have put in random birth date when set up account long ago!

        Thanks - would have missed out on both as rarely go to 7-Eleven 👍

        • I forget checking 7-eleven app deals too, but today the App threw a notification, so helped me :-)
          I liked the old app which would always give a notification whenever there was a freebie.

  • Redeemed. Thanks OP!

  • WTF I got a large coffee for $1.

    Since at the moment you can get two regular coffees for $1, it's no deal. 2 regulars is better than 1 large.

  • I have a different offer too

  • Got it, thanks OP

  • On my app and in store I see a sign saying free regular coffee for any fuel purchase. Valid to 24/05/2021.

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    got a $4 salad, must be the app telling me Im getting fat

  • You loose/waste the voucher if you fill up and get 1 coffee.
    So first claim your coffee, then fill up and claim your next coffee!
    I took 1 coffee with fuel purchase and the free coffee voucher disappeared!

    • Didn't know you could get free coffee with any fuel purchase. Is this only for selected store or nationwide?

      • +1

        It should be nation wide and it was also playing as ad in the 7-11 store in VIC.
        It's a temporary promotion until 24 May (I also commented here)

    • So that’s why my voucher disappeared!! I thought I was going mad

  • I just tried to download the app but the Google store wouldn't let me…
    It says "your device isn't compatible with this version"
    Has anyone else experienced this /know a way around it?

    My phone (Motorola Z2 play) isn't that old. I have never had this issue with another app.

    • You need android 9 or higher. There's no way around it. Buy a new phone.

  • Reminder: Expires tonight, for those who haven't redeemed it yet.