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Wenger Swiss Avenue Field Men’s 42mm Watch $54.51 + $9.36 Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


An older discontinued model from what I can tell. Picked one up as a knock around for work.

Don't forget the 6% cashback.

  • Swiss made
  • Water resistant up to 10 ATM - 100 metres - 330 feet
  • Scratch resistant sapphire coated crystal
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Black dial
  • Stainless steel case
  • Nylon strap
  • 42mm
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  • +1

    good value for basic knock around …sapphire screen at this price and swiss movement

  • +23

    Note sapphire COATED mineral crystal, not true sapphire crystal.
    Anyway, I like it.
    Didn't need it.
    Bought it.

    The curse of Ozbargain.

    • that’s a little deceptive on the sapphire is it any good either that coating or just marketing ?
      any idea

      • +2

        You still gain scratch resistance, so not just marketing.

  • +1

    Would make an awesome, non-Casio beater.

  • +4

    Bloody hell, too many watch nerd keywords to ignore got one, absolutely superfluous but got one

  • +6

    Nice find Op, don't forget 6% cashback @ Cashrewards.

    • +3

      I was hoping you would approve 😂

  • +5

    Will this swiss military watch make me a real man? I work in an office job.

    • +5

      Not completely, wait for a deal on a tactical vest that you can wear to meetings

      • +4

        Stuff it, will just buy a HiLux.

  • +9

    Also noticed this one -

    Wenger 42mm Urban Metropolitan $77.49 Delived.
    6% cashback @ Cashrewards = $72.84

    • this looks great! shame its mineral glass though :(

      • +1

        It's the same as this one - sapphire coated mineral crystal.

        Looks even better in the video.

        • +2

          oh i never knew! Thanks for the heads-up and cool vid too

          it gives that old-new aesthetic i can't explain, its kinda like modern but old-school at the same time.
          yes I've struggling with words lately.

          • +4

            @Tohnio: The style you’re thinking of is known as “Field watch” or “Trench watch” style, they’re designed as a deliberate callback to WWI and WWII style military watches. Usually white dials with clear, easy to read arabic markers, proud lugs that leave a gap between the leather band and the main case, and generally little or no bezel meaning that the crystal and the case are flush and form a continuous surface across the whole face of the watch.

            They have a very nice design, I feel, between the simplicity of a dress watch and the ruggedness of a diver or tool watch, they straddle that line really nicely.

    • +2

      getting some big Nomos Club vibes

    • +1

      Ordered one cheers

  • Don't need it, but bought..

  • oh man, this is perfect. I’ve been looking for a nice-looking cheap watch to hydromod, and this fits the bill perfectly. Thanks for the find, OP.

    • +4

      Just like pants.

      • Strongly disagree. Pants play a very important role in society. without the normalcy of pants, ripping them off, stripper-style, in public spaces doesn’t have the same shock value as if you just don’t wear them at all

  • Military watch, but no 24hr markings?

    • Just like the vast majority of all analogue military style watches?

  • Dr Evil finger quotes: "Swiss Made"

  • Good deal, really tempted but I already got one from the last deal. Very impressed with the build quality for the price point.

  • Nice find OP - seems to be sold out now.

    • One left at $108.42 now!

  • Back in stock at $61.41 (3 left)