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Beats Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones (Moss) $99 (Was $249) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Power beats pro moss only $99 from $349 with code 92457748989

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      • Did the charger come in the box or is this buy your own?

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          Cable came in the box.

  • Thanks.. ready for pick-up

  • awesome deal, mothers day sorted!

  • I got some too.

    Thanks for the listing

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    What is this website doing to me? Just bought a set because it was a deal. SMH.

  • Already have Sony WF-1000XM3 (good fit and sound, but too bulky and gets uncomfortable after an hour or so) and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (light and comfortable, but they keep falling out - once even in toilet…!!).
    Now have ordered this one as well. Hopefully, I get third time lucky! If not, then will likely have to get back to the USB-C wired headphones.

    • These are very bulky, literally every review says it.

      • As in heavier than than even the Sony monsters? I hoped the wrap around the ears will make this one more manageable and stop the problem of falling out as with Samsung ones.

  • Thank you OP, PowerBeats 3 died, perfect timing for replacement

  • Hi,

    Just picked up my pair from Browns Plains, Qld. Was able to do a colour swap and got a navy pair.

    • How? that's awesome!
      Did Browns Plains run out of Moss Green ?

      • Plenty of moss green it looked like. But just wanted a different colour. Just asked if I could do a colour swap and they just checked if I had the colour I wanted in stock. Then changed it over.

        • Just got back from Melb CBD, staffs are clued in and not allowing colour swap, said it was website pricing error
          oh well, still scored it at $99 lol

          Good to know you scored yours!

    • Was able to do a colour swap and got a navy pair.

      Colour swap over the phone after ordering online or at a retail store?

  • Already picked up. No issues. Thanks @aleksim

  • Thanks op put a order 10mins ago for click a collect ready to pick up now

  • which is better powerbeats pro or jabra elite 65t which i just bought on eBay and its being shipped

  • Does anyone know if this is the latest version? Can’t find the colour on apples website.

    • It’s discontinued colour

      • Not sure what that means? Like apple removed it from their website because JB was going to discount?

        I am trying to figure out if the hardware the same with the current one apple is selling.

        • +1

          It means apple no longer sell this colour and JB are getting rid of discontinued stock. They are the exact same

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    amazing deal, got 2

  • +1

    Got 2 thanks OP

  • +1
    • I enjoy his reviews.

  • Lmao bought one too

  • Worth it for android users?

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      Makes no different.

    • +2

      I reckon. Cause I just got a pair, I understand the integration won't be perfect. But for $99, I think they're crazy value for money lmao

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      There is an automatic ear sensor on them that can tell when you take them off/pull the bud out, so it stops playing.
      From what I read up, it is an iOS option to turn off, I couldnt do it on my android.

      • Ah k…doesn't sound like a biggy. Couldnt help myself and have pulled the trigger :)

  • I already have a pair but I just bought another wtf
    Spend $100 get $20 on Amex too

  • Thanks OP, got one lol.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Bought a Kevin Hart DVD for $2.50 to get the Amex deal too!

  • Got one. Still didn't open galaxy buds live bought from eBay deal last week. Now I got this. YES I need HELP 😂

    Thanks OP

  • By the way if you ordered them when they were $199 call up jb hi fi and they will refund the difference

    • -1

      I just did

    • Just buy another at $99 return them with $199 receipt

      • Or just call them up and they refund the difference

        Less of a hassle if you already had them delivered

      • The serial number is recorded on the receipt.

  • Thanks OP, already have the Sony WF-1000XM3 but hard to pass these up for $99!!

  • +6

    Just an update from jb

    While I was on the phone trying to get them to refund the difference ( which they did) they said they are aware of the issue (it should be $199 with the discount code) but, they will be honouring the the $99 ones. They also did trying to remove it or take the time down- something along that line


  • +1

    Just picked up from JB hifi Dandenong and was able to colour swap them to black without any problem. Very friendly staff. Cheers

    • Everyones trying to change the colour, is green ugly or what

      • I'd rather swap back to this colour if the deal was for a black one duh

      • +1

        Don’t get me wrong green is also great colour

  • Credit should go to this OP https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/619421

  • It's been pulled

  • Damn, out of stock now. Just missed it :-(

  • Oops! We can't find the page you're looking for.

    Looks like they have been removed from the JB website

  • payment keep getting rejected then out of stock… lol. ozbargained

  • Had it in cart, watched a review before paying and it got pulled while I watched. $99 saved I guess.

    • -2

      Check your PM

  • hopefully the orders that went through get fulfilled.. wasn't bothered to go pick up in person

    • They will be

      Spoke to jb on the phone

      See my previous comments for details

  • Just exchanged mine to black.

    Left the store for 10 minutes and made the brother sent me the wrong link excuse.

    First went to the beats/headphones section and got the worker to get the black one out of the glass cabinet for me. Then exchanged at the counter.

    • really dont mind the green, its not like its pink, looks pretty cool actually, like the same color iphone

      • I don’t mind either it’s not that noticeable of a green.
        I already have a black pair thought might as well replace it for better battery condition and sell my old ones on the used market.

  • Mass cancellation incoming.

    • See my previous comments

  • +3

    Didn't swap the colours personally. Moss doesn't look that bad. Will be nice seeing everyone rolling up in our new Teslas, wearing our moss coloured earphones at the next ozbargain catch up.

  • +1

    man miss out :(

  • OOS

  • +17

    All those ppl calling jb about refunds coz they purchased at 199 spoilt it for the rest of us

    • Lucky I picked mine straight away…

      THEY HAD ONE JOB. ruined it for us

    • +1

      They were going to pull it either way

      At least they are honouring it and refunding

      • i guess we will see, we cant trust one support person's word

  • I fall asleep 30 minutes and miss this. Damn need a new pair.

  • Well, could be a silly question, can we just return a $99 one with the receipt of $199 one? Will JB HIFI check the serial number of the earphone for each receipt?

  • Just went to pick mine up. Got scared that would refund lmao. Sadly they wouldn't let me swap for a different colour because "this was the only colour on sale". Still happy tho for 99$

  • +2

    Just got back from Melb CBD, staffs are clued in and not allowing colour swap, said it was website pricing error
    oh well, still scored it at $99 lol
    Good luck fellow OzB-ers!

    • ohk cool so we know they are still fulfilling the orders. who cares about the color swap

      • LOL yea, I was just trying my luck, no harm done
        nobody cares what moss green is when you're sweating it out in the gym anyway haha

    • I got mine at Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD. Can I swap colour in another store for a try?

      • Good work, I got mine at the exact same store,
        the staffs there all knew about it and outright refused saying it was website pricing error.

        Good luck if you're trying at another store! : )

  • Bought asap an hour after OP posted.. thanks! 1x delivery 1x C&C but collected both eitherway. Straight swapped both to black, no questions asked. Cheers OP.

  • +5

    Bruh facebook market is inflated with this now! they are selling for $200 man!!! mean while I cant get any

    • Lol…..true..saw so many on FB

  • got 2 pair guys thanks op

  • +1

    Do people think delivery orders will be honoured?

  • Scalpers gonna scalp

  • Wife and I got one each. Thank you OP. We ordered a few hours ago.

    • +2

      Then vote plus the deal?

      • I’m quite new to this. All done, apologies.

  • +3

    I paid $349 for these just after xmas. Those who got them today at this price have done well!

  • The only time I sleep in my life and miss a deal. Never sleeping again!

    • This deal last 4 hours

    • +3

      I quite like it in person. Gold of gold-y.

  • Picked up from Hoppers Crossing. No luck with color swap…. Staff told other colors are not on sale 😔

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