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Beats Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones (Moss) $99 (Was $249) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Power beats pro moss only $99 from $349 with code 92457748989

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  • Totally fine with the green, first choice would've been the blue personally; looks smart.

    And since little to no-one will be seeing me wearing these anyway (at-home workouts, lone open-road bike rides) I'm not worried about what people think of the colour. Cheers OP.

  • apparently beats is the most imitated product - most take offs made of it.

  • +5

    Whoever this and this - expose yourself xD

    • +4

      someone should act like they wana buy it, go meet him, take a picture of his face and post it online.

    • Yeah, had a guy on here trying to sell them to me.

      I mean how stupid must they be on a bargain website? They must be stupid to think the ROCKETSWITCH will fall for their shit?

  • Thanks OP for posting this, got one! Changed to navy. Cheers

    • Nice, was it dark or light navy? might get it over black

  • Interested to know from those who picked up their moss green coloured pair - do you dig it?

    I know a number of people here have swapped to other colours but the Moss is growing on me as something a bit different but not standing out too much.


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      Yep. I actually like it once I got over the horrible name.

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      "Moss is growing on me"

      That doesn't sound good, you should get that checked out

      • Bahaha! 😹

  • some @rse hole bought 6 of them to put on ebay lol https://bit.ly/3aXE0kK

    • Damn leeches

    • bruh so annoying! people are selling them for $200+ on fb

      • +2

        Why are you annoyed? JB Hi-Fi sold them for $99 accidentally and didn't realise you could stack codes. They stopped it like 3 hours after deal went off. So this was based on time and not stock. So you can't say you missed out because of it.

        The only reason why I can see that you're annoyed is because they're making a profit and you're not.

        But all they've done is made the headphones cheaper on gumtree and Facebook which seems to be a win win situation.

  • If there selling them at this price, i am assuming we are going to get powerbeats pro 2 or something soon. I love my powerbeats pro. so would like to have got a pair at this price to put away for when mine finally give in. Oh well, ill just keep my eye out. I paid 349 for mine when they first came out.

  • I placed the order online with courier delivery. The store was told to not honor delivery until the head department sorts the issue out. Even the delivery company was surprised as they actually went to the store to collect. Lets see if JB Hi Fi honors the online orders. The order has not yet been cancelled. Anyone who click and collected this got theirs so far.

    • Can confirm I ordered online yesterday and collected this morning in store.

      • Also picked up this morning and I was able to swap with over to the black version.

    • Mine is ready for courier pickup

      • I hope your store gives it to the courier , mine denied to hand it over to courier

        • Onboard for delivery this morning

        • And now delivered and charging. It's quite the chunky case!

          • @atlas: And heavy!

            • @fookos: Means review I saw before was right can hold no more than hr on ear and decided not to buy

              • @hurr1cane: Definitely goes well beyond an hour on ear. Sound is pretty good too.

                Nice to have a headphone built to integrate to the apple ecosystem.

    • i already got the delivery dispatch emails. i bought two one for me one for family member. non of that reseller shit

    • +1

      I'm making an update. The store said they will honor the deal and arrange delivery. Felling much better now

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    Picked mine up this morning and won't power on at all :(

    • See if u can lodge a repair with apple directly with the sales receipt instead of jb hifi. If not, wait a week or two before returning for repair, else they may just give you money back.

    • +1

      same thing happen to me

      you got to let them charge for a good bit

      what i did is plug them into my computer

      then go to the beats updater website (should shwo 0% battery)

      and update them and then they worked

    • Had no power when I open it, had to charge the case 10-15 before it power up

    • let it charge, i picked mine up at and wanted to use it on the bus but looks like these have been sitting long enough to complete be flat

    • Gave mine to my son this morning for his birthday and the left one would not charge .
      They both paired with the app but it just sat at 0% charge .
      Took them back to JB this morning and unbelievably they had 5 Moss in stock so we got a replacement pair .
      The new pair work fine and both came out of the box with ~65%charge .
      Happy with JB service but I will continue to be dubious of Apple overpriced products .

  • Cracker headphones thanks OP

    • What colour did you end up with?

      I picked mine up on the way through, just after the store opened. I was in a hurry so I took the moss without asking about colour change. Didn't have time to query.

      Looks quite smart in some of the promo pics - almost olive in tone. Will open in the office tomorrow, and pop 'em on charge.

  • I've received nothing further since order confirmation. Monday was a public holiday up here in QLD so they weren't open. Hoping they honour the order.

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      I'm in the same boat as you. If only one of us gets it went to share an ear piece each? Or set up some kind of headphone custody?

      • Who gets to choose the music? I hope you don't mind rammstein blasting at work.

    • I'm in NSW, received the shipping confirmation yesterday but it was only 'Shipping information approved by Australia Post'. An hour ago it was updated and has been picked up and is at the next facility, so mine is definitely being sent. Good luck, yours should be dispatched soon.

      • I opted for click and collect. I guess we'll wait and see. Not gonna be too happy if they shaft us northerners.

  • I picked up mine, they didn’t swap the colour.
    Anyone in NSW had success swapping the colour? If yes, location please? Can I swap it from a store I didn’t buy?

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      Colour actually is pretty good on :)

      • You reckon? I have opened the box yet with hopes that I could swap the colour..

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    How are people finding the earphones?

    I think they work quite well as sport/workout earphones, but I wouldn't be reaching for them for relaxed listening at home. The sound quality is pretty average imo. Much prefer my WF-1000XM3 but for $99 will keep them for the occasional jog.

    • I agree after replacing the faulty ones we received the actual listening experience is really quite tinny sounding ,
      Comparered to a cheapish wired tin hifi 2's they sound pretty cheap .

  • Well everyone. After hearing nothing on my click and collect. I've called the store in Brisbane CBD. Just been told that they've been directed by head office not to honour it.

    • Which store? Albert st honoured it and changed colour too. Picked it up today

      • Macarthur Central (Queen St)

        • Unlucky! I was going to order there originally

          • +1

            @Local Bogan: And all of a sudden they've decided to honour it. Strange.

            • @Wafflel: JB is like that, usually, the manager loses a few brain cells at the loss. Then regains them in good faith.

  • Just stopping by to thank OP. Great deal for a pair of jogging headphones.

    My first pair didn’t work. Local JB did a swap yesterday without too much hassle. Just had to show I knew about troubleshooting and had given everything a go.

    Second pair works fine and will do the trick.

    To be honest, though, not sure how these would ever be considered worth $350.

    • My pleasure

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