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[Switch] Final Fantasy Sale e.g. FF VII $11.97/FF VIII Rem. $14.97/FF IX $15.97/FF XII Zodiac $39.97 + more - Nintendo eShop


Great prices for some Final Fantasy games on the Switch. VII and VIII are regarded as the best games by many people but of course it all depends on your taste and is subjective.

FF VIII Remastered: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000019035

FF IX: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000010581

FF XII: The Zodiac Age: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000009745


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  • See…. the issue is…. I need a switch :( #frugallife.

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      Cost aside, probably the easier one to get out of the three.

    • +1

      it looks like they're all on-sale on Steam too, if you're happy to play on PC

      • I need to work how how to pass the time on the train and the bus :( Dont want to use my phone battery since I save $7 on myki to not buy a full ticket. hehe im super stingy…

        • +6

          Dont want to use my phone battery since I save $7 on myki to not buy a full ticket.

          What does this sentence mean?

        • +2

          Dude just get a powerbank and use your phone! But also “Fantasian” just came out on apple arcade. Only played a little but it looks amazing. The FF creators going back to their roots and making a turn-based rpg from the ground up. Nobuo Uematsu even did the whole soundtrack!

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    Trials Of Mana is an all time low price too.

  • I have FF7 PS1 classic on PS4 along with the Remake. Is there any reason to get FF7 on switch about it being portable? I could get it on PS Vista one day too if I wanted it portable

    • Come its FF7. I have original PS1 PS3 and steam.

      Considering switch because Buster sword

      • Hahahah but is there any difference?

        • +2

          Nope, just paid 3 times for the same damn game lol

    • Vita version will be the original, PS4/Switch versions have added luxuries like a 3x speed mode, instant limit break button and stuff for if you want to speed things up.
      I found the 3x speed super nice for grinding before fighting the Weapons for example.

      • Thanks
        Since I already have it on PS4 might skip getting in on switch then seeing it’s the same

  • PC version of FF7 and FF9 are awesome with the AI-upscaled background mods. Remako for ff7 and Moguri for ff9. Moguri is so fkn good. Google it to believe!

    • Remako mod has been discontinued. Have a look for the SYW mod instead.

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