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Arlec 4 Outlet Powerboard with Overload Protection $2.48 @ Bunnings


Noticed these power boards are $2.48 each at Bunnings, Bankstown Airport (NSW). They had several in stock. Thought it was a good price for a known brand.

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    Isn't that the standard price?


      Yeah i think it is

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    6 socket for $4. I'm tending to only buy 6 socket boards these days, because the moment your plug in a DC adapter it more often than not blocks the adjoining plug anyway.

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    Yes, Arlec are a known brand. Whether they’re a good brand is another thing altogether…


      Fortunately, they are EMC (C-Tick) compliant, so at the very least, they will be safe.

      As for for long jevity, I guess for a few dollars it doesn't really matter as long as they are safe.

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      To be able to retail for that price, you can be sure that they are made of the absolute minimum of everything inside. All it takes is for the contacts to become a little loose and your house burns down.


        All it takes is for the contacts to become a little loose and your house burns down.

        Curious, which contact points are we referring to here that will burn your house down when they get loose?


          The metal fingers in the sockets that the prongs of power plugs push into. You'll have seen several people here comment that their sockets were loose from new, and one that said sparks came from the sockets. These cheap power boards are a house fire waiting to happen.

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    These are pretty poorly constructed. I've found at times plugs fall out by themselves.

    Okay if you're plugging something in and leaving, but if in constant use I'd get something else.


    Arlec used to be a good brand, now they are the standard crap coming out of China…

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    Honestly, if the bright yellow doesn't put you off, look into the PlugBOSS Range.

    They are splash proof (which can be relevant in a kitchen or lounge), the sockets are spaced for DC bricks, and I've had more than 10 of them I've tested, and all the sockets are 'equal' secure, but not hard to insert.

    Something about that range is just well made;
    Well above this price point, but still, hovers around the $15 mark depending on sales and such.

    And if you go up to $29, there's a 700joule protected version

    As a self confessed electronics nerd, I'm probably 'checking' and re-plugging my boards more often than most, they're never loose, and they feel like you could run them over with a ute.


      These look pretty good, thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to replace all my ones with these since reading through this thread has got me worried about my really old (and cheap) power boards. These aren't too expensive either.