This was posted 5 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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½ Price 4kg BBQ Heat Beads / $4.98 @ Coles / $4.97 @ Woolworths


Photo taken at Coles Coburg today, but definitely on sale at all Coles Vic stores. Haven't been able to confirm if it's nationwide, but a few interstate stores suggested stock arriving tomorrow (unsure of price). No idea why the photo shows 40% off lol, as it's definitely meant to show 50%. Works out at $1.24 per kg. If you're thinking of pricebeat with Bunnings, they sell only 7.5kg bags at $13.65 so unfortunately no go. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

EDIT: Same price at Woolworths but again can't confirm if it's national (thanks to Tg147).

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    Have a lot of bags at North rock NSW

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      Thanks for confirming. So possibly nationwide then :)

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    Can confirm same price at Lalor,VIC

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    Missed the BBQ season by that much … … .

    • Not if you're of the orthodox persuasion, my friend, you'd be right on time today.

      • Does Orthodox Easter involve barbecuing?

        • Of course, and souvlaki if you're lucky!

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    Not good at all. Need the actual hard charcoal ones which burns longer.

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      What are you on about, these last longer than most heat beads and certainly much longer than charcoal.

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      Charcoal burns hotter, not longer. Imho…

    • I use these for 18+ hr cooks all the time with no issues, and when I use charcoal nobody can tell the difference. Maybe that's because they're made of, you know, charcoal.

      • Heat beads are made from coal.

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    i prefer lump charcoal, give it a try.

    • Lump burns hot and fast, not for everyone imo.

    • It smells good too.

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    Same price at Woolworths.

    • Thanks. Added to title & OP :)

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    These have slowly been going up in price. I ever not to long ago the "1/2 price" offer was $4.00 then last year it was $4.50, now it looks like $5.00 is the new price.

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    same at craigieburn

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    These are on sale due to Ramadan, every year as we approach Eid families would BBQ a lot of their meals

    • Why BBQ during Eid?

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      Most asian/middle eastern bbq would prefer lump wood charcoal, charcoal briquettes.

      That heatbead stuff is nasty, no one likes creosote on their food.

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        1. Burning any type of wood or wood product creates creosote

        2. If you meant lighter fluid, only the quick start ones have lighter fluid, the normal ones don’t

        • Wood product yes, but I'm not saying to bbq using wood. If you do, you get a bunch of different elements coming out burning wood.

          Charcoal has already gone the process of carbonisation most of it has been released.

          I don't even bother using fire lighter, just a charcoal starter and light some mangrove charcoal it it starts within 2 mins, then throw your charcoal briquettes on top. Mangrove charcoal will bring it up 400c easy

          • @supaderp: Heat beads release less creosote than charcoal. And that mangrove charcoal is cheap and nasty and burns way too fast and too much smoke.

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        Aren't these briquettes?

        • Named as bbq briquettes, not charcoal briquettes.

          There are good brands like firebrand who most bbq'ers stick and swear by.

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        Heat beads are made from charcoal and high purity mineral carbon.

        Username checks out.

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          High purity mineral carbon? Basically just described quartz and diamond.
          Brown coal, Joylon Palmer :L

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            @supaderp: You mean graphite and diamond. Quartz is silica (silicon dioxide crystal)

    • Yes, we are entering the last 10 days of ramadan. The specials on things like bbq needs, soft drinks and juices usually drop below christmas / easter levels for the week before eid.

    • Also orthodox Easter today

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    Sad no WA :(

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    Thanks TA, going to stock up for winter for the pizza oven and smoker!

  • Being from South Africa we mainly use wood but so far the wood I got smells a bit bad.. any advice on something good?

    But i did grab around 10 bags of these to use when I don't have wood

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          Microwaving in a plastic dish next to a cellphone tower while receiving the MMR vaccine.

          Oh wait…

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            @afoveht: What's the mmr vaccine got to do with ill health?

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      Lump charcoal

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    Im all stocked up! Picked up 5, 20kg bags for $5 each!

    • That's for like 2 bbq's :)

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    40% off as its 1c less then 50%

  • Anyone find any in Sydney south west?

    • Bass Hill Woolworths had a few pallet on Friday.

      • Thanks Richard. I’ll drop through today

        • Also available at Coles Casula.

  • If you're thinking of pricebeat with Bunnings, they sell only 7.5kg bags( at $13.65 so unfortunately no go

    Give it a day imo, they've done it before.

    Considering Woolies is doing the deal too it'd be very un-Bunnings for them not to match.

  • about the price they should be

  • Why is everyone buying it?

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      Oh I don't know. Maybe they want to BBQ something using BBQ heat beads. I could be wrong though.

    • I believe it’s only on sale once a year.
      Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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    Went to my local Woolies and Coles in Melbourne (next to each other and I happened to be passing by) and they both had them at the normal price on the shelf. As I went to Coles second I did a price check and it came as $4.98 so bought a bag. Thanks TA - all set for roast lamb on the weber for Mother's day

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    Can you use the heat beads to warm the house?

    • yes just don't put them in your bed

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      Serious question ?

    • Yes, it's a good way to make your own hot house.

    • Lately seen many people buying this heat beads a lot and was wondering what else can you use this for.

  • Woolies have them online for the sale price. Just went to woolies down the road and picked up a few bags. Nice Save. Thanks OP

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    Adelaide update, according to shelf price:

    Woolworths $1 off, only a few bags on shelf

    Coles normal price, only a few bags on shelf

    • Same for my local shops in WA.

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    Thanks, picked up a few bags to go with my weber kettle bought from recent Kogan's deal.

    I hope Bunnings will put red gum hardwood for sale too… very good for a chill out campfire :)

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    Not available in WA if anyone was looking. Coles is full price, Woolies current on special for $8.95.