This was posted 1 year 3 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Castrol Edge Engine Oil 5W-30 5L $24.99 in-Store Only @ Autobarn


Limit of 2 per customer, not valid online (in store only).

Some additional deals can be found in their new catalogue here

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    Combine this with SCA price beat and the club plus loyality discount to get 5% plus a $9 of the Total price off

    Works out to be around $14.75

    • How did you get additional $9 off?

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        Subscribe to their club plus membership with a new account for $1, and get $10 loyalty credit

    • Still unsure what you meant by 5% discount. I am SCA member but never get 5% disc. Is it a new one ?

      • No it's their price beat promise.

        Never mind website doesn't state 5% so they may simple discount it UPTO 5 cents

        Omg I'm sorry

        But last time I got something price beat they beated it by 5 percent but that item wasn't like this cheap too

        • Oh ok

  • try to price match with Supercheap auto online. They wont as they claimed they wont price match in store only.
    So you will have to go a physical Supercheap auto store to price match.

    • Went into a SCA a min ago. They won't price beat in store only

      • So did they price matched or did they not?

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        What a false promise from SCA then. It is not a clearance item, etc, just in store sale.

        • Yes their price beat promise clearly states

          either in store or online

          • @USER DC: "The product price must not be part of a closing down sale, liquidation sale, wholesale offer or commercial quantities." Which I believe the item at Autobarn is excluded from it.

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              @yht: Closing down autobarn ??? No

              Liquidation sale —- Maybe not really.

              Wholesale/commercial offer -clearly not when it is 2 max person

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          It is a false claim when they say they will beat a retailer's price either online OR in store.

          • @nico8amy: We can even buy it online and pick up from Autobarn rather than delivered (as part of promotion), I believe ? Sorry, I checked the catalogue, it is in store only, unable to be purchased online for C&C.

      • Odd, I went to 2 different stores and both price matched no problems.

        • Might be that store then. Will try my luck tmr. I didn't haggle cuz I had to go to work. Or probably SCA head office noticed the staff they can price beat it. Early birds like me in other comments got rejected too.

        • what store was this at?

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    Wow, insane value. Will try to match with SCA.

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    Got a price match with SCA online chat. They asked for catalogue link and if pick up or delivery. They confirmed could match for maximum of 2 with local pick up at my SCA store which is handy as I'm nowhere near an Autobarn. Got my coupon codes by email in 2 mins and all ordered. Joined the club for $1 and used the $10 credit. Also needed screenwash and tyre shine to get the discounted total over $50 so used the 8% discounted gift card from Suncorp/AAMI.

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      Tried the same but got denied on the premise that it's an in-store only promotion, bit odd with the inconsistency. Their price match policy says must be available be delivered within 7 days so I think that's why they denied on live chat. Should work fine matching in store though otherwise.

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        Same online chat lady denied for me

    • Never knew that have an online chat. Does the chat box popup on the bottom right or? Might be because of my ad blocker.

  • supercheap just recently opened up next door to autobarn near where i live at virginia in brisbane,win win for me,just got 2 from autobarn anyway!!
    plenty there

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    Thanks. Grabbed one

  • Used to be $30-35 every few months at Repco or SCA and this could have been the lowest ever? Wonder why…

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      It was $2 in the past by SCA, though pricing error, but they honoured them.

    • Many years ago I saw the 10L for $49 at Repco but haven't for awhile

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    Thanks OP!

    Managed to price beat for $0.50 with SCA.

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    Thanks OP, grabbed 2 from my local Autobarn.

    They only had 3 on the shelf when I was there and I was obviously the first to buy it this morning as their system still had it scanning at $72 they had to fix that up… They mentioned they were still setting up for the sale, so hopefully they've got more out the back otherwise there will be a lot of disappointed people if they only had 3 in stock.

    Also, I always feel bad going in to a store (especially one that isn't a big market leader like Supercheap) and only buying their obviously loss leader sale item… So I bought an air freshener too 😅

  • There's probably a pallet's worth in Autobarn Dural at about 9:45.

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    24.99 never saw this history bottom price… amazing must keep in 2

  • Is this suitable for an Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI Petrol ? I think its the right one but note sure ?

    • Yes.

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      you probably would want the VW 507 grade 5W30 which has the long-life LL code if you're following your service schedule and changing ~12 months. This is VW 503 grade A3/B4

    • As above you need 5w-30 LL that is not often on special.

      • Thanks. Ill skip this deal then and keep my eye out for LL. The 2.0 TFSI engine form a year back burns oil. It needs to be topped up every 4-5000 Kms. Nomrally the Mrs takes it to the local guy everytime the oild light come up and tops its up - he charges her about $30. So I just thoughts Id save a few bucks and keep a couple bottles handy. But if I need the LL grade then Ill wait to see if that goes on sale.

    • It will do get 2 bottles.

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    Great price but wish it was available online.

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    Legend! Just got two, in time for a oil change. :)

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    Thanks OP picked up 2. Can confirm Enogerra QLD has a whole heap as soon as you walk into the store. New catalogue coming out price will be $70+ per bottle.

  • Got it for$15.99 (in store price match + Club membership loyalty credit)@SCA Everton Park. Thanks OP.

    • Should be cheaper, SCA doesnt price match it price beats.

      Should be $15.49 if they/you did the job of price beating properly.

  • What do you home oil changers do with the old oil, where do you dispose it?
    What do you use to store it?

  • Great price if I would change the oil by myself, I know lots us do. But I pay $50 per change for the labour, no mass for me, + a computer reset, + a workshop stamp on the logbook. Works out cheaper for my VW using the edge long life about $50 bottle (when on special), change interval 15000km, this bottle interval 10000 km.

    e.g on 30000 kms, oil+labour+filter ($10 in example) price

    Edge LL = 50x2 + 50x2 + 10x2 = 220
    Edge A3/B4 = 25x3 + 50x3 + 10x3 = 255

    So looks like I shouldn't be getting these.

    • From a mechanic friend? That's a very low price for labour, most mechanics charge $150 for a basic oil change.

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        yes, don't know their walk in price, probably 100 if BYO.

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          Yeah okay, definitely hang on to that friend!

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        Agree, 1-Bargain is very fortunate to have access to low price oil change. Definitely not the norm these days.

    • Do Edge LL and Edge A3/B4 actually have different drain intervals? LL just had a some extra certification from BMW Merc etc - I've always thought they have the same drain intervals

      • I am not sure of the drain intervals and I think you are right on there are no differences they should be both fit for 15000km interval.
        The garage says no problems if I use A3/B4, good oil for my car, they just put next service on the windscreen sticker +10000km.
        Recommended the LL as my logbook states the oil change service as QI4 - after 15000km (QI3 is the 10000kms)
        So says the Castrol Website, matched my car to the LL

        • Yeah that makes sense. LL has a couple more extra certifications for European manufacturers but it is otherwise the same thing as A3/B4 for people who aren't too concerned with the certifications.

  • +1

    Havent visited autobarn in the town. I normally go to SPA.

    But this deal was great though I still have another 7000km to change the oil.

    Never realized it was ticked parking only right next to the shop. So I paid $80 fine. Total $104.99 spent.
    Life truly sucks..

    • A small price to pay for salvation - Thanos

  • Still plenty left (an almost full pallet) at caroline springs autobarn as of 2.30pm.

  • Spoke to SuperCheap chat agent "Erin". Sent the catalog link. I was told it is an in-store offer so I should go in-store and as per policy they should price match. I'll go and hassle SCA store folks tomorrow.

    • +1

      It was ‘Erin’ who approved mine this morning on live chat. Picked up via click and collect.

      • Goodonya mate.

  • My new car is running on 0w20 , can I use this oil ??

    • absolutely not, 5w30 is way more viscous than 0w20.

    • Mine uses 10W 30 / 10W 40
      or 15 W 30 / 15W 40

      But i think taking it to 5W would not be worse for my old car

      • Generally people go up a grade with a worn engine, not down.
        I would stick with manufacturer's recommendations unless its using a lot of oil.
        Too thin and you could easily have problems.

        • The word Manufacturer's is so confusing first of all.

          So for a holden barina who would you say is the manufacturer ? HOLDEN or OPEL???

          because the holden owner's manual says 10W 30 / 10W 40 or 15W 30 / 15W 40 being AUSTRALIAN
          However the same engine, in Europe would have different oil recommendation. 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-30, 10W-40 Link
          Even Gregory/haynes manual would also not say 15W but somehow holden, SCA, repco etc. in australia say 15W suits for your vehicle

          But castrol website would have this recommendation

          So one can never really be 100% sure what oil goes in what car, different people/companies just seem to make up numbers i guess

          • @USER DC: Definitely go with the Holden data.
            Ambient temperatures have a lot to do with assigning oil weights. European versions must cope with freezing starts.

      • Going from 10W-30 to 5W-30 will be absolutely fine. The second number is the viscosity at operating temperature - you'll note they are both the same. The second number is the cold start viscosity - the lower the better here as oil is more viscous when cold, so you want an oil that is as thin as possible when cold to speed up oil flow through the engine.

        • "you want an oil that is as thin as possible when cold to speed up oil flow through the engine" I don't really agree with this point.
          You want oils that flow quickly at startup AND protect and lubricate appropriately.
          Oil channels, bearings and clearances are set, expecting a certain viscosity and weight. Too thin and you don't get enough lubrication. Too thin with an older motor and you risk excessive burning.
          A lower weight will work, but I don't think its ideal.

          • @King Tightarse: You're missing the point here, the first number 'XW' is the viscosity of the oil when cold, the second '-XX' is the operating temp viscosity, and they are in no way related. A 0W-XX oil has much higher viscosity at 20°C than a XW-60 oil has at 100°C:


            0W-30 @ 20°C = 142 mPa.s
            10W-60 @ 100°C = 19 mPa.s

            All oils are too viscous when cold to provide sufficient hydrodynamic lubrication%20lubricant)

            When your oil is cold, oil pressure is high but oil flow is low. Your engine is experiencing what's known as 'boundary lubrication' or 'mixed lubrication' which is when an oil film is unable to form between the metal surfaces:


            Here you are relying on the oils antiwear additives such as zinc or moly acting as a 'boundary layer' to reduce metal wear.

            So needless to say, the less viscous an oil is when cold, the quicker it can form an oil film (hydrodynamic lubrication) between engine parts than a more viscous oil can. Conversely, due to 'Viscosity Index Improvers' a oil that has a relatively low viscosity when cold (say, 0W-XX) can maintain good hydrodynamic lubrication when hot. This is what 'Multigrade' oils are all about - as thin as possible when cold to speed up oil film formation, but sufficiently viscous when hot to maintain that oil film.

            • @Dogsrule: Yes I am completely aware of the temperature ratings

              • @King Tightarse: Then you are aware that a 5W-30 oil is the same viscosity at operating temp as a 10W-30, and both are too viscous when cold to fit between those oil channels, bearings and clearances. The only difference is the 5W-30 will start to form an oil film between those surfaces sooner than the 10W-30, reducing cold start wear while providing the same lubrication at operating temp as the 10W-30.

                • @Dogsrule: Yes but it isn't when it is cold, that's the point and those tolerances are set for and expecting 10W-30 at Australian cold starting temperature ranges, not 5W-30
                  If the engineers at Holden intended 5W-30, they would have included it in the specs. Of couse you can use it, you can use sewing machine oil if you want but its out of the suggested range.
                  Anyway, me I really don't want to have an endless talk about oils.
                  I am sticking to manufacturer's, specs.

                  • @King Tightarse: "Yes but it isn't when it is cold, that's the point and those tolerances are set for and expecting 10W-30 at Australian cold starting temperature ranges, not 5W-30."

                    More likely that 5W-30 was not readily/cheaply available in Aus back then and the dealers/Holden didn't want to swallow the cost, 10W-30 being an acceptable compromise. Modern synthetic 5W-30 is better in every way than the dino 10W-30 they specced back then, time moves on.

                    "If the engineers at Holden intended 5W-30, they would have included it in the specs. Of couse you can use it, you can use sewing machine oil if you want but its out of the suggested range."

                    You make the mistake of believing that your goals and the manufacturers goals are aligned, and also that technology does not advance over time. We're talking about Holden here - they were all about cheap service costs as they knew their customer base. As an example, older Holdens specced API SJ oils when API SL had been around for a while. You'd be a fool to use API SJ these days, SN is quite superior.

                    "Anyway, me I really don't want to have an endless talk about oils."

                    Well this is an oil deal, what else are you going to talk about here, and why the unsolicited reply to me then?

                    • @Dogsrule: Hmmm, so who should I believe?
                      You, random internet guy, who 'reckons' he knows better than the engineers at Holden who set the specifications and wrote the manual.
                      Or the actual engineers at Holden who set the specifications and wrote the manual.
                      Decisions, decisions…
                      Only kidding, you do make a reasonable point but we have talked about it more than I care about the subject, so I will leave it there.

                      • @King Tightarse: "Hmmm, so who should I believe?"

                        You can believe whomever and whatever you like, but remember, you replied to me. I'm an electrical engineer by day and an amateur tribologist by night - I can talk about oil all day long, and if somebody prompts me, I will!

                        But yes, we'll leave it at that.

                        • +1

                          @Dogsrule: Grateful for your input re: using this oil for the 3 vehicles in my household. All 3 were using mech-supplied Anglomoil Roadmaster 200 10W-40 before I started providing him with Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 two years ago.

                          Vehicle A was built in 2005 and is dual fuel i.e. petrol and LPG. Close to 200,000km. No noticeable leaks or oil consumption. Owner's manual states 10W-40 is good from -25 to beyond 50 degrees Celsius. 5W-30 is good from below -25 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius and "can only be used if (it meets) ACEA A3 and API SG (or higher) specifications".

                          Vehicle B was built in 2004 and is petrol only. More than 175,000km. Front cam/crank seal leak - will sort out at the 200,000km major service. AFAIK it used to drip onto the garage floor, but no longer since switching to Magnatec (although it may also be due to the vehicle being driven less often at the moment). Owner's manual states 10W-40 is good from -25 to beyond 50 degrees Celsius. 5W-30 is good from below -35 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius and "can only be used if (it meets) ACEA A3 and API SG (or higher) specifications".

                          Vehicle C was built in 2005 and is petrol only. Close to 140,000km. No noticeable leaks or oil consumption. Don't have the owner's manual with me so I can't state the requirements re: ACEA and API etc., but it states 10W-40 is good from below -25 to beyond 45 degrees Celsius. 5W-30 is good from below -30 degrees to beyond 40 degrees Celsius.

                          Both Castrol's Rego2Oil and New Oil Selector web site recommends this Edge 5W-30 A3/B4 for all 3 vehicles. But given I only change oil annually, and Sydney's summer temperatures, would you recommend I only use this Edge 5W-30 A3/B4 only for Vehicle C, and then also for Vehicle B once the leak has been fixed?

                          • +1

                            @dazeet: Quite honestly, both the 10W-40 and the 5W-30 will be fine for all of your cars, but you'll get slightly better fuel economy and less cold start wear with the 5W-30 though. Will you notice the difference? Maybe, maybe not, but with how cheap good 5W30 synthetics are these days (this deal for example) there's no reason not to run it unless your engine is burning lots of oil.

                            I ran this oil alongside others in a 2000 Camry V6 until I sold it with 350K on the odo running perfectly, no oil consumption or anything. My current car, a 2010 Prius bought new has also been run on a steady diet of modestly priced 5W-30 synthetic oil and is currently at 325K and also running perfectly.

                            Go for it I say!

                            • +1

                              @Dogsrule: Thanks Dogsrule - sounds great!

                              Will have a go and see what happens :)

    • What car do you have? Make/model/year?

    • my car ('14 subaru) asks for 0w20 but also says you can use 5w30 whch i have been doing for the past few years

      • This vs Penrite Pro 5? I prefer Penrite as it's higher quality than castrol imo.

        • castrol edge has elevated levels of zinc (IIRC) which means less engine wear (about 200ppm more than Castrol Magnatec).

          i can't comment on Penrite Pro 5 never used it or looked into it - would be cool to find out how much zinc ppm it contains.

  • +3

    Went to my local SCA and asked the to do price beat and show him the Autobarn catalogue, without hassle, he beat it by 5% for 2 bottles for $24.49 each. Nice.

  • Just picked up 2 from Dural autobarn, they have a ton left, and told me to buy as much as I want.

  • +1

    got 2, thanks op.

  • +1

    So handy, thanks OP

  • Got I price beaten @ $24.49 from SCA (Just took the printed paper catalogue from AUTOBARN to them), and that too only payed $14.49+ $1 club membership fee for

  • +1

    Just did my oil and filter change because of this and was coming close to having to do one. Cheers!

  • +1

    Bought 2 from Auburn Autobarn.
    They had heaps there.

  • +1

    Picked 2 up at my local Autobarn, thanks OP.

  • Picked 2 of these up today from Camberwell after the Chadstone store being out of stock, staff at both stores said they were flying off the shelves.

  • Went to my local Caringbah. Could only buy 2. Frustrating when they do enforce the 2 limit when there’s a couple pallets stacked up, and you read here other stores don’t care re the limit. I only wanted 10 lol

    • 10 ???? Now you're being reckless :-)

      • -1

        Seems to me that either he's trying to use that oil in a truck's enigne or running to sell the oil for profit

        • -1

          No point in selling this for profit. Anyone who would Buy this would use this for diy changes, thus saving money. We all know only to stock up when the main shops have these big discounts hence why I’m after 10. When we own 4 cars and 2 of them are track cars I would be changing the oil more regularly hence after 10.

  • +1

    Grabbed two at Autobarn Gympie and got Israel from the Supercheap Auto online chat to price match for in store, too. Thanks OP!

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