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50% Bonus Trade Credit for Games & Accessories (+ Your EB World Bonus) @ EB Games


Received via email and expires on Sunday.

(Excludes hardware and not to be combined with any other offer)

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  • So basically you can't use the trade-in deal offers like 2 games + $29/39/49 or like the trade-in a Joy-con par/Dualshock 4 + $64 or $69 towards Zelda SS Joy-cons or Dualsense.

    Anyway, it's a great offer if you have a bunch of pre-owned games you wanna get rid off.

  • Silly question, but do controllers count as accessories rather than hardware?

    • Yes. Hardware refers to consoles.

    • Hardware = Consoles/PCs/Phones/Tablets.

      A controller is considered an accessory

      • *to eb.

    • fantastic thanks!

    • +1

      Also curious if Playstation VR headsets come under accessories or hardware…

      • i checked today in store, comes under hardware :(

  • +11

    I just made use of this deal this morning.
    Actually managed to "profit" off some of the things I bought brand new that were posted here.
    Keep in mind I have the level 4 bonus trade in value which stacks with this deal.

    Switch Pro controller - Paid $39 , Traded in for $42.50
    Warhammer 40k mechanic - Paid $5, traded in for $15.30
    Super mario 3D world - Paid $39, Traded in for $51
    Spiderman Miles morales PS5 - Paid $29 ($39 Ebay Tuesday deal + $10 off code), Traded in for $52.70

    Plus a copy of hades I got for free but that wasn't part of a deal here.

    • +3

      Are those the trade price excluding your lvl 4 bonus ? But including the 50%?

      • +3

        No, they're including the level 4 bonus.

        Edit: Receipt

    • How long does it take you to be level 4? It seems like a long journey for me as I don't purchase from EB often.

      • +2

        I got it within 12 months from buying pre-owned almost exclusively (they give more carrots for pre-owned purchases)
        At the standard rate, level 4 via pre-owned costs only $4750 without including the carrots you get (2 per $1) when trading it.

        Granted I had a lot more money back then than I do now and I was a lot dumb with my spending.
        But with careful planning, you can get level 4 fairly easily. Hell, I know a few people who got it by just having friends and family use the card when they purchased stuff from ebgames.

        • Thanks mate!

    • One question: when you trade in a large amount of stuffs like that, you must spend the credit at the same time? I have bunch of stuffs to get off my I don't have anything to buy.

      • +2

        To make a large trade in with no idea of what you want to buy, just talk to the person at the counter and say "I'll put it on pre-orders and when I can think of something I want to buy, I'll come in and move the money off those"
        that is what I did with some $XXX and $X,XXX trade ins I've done of the years.

      • +1

        No, you usually get gift cards (unless you request for it to be put towards something).

        In fact, earlier this year you get the same amount regardless of gift card or cash (now it's 30% less if I recall). I made a bunch during that time.

        • I went in and they gave me the full amount in cash. I was floored.

  • +3

    What if you traded in a large amount of games recently, could I use the zero regrets policy to buy them back and trade them back in this week? Feels like I've been shafted here.

    • yes technically you can. Not sure how happy the staff would be…

      • +2

        Just buy them back and go to a different store.

      • -1

        I mean this is an insane deal if you've signed up to be a member this week, long time EB world members have been given the stick here if you traded before this in my opinion… how happy would members be if they saw this after a trade-in

        • Its even better for long time members.
          The level bonuses stack on this deal (which in my case as level 4 is 20% extra!!!) so its huge.
          I'd take full advantage off the zero regrets policy if I were you. And if you've got another nearby store, like SnowDragon suggested, trade them in at another nearby store.

          • +1

            @electrode: Yes, I think I'll do just that, a bit more effort but worth it. Thanks for the help guys.

        • +1

          don't understand your logic. how did long time members get the stick? it's not like the deal is only for new members.
          if you traded before this deal, it is what it is. no different to buying something only to find it on sale a few days after.

    • You can, but the game you traded in must be in stock at the store you are going to. If you can't find it there, then you'll have to go to another store that stocks them. Not much hassle for common games, but a big hassle for AAA rare games, as they get moved around a lot.

    • +4

      I traded in AC Valhalla and Cyberpunk last week for around $71.5, I went to EB games today and told them that I recently traded in games which I'll buy again and trade them back in. Without any questions the salesperson directly gave me credit of around $24 over the $71.5 I got earlier.

      So shouldn't be a problem.

      • Interesting. I'm guessing you said "I traded cyberpunk last week. Can I buy it back and immediately sell it back to you guys?"

        • +1

          Yep, did this for both AC Valhalla and Cyberpunk. I first confirmed over the phone and then went into the store.

  • Looks like I may make more off some games doing this than I would on FB, eBay etc…

    • +1

      But's cash in hand vs store credit too which I imagine would be a consideration.

      • Figured I'd just throw down whatever is there on a PS5 deposit.

        • You can't pre-order a PS5 at the moment with EB Games, they have to finish to fulfill all the pending orders and after that they will start taking pre-orders again.

      • You can get cash in hand for trade ins from eb games in Victoria. Did it today.

  • -2

    Hmm got some red switch joy cons with the left suffering from drift, because of course it is, wonder if they will trade those?

    • +3

      Nice way to screw over anyone buying them later. Probably some kid or parent who can't afford to buy them new.

      Don't be a dick. Send them to Nintendo for repair FIRST. If you have to wait for the next deal then so be it.

      • +1

        Nice way to assume I wouldnt tell them.. Thats precisely what I was asking, will they take them drifting, knowing its drifting. Little Mr Negative.. EB fixes them themselves.

        • +1

          Fair enough. Not my neg.

          • +3

            @justtoreply: They dont just throw them back on the shelf. They go up to Brisbane where they have a reboot workshop where they get tested and refurbished.

  • -1

    Any eb staff who can provide an idea of hardware trade value?

    Particularly ps3 move controllers / ps5 dual sense / Nintendo switch dock

  • +1

    Is there a list of trade in values on EB?

    I know I can call them ask if list exists and value of games, but I don't know yet what I want to trade in yet without bothering them by going through my entire game collection.

    • I've never been able to get them to quote over the phone, it's always "Just bring your games in and we'll scan them to see what the system shows".

      • They generally do if you only ask for a couple or so at max.

        Would be counterproductive if they read out every game and its price while holding up a line in-store.

    • +2


      There's a list of what trade in games for EB dated from February. It may be altered slightly but it should still be accurate enough to use.

  • I know this sounds like a stupid question, but they give you store credit right? U don't have to purchase something the day U trade? I know I have had that in the past somewhere.

    • +1

      Just put your trade value on a preorder ages away and you can just take the money off that when you want to buy something in the future

    • +2

      I believe it differs between states. In Victoria at least, you can either:

      • Buy something immediately in-store.
      • Buy a gift card for later.
      • Take cash, but at a 20% reduction.
    • They give it to you on a gift card đź‘Ť

  • So do they pay u cash, gift card or do u need to trade in for another game?

    • +1

      Looks like it's store credit, so to use it you'd need to buy something else at EB Games.

  • +1

    This is just the kick in the ass I need to finish P5Strikers by the weekend.

    It's only barely scratching that Persona itch since I absolutely hate the change to button mashy gameplay, and it's all been a drag to force myself through so far. Was always going to try and sell it off once done so now's as good a time as any I suppose.

    • +1

      I platinumed P5R last week and I'm also just getting in to P5Strikers. It's not a bad 'sequel' but the musou gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. It's not bad. The game is just paired down from the epicness of Royal.

      As for the post topic, it looks like EB Games are trying to get more preowned stock in for their inevitable SALE starting from this month most likely.

      • Probably not the best idea for me to be playing Royal side-by-side at the same time also (Finished the P5 original years ago but just picked up Royal during the current PSN sales for a replay)
        I forgot how awesome it was, made even better with all the new stuff..

        My opinion is biased as hell :P

  • +8

    Just traded a bunch of games.

    Borderlands 3 PS4 - $7 (Bonus 50% - $3.50)
    Assassin's Creed Valhalla PS5 - $28 (Bonus 50% - $14)

    Nintendo Switch games:

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - $27 (Bonus 50% - $13.50)
    Donkey Kong Country Freeze - $27 (Bonus 50% - $13.50)
    Crash Team Racing - $20 (Bonus 50% - $10)
    The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ - $17 (Bonus 50% - $8.50)
    Bayonetta 2 (No code) - $18 (Bonus 50% - $9)
    Animal Crossing: New Horizon - $30 (Bonus 50% - $15)
    Super Mario Maker 2 - $24 (Bonus 50% - $12)

    Total Trade-in Value - $198 (Bonus 50% - $99) = $297

    My level 3 membership bumped up the trade in bonus to 65%.

    Hope this helps

    • Do you know if they accept games without case? Or of they reduce the amount paid?

      • +1

        Might be reduced price. Give them a call first.

      • +1

        They deduct $2 (or $3?) per game without a case.

    • Can they pay cash?

    • Thanks for the info but my calculation tells me it's similar to the promotion "Trade 2 games for a new one cost $29"?

      Normal RRP for a new NS game is like $79-$89. $79-$29=$50 means in average $25 per traded game. The trade in value is higher than most of your games been traded in?

      Correct me if I am wrong…

  • +1

    Traded in some of my XB1 games and made a profit from previous deals. They even paid me as a refund to my debit card, win!

    • Which games and how much? im also on the XB platform

      • +1

        Fifa 21 Xbox One traded in at $43 for me ($28 base, $14 50% bonus and $4.20 EB level 3). Bought for $25 from eBay deal.

        Didn't get it refunded to CC though… that would've been even better.

  • For controller, do they accept faulty controller? Thanks

    • +3

      I mean… they don’t actually check if it’s working on-site. So you can but don’t do that.

      • Thank you for your reply.

    • +1

      They do and charge $3 as refurbishment fee.

  • +1

    Great, I just purchased 6 games for $0.01 each (Yeah not kidding) went to EB Games and the trade in value was $7 each. + 50% makes it $10.50 or $63 total… Will they let me trade in 6 copies of the same game? :D

    • Which game and where did you buy it from?

      • +1

        Some halo game and doesn't matter I bought out all stock and they won't be restocking I actually believe it was a pricing error.

    • Only 2 copies of the same game from memory.

      However you can do it as many times you want at different stores or different days.

  • I traded in 3 games to go towards the $49 trade in deal for Returnal on Sunday.

    Is it worth the hassle to try and get the difference?

    Total trade in value was $34.5.

  • +2

    What a great promo! This morning i traded in 10 PS4 games and got $214 on a gift card. Some of the games I got more trade in credit than I originally paid. That’s plenty of credit for Biomutant and The Mass Effect Trilogy :)

    • +1

      Been waiting for Biomutant for a while now.
      Hopefully it doesn't fall flat.
      Great bargain btw!

      • +1

        I hope so too! After Cyberpunk I don’t think I can handle anymore disappointment haha.

  • Trade values for anyone interested:

    Paper Mario (Switch) $39.60
    Animal Crossing (Switch) $49.50
    Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5) $51.15
    PS4 DualShock 4 controller $36.30

    (Prices include 50% extra and level 3 bonus)

  • Aarghh . . trading in at a WA store is just a pain..
    No giftcard, no cash , no loaded credit - you have to purchase then and there with your trade credit. But then they don't allow you to pre-order the new XBOX or PS5 as their pre-order list is already exhausted…
    So its a great offer with the 50% bonus - but then you cant really use the credit unless you want to purchase something right away - and for the things I want they dont have it in stock
    Any tricks on how to get around that? Have never traded before, just seems frustrating

    • +6

      buy something in store, then return it within 7 days, they give u a gift card

      • Bring an Oscar to this man.

    • Just put the money on game pre-orders. Anything coming out months from now. Then when you are ready to buy anything you actually want, you get them to cancel the preorders and use that credit for payment.

      Been doing this for years in WA.

  • +3

    Hope this helps someone (level 3 bonus):

    Assassins Creed Valhalla XBOX - $52.80
    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1/2 XBOX - $29.70
    Call of Duty Cold War XBOX - $59.40
    Borderlands 3 XBOX - $11.55
    Red Dead Redemption XBOX - $26.40
    Ghost of Tsushima PS$ - $52.80
    Ring Fit Adventure Switch - $56.10

    • Is that Red dead redeption 2?

  • Nice, managed to snag mario golf on $39 ($29 paid + trade in two x $5 games). $5 games were priced at $9 on trade in but the store manager allowed to bump it up with this deal

    • Just curious mate, which were these 2 games?

      I have been looking for two with which I can do the same.

      • I had Warhammer 40k Mechanicus (switch) traded in, was lucky enough to grab two copies when they were on clearance

  • +4

    If it helps - level 4 I got :

    -|Nintendo switch -
    Sushi Striker The Way of sushido (new) 15.3
    Warhammer 40,000 mechanicus (new, sealed) 15.3
    Runbow deluxe edition 13.6

    -|Xbox one -
    need for speed heat (new, not sealed) 25.5
    Resident Evil 3 (new, not sealed) 25.5
    forza horizon 2 8.5
    team sonic racing 28.9
    halo 5 guardians 11.9
    Mafia Definitive edition 30.6

    Star wars battlefront II 17
    ben 10 18.7
    burnout paradise (cib) 15.3
    trackmania turbo 13.6
    mafia definitive edition (new, not sealed) 30.6
    generation zero 25.5
    mutant fotball league dynasty edition 20.4
    the walking dead the telltale series - a new frontier complete season 20.4
    the surge 10.2
    playstation vr worlds 10.2
    pure farming 2018 13.6
    the hunter call of the wild (new, not sealed) 27.2
    the sims 4 (cib) 20.4
    the lego movie videogame 18.7
    spyro reignited trilogy (3x games) 34
    Iron man VR 28.9
    mirrors edge catalyst (cib) 15.3
    monopoly family fun pack (includes 3 monopoly games) 11.9
    Moonlighter 13.6
    Monster Energy Supercross 15.3
    MX vs atv 18.7
    need for speed heat 28.9
    little big planet 3 11.9
    life is strange 23.8
    life is strange 23.8
    predator hunting grounds 27.2
    tony hawk's pro skater 5 (out of print) 25.5
    wreckfest deluxe edition (code used) 35.7
    zombi (new) 10.2
    metro redux (contains metro 2033 / Metro Last light, all dlc in hd) 15.3
    the last of us part II 28.9
    LA Noire 17
    digimon new order 25.5
    Touhou Genso Rondo Bullet Ballet (new, not sealed) 15.3
    Touhou kobuto burst battle (new) 15.3
    The town of light 13.6
    ufc 3 23.8
    WWE W2K20 (new, not sealed) 23.8
    valhalla hills definitive edition 11.9
    velocity 2x critical mass edition (new) 15.3
    disney pixar cars 3 - driven to win 25.5
    AFL Evolution 2 (new, not sealed) 54.4
    afl evolution season pack (cib) 28.9
    Dragonball Fighter Z 16.5
    call of duty modern warfare (2019 28.9
    armello special edition 13.6
    fast & furious crossroads 35.7
    grand theft auto V GTA5 27.2
    hasbro family fun pack (4 games inc boggle, risk, monopoly, trivial pursuit) 13.6
    Fifa 21 (includes free ps5 upgrade) 54.4
    destiny connect tick tock travelers 30
    pure pool 8 10.2
    monster jam steel titans (new, not sealed) 30
    injustice gods among us ultimate edition (all dlc) 11.9
    knowledge is power (new not sealed) 10.2

    Quite a few shocks in there for what they're giving on a few.

  • Do you need to buy something or can I just sell my stuff to them

    • Read the comments lol

  • Have EB games ever done this level of this promo before? Does it happen every year? … How much money does this lose them? haha…

    • No, no and not much.

      Last week, they cleared out the old stock with the BOGOF promo and this week, they are doing the inverse.

      • Yeah, I got a couple of pre-owned switch games for myself and for my nephew with the BOGOF promotion. I'm not about to go trade them in when I want to play them… but it seems weird to me that people could have bought a bunch of stuff last week, trade it in this week, and actually "profit"….

        • i did this, i bought some games for a mate, and he decided he didn't want them, so was about to return them, but got more on this deal :)

  • Instead of store credit you could ask for PSN wallet (PS Store wallet topup)

  • +1

    Traded in a bunch of 3ds titles, first party and not first party for almost $500. Most of the first party ones still worth a good deal, then refund straight to a bank card with no problems. Pretty happy

    • Do they get 3ds games? Shame they don't get Wii u games.

      • Yes.

      • Yep 3ds still good to trade, wii games are definitely dead though, worker panicked cause at first glance it looked like wii games

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