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Double Credits on $50 or $100 Loads @ Timezone


Time to load up again. Valid in all Timezones in all states.

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    Circa 2005 my life revolved around my weekend visits to timezone/fun house arcade for marathon DDT sessions.. Easily $50 a week. Man life was good back then. Casual work, no mortgage, racking up massive HECS debt and nothing to show for it… Life was simple.

    • Ddr*

    • Not much has changed, now we pay $50 for a PC we bought through afterpay

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    If you're in NSW, you can also use your $25 Discover Vouchers to pay for the credits.

    • Are you sure? When I search my local TZ it does not show up as a valid venue in the service NSW app.

      • I just checked the map, and it appears only some Timezone are accepting the vouchers.

      • I went in to Timezone Haymarket today and they accepted my voucher.

    • Do they allow you to use both 2 $25 vouchers in one transaction?

  • Rad, I’m gonna be at Surfer’s this weekend so it’s perfect timing.

  • FYI gold and platinum members can already take advantage of this deal now, and not have to wait.

  • Do you have to use the credit the same day as you load up?

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      No, the credit will be loaded onto your card and will expire in 1 year from the last date you have used it.

  • Can you load up 2 x $100 and get 2 bonuses?