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Amazon AU: up to 10% Cashback (Was up to 7%) @ ShopBack


Another upsize for Amazon from Shopback. Electronics is back whilst mobile phones and automotive have been retained from last month.

Amazon Devices (Includes Echo, Fire TV & Tablet, Kindle, Ring Smart Security, Eero Mesh Wi-Fi) - 10.00%
Beauty (Includes Haircare & Hair Styling, Makeup, Fragrances, Manicures) - 7.50%
Jewellery - 7.50%
Luggage & Backpacks - 7.50%
Premium Beauty - 7.50%
Sports & Outdoors - 7.50%
Baby (Includes Strollers, Car Seats, Car Seats, Safety Equipment) - 7.50%
Shoes, Handbags, Wallets, Sunglasses & Accessories - 7.50%
Watches - 7.50%
Health, Household Products & Personal Care (Includes Electronic Personal Care, Laundry, Supplement, Cleaning Supplies) - 7.50%
Apparel - 7.50%
Furniture - 7.50%
Musical Instruments - 5.00%
Lawn & Gardening - 5.00%
Camera, Camera Bags, Binoculars - 5.00%
Electronics (Includes Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Speakers) - 5.00%
Home Entertaiment (Includes TVs, Projectors, Sound Bars, Home Theatre Systems, Amplifiers) - 5.00%
Mobile Phones & Wearable Tech (Includes Smartwatches, Fitness Trackers, Dashcams, Tablets, Navigation) - 5.00%
Software - 5.00%
Automotive (Includes Car Care, Tools & equipments, Oil & Fluids, Motorbike Accessories) - 3.00%

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  • Thanks dealbot. To assist others, here are the rest of the categories

    • Computers (Includes Desktops, Laptops, Computer Bags, Monitors, Accessories, Storage, Network)
    • DVD & Blu-Ray
    • Physical Music (Includes CDs, Records, Cassette Tapes)
    • Home (Includes Bed Bath, Decor, Storage & Organisation, Heaters, Fans, Vacuum Cleaners, Mattresses )
    • Home Improvement ( Includes Kitchen & Bath, Electrical, Smart Lights, Fans, Hardware )
    • Pet Food & Supplies
    • Hardware Tools
    • Office Products
    • Alcohol (Includes Wine, Beer & Spirits, Pre-Mixed Drinks)
    • Kitchen & Dining
    • Pantry Food & Drinks
    • Physical Books
    • Toys (Includes Baby Toys)
  • How do I know the categories of the item I am interested in when shopping from the app?

    • it's not easy, but I copy & paste the item name.
      search for it and then up the top, next to delivery it usually has the category. further along it also has a category drop-down box which lists the categories

    • Would like to know also… even from the Amazon website I wasn't sure for something that I'd used a link to get to (maybe I'm just blind, probably)
      Something are obvious of course… But some things could be ambiguous.

    • this is what i dislike.
      we practically gave them money but they make us work hard and after buying still need to worry if we get the caschback or not.
      should be as simple as normal buying without any term and conditions.

  • There used to be a section for video games and now there isn't.

    Is that under software now?

  • Miss those old time when all categories are eligible for cashback.

  • 0 for lego as always

    • Yes very annoying, get toys back on that Amazon cashback list please!

      At least I found an alternative cashback site that gives cashback for toys from Amazon, that’ll do for now.

      • Which one ?

        • I use boostyoursuper right now. It ends up sending the cash to my super account instead of cash, but its good enough for me.

          • @Kenb0: thanks. Ive never used boostyoursuper, but just signed up. Looks like 5% back on toys via Amazon… Ill believe it when i see it, but thats pretty sweet.

            • @Scorn: They've registered the cashbacks for me since I started using it in Feb 2021, but none of them have gone to Paid yet, so am hoping its not just a scam, and the money will get transferred to my super eventually.

  • I thought Amazon didn't sell Fire tablets in Aus and yet they're somehow still on the exclusions list??

  • it says "Health, Household Products & Personal Care (Includes Electronic Personal Care, Laundry, Supplement, Cleaning Supplies)" is also 0% when I went to www.shopback.com.au Are you sure your information is correct?

  • 3 purchases in Health, Household Products & Personal Care this past week - 1 didn't track and i've lodged a missing claim with Shopback - other 2 recorded as $0 Cashback… $800 in transactions and not a single dollar back…

  • I’m surprised they actually dropped automotive down to 3%. It was either 4 or 5% before.

  • Does any1 knows that cashback still work if order paid with gift card?