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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 VISION OC 10GB Video Card $1999 + Delivery @ Mwave


This has just been restocked. Probably the best price for a 3080 these days.

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  • +12 votes

    $2K for a 3080. Damn son.

    Sold out. So I guess someone bought them.

  • Well that was quick

  • That didn't take long to sell out.

    • Was posted on discord groups before here. By the time this deal was submitted it was already too late.

  • Retailers are now scalpers. A sad state of affairs.

    • True for some retailers, not all. Suppliers have hiked prices, distributors hike prices and then bundle crap that retailers have a hard time selling, add a profit margin for the retailers and you get scalper pricing.

    • With so many hardware margins being only a few percent.. having to deal with those crap profit margins all these years, I can't entirely blame them.

      If they had a bigger slice of the pie, I'd like to think that this price jacking wouldn't happen so much. But maybe I'm still wrong.. people are greedy after all.

      • They don't push back against the suppliers with their buying power, and so the customer suffers instead? That's just two separate instances of shitty behaviour.

        NVIDIA and the card manfacturers do a good job, then we see the greed really kick in, and the retailers often fail to offer anything resembling good technology communication to the customer.

        The suppliers are the biggest problem, but the retailers are next.

        • Another retailer will just buy the limited supply and then they get nothing at all.

          • @lukethefish: Imagine a world where the retailer can contact the manufacturers and discuss the situation, and then action is taken. Imagine a world where a retailer can come up with a business model that thrashes what the supplier is doing.

            Or you can just downvote, and fail to recognise that at card launch, some retailers did have good deals on some cards, and Amazon had zero issues with importing MSRP cards from the US. Such is ignorance.

            I don't really care that much at this point, people will read my comment and mostly continue along their way. In 2-3 years we're probably have another round of this madness until crypto is completely banned as a commodity and a currency.

            • +1 vote

              @jasswolf: There is no incentive for anyone to lower RTX3060TI/3070/3080/3090 prices right now. Some retailers are selling GPUs from the port of entry, at current prices. I've seen some GPUs be bumped up by $100 each shipment. I think once there is some more stock in the market then some retailers might embrace volume selling strategy. There will be a point where consumers will not want to pay the asking price. When will that be? Who knows? Maybe the second revision chips that are rumored to limit mining hashrates will increase seller stock levels? Maybe some mining slow down or crash will leave more cards for gamers? 'Pushback' is unlikely when buyers keep paying the increasing asking prices.

              In the meantime 'its nothing personal, its strictly business'.

              • @g1: Yes, we'll be seeing an increase in shipped cards once the hash limited cards are available. The driver is now out as of last week, and supposedly the stock will be announced in the next 10-20 days.

                Mining is already slowing down, but without government intervention, only so much can be done.

            • @jasswolf:

              Imagine a world where the retailer can contact the manufacturers and discuss the situation, and then action is taken. Imagine a world where a retailer can come up with a business model that thrashes what the supplier is doing.

              So you think Gigabyte should go to the trouble of having individual discussions with the tens of thousands of retailers all around the world and manage a mass scale bidding war between them resulting in them decreasing their profits and increasing their overheads? This theory has no logic.

  • I remb when the 3080 came out and people were being sent death threats and abused for selling it for $1500

    Now look at retailers lmao

  • I remember when people were selling the 2080ti's for 900, then the high launch prices… I thought I'd wait it out, now im just going to wait until next year tbh.

    • +10 votes

      Yeah I am probably going to wait until late next year. This price is just absurd.

      • This price is cheap for a 3080 atm. Could mine back some of the cost anyway.

        • Yeah it is cheap for a 3080 but for a graphics card, more than I’m willing to spend considering a waterblock 3080 was around this or $200 less several months ago.

          And yeah you could but I wouldn’t personally

    • When I put a 2080ti for 1400 with Waterblock got some messages like that.

    • I feel so dirty but I sold my exactly two year old 2080ti FE two month ago for $1,450 (paid $1900 for it back then) then bought the XFX 6900XT for $1,999.

      Absolutely would not have been able to afford to upgrade if I couldn't sell the ti for so much. Now two months later and 3080's are going for the same price….it is just insane….

      I almost panic sold the ti for $800 after the 300 series announcement conference last year…..so glad i didnt.

  • Obligatory "🚀 🚀 🚀 to the moon " comment

  • Sold out,.. Id rather spend that 2k on high class hookers instead.

  • Thought it was rough when I bought mine for $1450 haha

  • This makes the Dell pre-builts look like absolute bargains. Regardless of how many fans there are…

    • Wouldn't those Dell 3080s work out to be around $2k anyway? The other parts they use are prob only worth $800 or so.

      • Off the top of my head

        cpu $400
        cpu water cooler $80
        case $100
        psu $80
        RAM $120
        SSD $80
        HDD $80
        Windows 10 ???

        • -1 vote

          So effectively ~$100 less for gimped proprietary parts and a 2 month wait. Doesn't really seem like a bargain to me.

        • The PSU is good. It's server grade. so it's like $150. CPU is also $450 retail
          Basically, we pay Dell $500 extra for the "right" to buy a 3080 card. Not a bad deal at all

        • Case $100?!?….

  • Just a noobie here, is this scenario new or it just happens every time a new graphic card goes out in the market?

    • It's new, but it will never go back to normal. The same as when apple worked out people will pay $1500 for a phone.

    • It's not new, this is a supply and demand issue and happens everywhere there is a scarcity. There's been long periods where RAM and HDD's climbed in price and took ages to fall back down. GPUs should eventually fall when supply exceeds demand but this could be a while and maybe not this generation. It's like mangoes, at the start of the season the farms can't produce much so they're expensive but at the end of the season there's too many so they're perma on sale.

      • Nah I don't reckon. Nvidia has realised people will pay this for a top end GPU. Why charge less?

        • But it's not Nvidia or AMD that are setting these crazy prices, it's the wholesellers/retailers.

          When stock levels eventually return to normal, competition between wholesellers/retailers is likely to be enough to drive prices down to a more reasonable level.

  • -1 vote

    How much is 3060 worth at Mwave

  • It worths for mining, unless you are rich to have it to play games.😁

  • Thanks OP, bought another 10 so I can give to my friends and be the most popular man on the block

  • For $1999 you can buy 3xPS5

  • 2k for a 3080…yeah someone else can have it.

  • For anyone interested, as dealers, we cant even get stock allocation on these at the moment. Our dealer purchase price on the RTX3080 OC is currently $1,465+GST, but we cant even backorder with ETA of 24th May. GPUs arent even issued to us on daily stock lists anymore. Crazy times!

  • Well, it's certainly not a great time to be wanting a video card, even crap ones are outrageously expensive. I will just wait a year or two when things calm down.

  • I bought my 3080 gaming oc for $1300 last dec. I thought that was a ripoff at the time.