Nikon Monarch 5 8x42 Binoculars $359.20 Delivered @ digiDirect


Maybe useful to someone, pretty popular in mid range binoculars. Very good optics for the price though has been cheaper before. Signing up as a new user gives 10 bucks off which makes it 349.20 delivered

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  • Ryda eBay is $357 if you have eBay Plus. And you can pay with eBay GC for further discounts (Woolworths eBay GC deal tomorrow)

    • Shows 358.96 plus 5.95 for postage did you get 357 ?

      • extra 2% for ebay plus

        • Even then you are paying for postage. Still how do you get an extra 2% off for Ebay plus ? I am an Ebay plus member I do not see that option.

          • @shaidas: How do you get 357 still unless you are trolling in which case you can get what you want when you want ;-) . You do realise 2% is more than 7 bucks on 358.96 and postage is only 6 did you come to 357 ?

    • How did you get 357 bud and if you did not..why did you comment ? I am just curious..seems to be the trend

    • No Answer so basically BS… Bizarre why people neg why they post false prices why they criticize on every post..maybe mother did not love you or Jesus loves you or some combination of both which did not agree…either ways stop or seek me stupid but.IMHO this group is meant to help people with deals

      • $398.85 * (1-0.12) + 5.95 = 356.94

        • The base price is 358.96 with the current coupon and there is no 2 % off.. so you posted just because ? Your past posts add to this one seem to be a regular with shit posting going by your other posts, why not just stop and help people ? Or don't ..every post you make just like I do is public and people are not stupid

  • I have these, brilliant!

    • Brilliant?

      • As per Cambridge Dictionary:

        "brilliant adjective (VERY GOOD)

        A2 UK informal
        very good:
        "Did you like the film?" "I thought it was brilliant."
        She's got a brilliant sense of humour.
        Oh, brilliant! My parcel's arrived."

  • Very highly rated binoculars and very popular binoculars for birders.

  • 10 bucks off if you go to the opening page sign up for promotions and wait till you get the code ..I should have included that in the post.. still will not stop trolls from trolling. But 349.20 if you claim the discount.. delivered is not a bad price for a decent piece of glass..mind you prime day is around the corner if you can wait

    Edit.. I can still edit the post so it is 349.20 but prime day may make it cheaper.. or not