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[VIC] 6.6kW Mono PERC Solar Panels + 5kW Inverter Installed: $1850 after Rebates ($0 Upfront) @ Solar Link Australia


Hello, Ozbargains community!

We have another exclusive and compelling Winter 2021 deal ⛄❄ for $0 upfront cost for STC Zones 3 & 4 in Victoria! Enquire now and you might have a fully functioning Solar PV System to heat up your homes as we head into Winter!

Considering the current economic situation, the sunny weather, and the federal and state incentives and rebates in Victoria this deal will fast track you to an affordable solar system with performance and quality whilst reducing the increasing cost of electricity bills, especially for those who work from home.

6.6kW Solar PV System fully installed for $0 upfront after STC Rebate, SolarVic Rebate ($1,850), and SolarVic Interest-Free Loan ($1,850).
Total cost for Solar PV System without Solar Vic Rebate & Loan is: $3,700 (including STC Rebate, GST included).

All you will have to pay after the Solar Victoria Rebate and Interest-Free loan is just $38.55/month x 48months ($1850 interest-free loan from SolarVIC repayment over 4 years)

What does this exclusive deal include?

18 x Tier 1 Mono PERC Risen BLACK FRAME 370W Panels (15-year Product Warranty and 25-year Performance Warranty).
*Australia's largest Solar Farm (132 MW) in WA was installed using Risen Panels late last year : https://www.merredinsolar.com.au/ & https://youtu.be/d_uQltQcjUA *

1 x 5kW Solis Inverter. Equipped with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind!

5-year Workmanship Warranty

Professional and Knowledgeable CEC-accredited retailer with 10 years of industry experience

Risen BLACK FRAME 370W MONO PERC Panel Datasheet: https://bit.ly/3rhE0Co
Solis 5kW Inverter Datasheet: https://bit.ly/3reTEOH

To get this special exclusive deal you will have to email your full name, address and contact number for the proposal directly to
[email protected]

If you have an old switchboard with a ceramic fuse please mention it in the email.

Note: Deal is quoted for single-phase properties (+$400 for Workcover mandated Edge Protection). Additional charges may apply, these include: Concrete & Terracotta tile roofs +$200, 2-Storey +$200, 3-Phase +$550

SolarVIC Rebate requirement:

Your property value must be less than 3 million
Total taxable income for everyone named on council rate for either of the last 2 year must be less than $180k

Rental Property
SolarVIC now has an interest free loan stream for rental property so if you are a tenant and want to get solar installed you can negotiate with the landlord and can also offer to contribute up to 50% of monthly repayment for interest free loan from SolarVIC.

This also helps landlords who do not meet the income requirement for the rebate if they want to install a solar system for their investment property since the income requirement will be assessed against the tenant.

*Referral Scheme
We also have a tantalising referral bonus if you refer a family or friend! What's better, we will provide a $100.00 bonus to both you and a family/ friend if both of you place an order with us!

For those interested in non-VIC zone 3 areas (i.e., QLD, NSW, SA, WA, and ACT, we are also happy to offer a free and competitive quote.

Kindly submit your queries to [email protected] with your full name, address and contact number.

Thank you for your interest!

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  • Option to choose specific inverters and a power wall?

    • Hello Dezeption,

      Thank you for your interest!

      The offer is only for the componentry specified above. If you would like a quote on other inverters and a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery, please email me directly so that we can provide a competitive quote for your property.

      Solar Link Australia

  • +2

    I like that the most important spec of the panels is their BLACK FRAME

    here in NSW, 5.6kw longi+huawei combo, could be $4000
    Ryan, why why why

    • Huawei>Solis

  • Hello, where can I find I’m eligible for the rebate? Thank you

  • Hey Ryan, shot you a message through the website as I already have panels and a battery, but would like to add to it.

  • Have sent you a DM on my needs.

  • +1

    Is it possible to install without having to pay for the mandated Edge Protection? If not, then that should probably be included in the upfront cost (even if you're not making any profit on it).

    • If its not installed on a roof :)

  • +8

    18 x 370w Trina Black Frame panels + a Comparable Solax 5kw inverter + mounting and electrical kit for $3,335 here https://www.luxcoenergy.com.au

    6.6kw of installed panels would be eligible for $3,000 in STC rebates, so the cost of the parts to you is max $400 (if that's what I can find as a non wholesale price I'm sure you can find it cheaper) . After Vic gov rebate and interest free loan of $3700, you're charging $3,300 for the labour and warranty…interesting deal

    • Is there a solar panel and inverter, installer and company you would recommended in Melbourne bargainsdon.. Thank you

    • how much is reasonable for installation of something like this? on a "normal" single-storey single-phase colourbond roof, as OP's base conditions?

      • +2

        that's the million dollar question, unfortunately with the current state of the solar install industry no one gives itemised quotes so its impossible to tell. You would think where you have two major components the panels and the inverter representing majority of the cost involved in getting solar in your home, you would be well within your right to ask what cost am i paying for these two components, but they'll never price it. They'll slap on a 20-30% mark up on product costs into the final quote and you'll never get a cost breakdown of what's what. Im not involved in the solar industry, but an average 6.6kw 18 panels system would take two blokes a day to do assuming no surprises and straight forward install, one of them would have to be at least a Clean Energy Council certified installer (has done A grade electrician), the other might also be or could be an apprentice/labourer which is fine, that might cost the installer $1000 for the days wages. Where would the other $2000 go I don't know. It does concern me that the price is $0 upfront after the $1850 rebate + $1850 interest free loan, if these rebates didn't exist would it still cost this much or are they inflating theirs prices to meet the rebate cap??? These criticisms aren't in anyway specific to Solar Link and from a market perspective this product+price is pretty standard. If you do get solar through one of these bigger companies that advertise installs nation wide, id be skeptical as to who is doing the job, make sure its in writing if the guys doing the install are employees of that company or subcontractors, it doesn't really make a difference at the end of the day but if im buying through company X, i assume the guys doing the install are from company X, if that's not the case the company should be upfront and tell you so, as is often the case they'll subcontract the job for a fixed price say $1000, and collect the difference, which they're entitled to do, but should be upfront about it.

        • +1

          This is so confusing even after going on Solar quotes. If anyone could Pm me if they were happy with the the solar company they went with and the set up i would greatly appreciate it thank you. Melbourne

          • @kidcudi: I'd also appreciate anyone with experience sharing their experiences &/or recommending an installer/company.
            I can only fit 14x panels on my roof and looking to get my long term landlord to go 50:50 with the loan.

    • Any Melbourne installers for that price. Says they are tassie based. Thanks everyone for the help

  • Would you install on a slate roof?

    • +1

      Hello Trying2SaveABuck,

      A slate roof is no issue for our installation team! Kindly send an email at [email protected] so that we can explore solar options for your property.

      Solar Link Australia

  • any one want to refer me. $100 each thanks

  • Looking to get a 9-panel 3.3kw system - can anyone refer me please for the $100 bonus?

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