This was posted 8 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[VIC] 50% off All Gaming - eg: Nintendo Switch Lite $164.50 (OOS) @ Target Melbourne CBD


Target Melbourne CBD is closing down
50% all gaming from today and while stocks last.

No Click and Collect
No Phone Orders / Holds
In Store Only

Some examples of savings:
Nintendo Switch Lite (Grey/Coral/Aqua/Yellow)- $164.50. (SOLD OUT AS OF MIDDAY 05/05)
Xbox Series X Controllers – $45 (SOLD OUT AS OF MIDDAY 05/05)
Joy-Con Controller Sets – $60 (SOLD OUT AS OF 1PM 05/05)

Super Mario 3D All-Stars – $34.50
Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity – $34.50
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (PS5/PS4/XSX/XB1) – $39.50
Nioh Collection (PS5) – $54.50
Spider-Man Miles Morales (PS5) – $44.50
Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition (PS5) – $54.50
NBA 2K21 (PS5) – $44.50
Crash Bandicoot It’s About Time – $39.50
Watch Dogs Legion – $39.50
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 – $29
Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated – $24.50
Red Dead Redemption 2 – $24

Prices and info sourced from Press Start

Thanks to EELS for checking stock as of 1.45pm

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  • +2

    Is target shutting down? Crazy price on the switch

    • +3

      they closing some stores
      Melbourne CBD is next to close

      • +8

        It will convert to a Kmart.

      • +1

        Didn't they only recently renovate the Melb CBD store??

        • +1

          It was definitely one of the nicest Target stores.

        • +1

          Yeah, before Covid

    • Yeah, in some NSW towns they're closing down Target stores and making em Kmarts. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong

      • That is correct. Our local, Katoomba became a mini kmart - "K-hub". I think you can still click and collect target orders there.

  • Surely this can’t be true?

    • On the Target website it says the Melbourne CBD store will be converted into a Kmart

      • +4

        Buy me things Agret

    • are you talking about the deal or target closing down? The later was announced some time ago.

    • +3

      it is true, and don't call me Shirley

    • Was still editing my post lol

      • +1

        Thank you. Some great deals to be had here!

        • 100% agree :)

  • +1

    Feel free to post reciepts! Hoping I can price match elsewhere to save a trip into the city.

    • Doubtful since it's a clearance sale.

  • +5

    If anyone gets an Xbox controller can you post the receipt so I can try and price match at my local retailers?

    • Would love one too please

    • I'd also like one too as well please.

    • Will do.

    • Would also like one.

    • If I could get one too that'd be awesome!

    • +5

      Don’t think closing down sales will be matched anywhere.

  • Is the switch lite worth it? Only ever played pc and some vr with a bit of wii and xbox but liked pc better

    • +4

      For $164 definitely, although you can't play on the TV.

    • that's a stellar price, but you have to really be into switch games to justify it. i was (and am) a pc gamer who was interested in a switch and was fortunate enough to receive the lite as a gift, but i dont touch it to much these days simply because i can't dock it and play on one of my monitors. i'm not much of a handheld guy, myself.

  • +1

    Sigh wish I was in the city today

  • +6

    If there was enough time for media to click on I bet everything is gone. Sale probably started Monday lol

    • +2

      Can confirm yesterday it was 30%
      partner went to target (works in city) and texted me re a game i was hunting down and it was 30% off

    • +1

      At the time of writing this article, everything listed was still in stock :)

  • bargains!

  • Will try and get in on my lunch break, I wonder how much will actually be left? Wonder how much crap I will buy that I don't need…

    • +4

      My prediction is that you got nothing from Target on your lunch break.

      • Nada. Was a goose chase. Interesting to see how many upvotes this got given it was lacking any worthwhile deals by 1:30pm

        • You snooze you lose I guess

  • Wondering if there’s any chance to have anything good left by now

    Keep waiting on switch deal for a while

  • Some people got lucky. Good find.

  • I'll try visit tomorrow, but there will definitely be nothing good left by then. 😂

  • willing to grab a switch lite black if anyone can buy extra!

    • +15

      Would have got you one but they only had grey, yellow, aqua and coral left.

  • +13

    No doubt the first person through the door will buy all of them to flip on eBay.

  • +1

    Just went in, got myself a switch lite, they said that they had about 10 or so left, not many games left though

    • I should have worked in the office today, working from home and miss out

  • Can someone post a recipt I'm looking for a new controller.

  • +2

    the last 3 switch lites just got sold.

  • No consoles left. Latest update. Still have some games.

  • +1

    About 10 or so switches left in grey, just gotta talk to Matt!

    • +2

      my friend checked - there is no matt lol.

    • +1

      Thanks I called like 10 times and let it ring until someone finally answered, can't remember his name but he said Matt had some on hold out back for customers that ask for him directly because he's trying to boost his own sales to get a management position at a new store. Good luck, Matt!

    • Thanks, finally found Matt.

      He was all "Huh I don't work at Target… wtf is ozbargain" I was like hahaha classic Matt

  • Just went. All consoles out of stock. Still a few games.

  • +1

    Switches still in stock at 11.51am (he said they had about 12 left)

    Guy said if anyone phones to ask they being told sold out to avoid disappointment

    • Lite?

      • -3

        aparently sold out now.

        yeah lite.. i managed to get 2 at 11.51am

  • Wonder when Kippa Ring QLD is closing.

  • +4

    I’m here now and they said none left

  • Are target moving away from the gaming market like Kmart? My local doesn't have any games or consoles anymore.

    • Target is closing. Kmart has actually gone down market. It is selling cheap and cheerful stuff. Say baby clothes, Kmart definitely is cheaper for similar product although Target has better organic cotton stuff. Seems like people are purely focused on price these days, therefore Kmart is doing well.

      You would think Target might do well in the middle market (for middle class) below Myer and David Jones. I'd say Target is closer to Big W than Kmart. Big W isn't making money either.

  • Any joy cons or games left?

  • Any other accessories worth mentioning?

  • +1

    Ask the staff and there is no Matt work here

    • +1

      The troll above admitted there is no Matt ;)

  • +8

    Thanks mate, managed to get 2 lites & xbox controller. I have receipt if anyone wants to give that a crack, just respond and I'll dm it

    • yes pls lol I just left target empty handed gonna try price match at jb

      • have any luck price matching?

      • Any luck?

    • Edit: Would be greatly appreciated.

    • Yes please :)

    • Me too, please!

    • yes please. it will be very much appreciated.

    • Yes please. Greatly appreciated

    • @rubb3rchick3n - can you please provide receipt

    • Yes please, it’d be greatly appreciated!

    • Yes please mate - hoping to get the Xbox controller

    • Can i also have it please? Thanks legend :)

    • Yes please!

    • How do I turn on private message

      • I don't think you need to, just hover over someone's username and click "start a conversation"

      • My Account > Settings > Messaging > Allow Private Messages

        It looks like you have it disabled but feel free to PM me the receipt!

    • yes please boss

    • Yes please. I want a Xbox controller :-)

    • Would greatly appreicate it, cheers

    • Yes please ! Much appreciated!

    • Can I get the receipt too please? would love to get the xbox controller with that price.. and have anyone try their luck with the price matching?

    • please pm me the receipt

    • Hey mate would love the Xbox controller receipt. Will forever love you 😘

      • Just enabled messaging aswell. Thanks :)

    • Has anyone tried to price match. If so where ?

    • yes please :)

    • Sorry, just enabled private messages. Thanks again

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