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Hisense 65" Q8 ULED 4K TV $1495 ($1395 with eBay Plus) + Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


Great price on this TV
One of the best TV's in the 65" $2000 mark

$1495 without the coupon

Original Coupon Deal

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    Bought this from the last deal, very satisfied with it.

    Great blacks, decent colours and sound quality was the most surprising!

    Only app I can't get is Disney plus but I stream it through my PS5.

    For this price and under, highly recommend for sub $1500.

    • Why cant you get disney? I was able to.

  • I dont have eBay plus the voucher works and I can get it for $1395 (not sure if I will buy it). I have noticed with a few ebay plus only offers I manage to get the discount that others cannot though.

    I did do a free trial a few years back and stopped it before I was charged.

    • Good guys have 10% off but not for this TV.

  • How does this compare to the Samsung AU8000 ?????

  • I’m wondering if ordered online. If there is something wrong with the tv or defect. Do we normally send it to post for warranty? or just bring it to the local TGG store?

    • Neither. A tech will come to the house

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        Incorrect. The consumer has the option to either engage the manufacturer directly or bring it back to the place/company of purchase.

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          Nah Dezeption is definately correct. If you contact the place of purchase, these guys will contact the manufacturer who in turn will send a tech over.

    • Doesn't work on that model

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        Just realised excluded as Door Buster Deal.

  • More of a general question on TVs in this price range - is there any point connecting Chromecasts to them to play from apps? Or are all the Smart TV in-built experiences/apps pretty good these days that it negates needing a Chromecast?

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      I find the chromecast a bit more reliable/quicker/more apps, unless you get a TV that runs Android.
      Just imo though

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        Ahhh right good to know. So you mean to say in terms of the 'Smart TV' experience, you find Android-based ones better than the manufacturer own ones?

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          I quite like the hisense OS - but if I had to choose, I prefer the chromecast interface. Personal preference though!

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      This is actually very quick with its apps so I use the native ones. Also won't run into issues with DV or audio in a HT setup