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Hisense 65" Q8 ULED 4K TV $1495 ($1395 with eBay Plus) + Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


Great price on this TV
One of the best TV's in the 65" $2000 mark

$1495 without the coupon

Original Coupon Deal

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  • get the Samsung 65" quantum dot tech for same price at Good Guys is better value :)

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      This is superior to the Q60 and Q70 series from Samsung

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        Not for gaming its not. Not even close to the Q70.

        • Sooo what game you playing that's [email protected]

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            @Dezeption: Destiny, battlefield, call of duty , rainbow Six siege, borderlands 3, devil may cry, dirt 5, apex legends.

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              @debaron541: wait u playing siege and apex on a tv??

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                @Papabless: Console peseant

              • @Papabless: I play everything on my 'tv'. Find me a monitor that even comes close to the 48" LG CX in contrast / motion / general picture quality for the same price (i paid $2.2k from JB-HIFI on singles day. I was going to get the 35" Asus PG35VQ, but thankfully chose this instead. Its a damn good PC monitor, and probably a decent TV too :)

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            @Dezeption: It's not just double the refresh rate.
            Free-sync, G-synch and VRR are extremely beneficial for all frames rates.

            • @Viper8: VRR is the key. PS5 games supporting 120hz and running and 120fps are 2 very different things, let alone at 4K. Console gaming above 60fps aside, the Samsung is an average tv.

        • -1

          It's nice for gaming if you pc is within 3m of the TV. Finding a hdmi cable long enough is a b*tch

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      No it's not. Q70 doesn't even have FALD. It's frustrating watching hdr on Disney plus, everything is so dim since the TV only gets to about 600nits.

      • wait what? I said the hisense is the better model…

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          The reply is not to you. If it was it would be nested in further. (like this)

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    Normal price 2020 stock

    $1460 delivered

    • Corrected, $1395 with promo code

    • That's a promo price like this deal….

  • Been that price for couple of times this year. Afterpay day deal/THEGOODGUYS eBay deal, etc. It is on my watch list, I think it could go lower.

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      It is on my watch list, I think it could go lower.

      Better make sure you get one before they all sell out and the 2021 models take over.

      • +5

        Thanks for the advice, make wife say "ok" is more important than worrying OOS. Lol
        There is always a better deal around the corner, that's the ozbargain sprint.

  • Hmmmm waiting for hisenses 2021 range with hdmi 2.1

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      Do you console?

    • Also waiting for a good deal on the 2021 line

  • Ahhh temptation is real 🥺

  • waiting on au8000 for 1k lol, ill be waiting till Christmas

  • This or Sony 9000

    • Let me know what you decide, I think I have the same conundrum. The Sony is $1800 at Good Guys with promo code (and can buy the HTX8500 soundbar half price).

    • I was thinking the same thing, but I realised if I went with the Hisense and saw a good deal on the Sony in the next few weeks I'd be kicking myself.

      So I went ahead and bought the Sony today by price matching TGG to JB where I had some vouchers.

      • Smart - I think I too will go with the Sony next good deal on here

        • Careful you don’t miss out on stock. I am in Brisbane and couldn’t find stock of the 65x9000H. Jbhifi didn’t have any stock, Harvey and good guys have a few. I bought mine yesterday with good guys for $1790 delivered.

          • @Q3211: Thank you for the heads up
            Will keep an eye out

  • +1

    q8 has red ghosting issue that has been reported numerous times..

    • Was worried about that. Haven't noticed it on my 85Q8 with the leastest fw

    • Ghosting is bad on my 65Q8…mainly only happens on SD/1080p content, but still happens on 4k, just not as noticeable. The picture quality/dolby vision and brightness of the TV are soo good, but sometimes it is annoying with the ghosting issue. I am contemplating raising a warranty claim to see if it happens on a second unit. I have heard some panels are worse than others.

      For the price though, I don't think you can get anything better…and the negatives of this TV don't outweigh the pros at this price point. I also got this for $1350 delivered 2 months ago.

      • I'd like to be proven wrong, but warranty on ghosting isn't going to happen.

        • +1

          I have red ghosting on my 75Q8. Hisense is shipping out a replacement unit next week, covered under warranty.

          • @Conrad: I have the 85 and so far haven't noticed. I was be sure I don't get it so was their a specific video you play where you notice it? Want to be able to test it

            • +2

              @Dezeption: If you have Netflix - The Crown season 3, episode 5, at around 40 minutes. As she walks up the stairs, there is red ghosting around her hairline.
              Edit: just to clarify, it only happens during motion. If you pause it, the image looks fine.

          • @Conrad: Very happy for you, was it difficult?

            • +1

              @softwhite: Not too difficult, but it took a long time.

              1. Called Hisense and they walked me through a factory reset of the TV. The I told them it didn't fix the problem, so they asked me to email a video recording to them.
              2. A couple of weeks later they sent someone out to verify the problem.
              3. Another week later they sent someone out to replace the mainboard, which didn't fix the problem.
              4. A couple of weeks later they said they would send out a replacement unit and pick up the old one (arriving on Monday)
              • @Conrad: Are you happy with the replacement?

                • @softwhite: Just received the replacement. It seems to have exactly the same problem, but maybe it's not as bad. Hard to tell without having them both side by side, which I can't do because they took the old one away.

                  The problem is definitely still there. I could be unlucky and have gotten 2 bad panels, or they all have the same issue.

                  • @Conrad: Yeah I'm surprised they replaced due to that.. Would have assumed they'd claim it's under manufacturer standards. You can claim a refund instead of replacement if they admit fault again

    • +2

      It's not just the Q8 its been a problem with HDR content for a while for many Hisense models. Only because the Hisense was so popular (especially in USA) which made the problem be seen by bigger numbers. I've had the same issue on my R6 43 inch that I use for a monitor. Doesn't happen all the time but its definitely there. I really want Hisense to get bigger but the QC is so poor. Myself and others have constant flickering of the whole screen in dark content, plus no picture on HDMI ports at certain times. Had the main board replaced 2 months after I bought it, still the same issues and its no different for the current models (at least a few that I have seen and talked to). They seem to release TVs with known isuues but don't care and try and fix it with an update if they can. Thats not good business.

      • For flickering in dark scenes, theres an FRC update for that, have you tried that? Check out the forum and this post especially for the update: https://whrl.pl/Rf9Hq6

        • I've gone through that with Hisense support, in the middle of seeing if they swap it for another model or whatever happens. Their warranty is really good. Staff are helpful and all repairs are taken care of quickly if needed in your home. This is the third time. Put up with a few issues for over a year after the second repair and forgot I still had the 3 year warranty. Thanks anyway

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    Been waiting for this to go under 1500 again since xmas!

    PS: thanks OP for the eBAY code!

  • +1

    ugly legs

    • +2

      We're talking about the tv, not you mate :P

    • +14

      new TV won't fix that

    • I dont mind it can fit it on a smaller cabinet if that's all you have.

  • I know this is a stupid question but I'm having doubts here, when they say it's 200Hz motion rate surely this isn't the same as a 200Hz PC monitor? So this can do 4k 120Hz as outputted by a higher end PC or XSX/PS5? Seems too cheap

    • +2

      In the TV world motion rate is different that computer monitor Hz rating and it is perhaps intentionally misleading.
      If a TV says that it has 200 Motion rate or something similar in its marketing spiel, it usually means that the TV has a 100Hz/120Hz panel refresh rate. If the TV says that it has motion rate of 100 motion something it then it is generally 50/60 Hz. See below for an explainer.

      • Thanks mate I thought that was the case which is why I asked

        None of the specs say 120Hz on this, so is this TV a 4k 120hz panel or a 4k 100Hz?

        • This TV should be able to do 100Hz for UK/AUS and 120Hz for US Television and Movie content. For game consoles I cannot comment..

          • @Snoots: Thanks. Anyone tried this model for Gaming and validate what Hz it was running at?

            • +2

              @Dvbargain: I had this for two months or so before returning it for local dimming issue. Truthfully the gray uniformity (dse) was terrible for gaming.

              Hz wise i tested with the ps5 and it will only do 60hz at 4k. I didn't test at 120hz for lower res.

              • @softwhite: Which is weird though isn't it? It says 200Hz 4k?

                • @Dvbargain: I have heard all sorts of things even from sales people about this, but all I know is to be cautious and do extensive research when it comes to the hz topic at least. This is approaching the "contrast ratio" and "battery life times" realm in that it is misleading for actual use and up to the manufacturer to conjure up their own BS.

                  • @softwhite: What a crock of shit. I guess I can't even impulse purchase TVs off Ozbargain now as I have to do a week's worth of research first :P

                    Saves my wallet though.

                    • @Dvbargain: For a big purchase it's probably a good idea anyway, but it's not ideal.

  • Hi all, any feedback on what sport looks like on this tv? Thank you

    • +3

      You dont buy this TV for sports, it's literally it's weakest point. doesnt handle motion so well.
      This TV is good mostly for movies and series and 60hz gaming

      • +1

        I wouldn't be buying it just for sports. In all honesty I pretty much just game with the series X, stream shows & movies etc and watch a little fta but not much. I do watch the odd Afl game & occasionally other sports too but not heaps.

        • +1

          Well, you asked about sports lol
          I have a series X too, my advice is to get a TV that fully takes advantage of it (120hz, vrr) unless you are just a very casual gamer

          • @nikoris: Yeah, my bad. Thanks for you input though I do appreciate it. What would your recommendations be make and model wise? Also what were you using with your series x? I Grabbed the Q8, it's still boxed up, actually It's still in the trailer, I haven't even brought it inside yet lol. Thinking about returning it.

  • +1

    High sense Kuwait

  • Can anyone confirm that the code works? Do you need Ebay plus?

    • Worked for me, but I have eBay Plus. Not sure if that matters.

      • Thanks I think it only works with eBay plus in that case.

        • +1

          Might be better to go with Appliances Online link then ($1460 delivered vs $1395+$49+del), especially if you're not likely to use eBay plus.

  • I went with TCL P715 from appliance online just an hour ago, 75" for $1300. Hopefully I won't regret buying an Android TV. I've heard the software can be slow.

    • How did you get 1300. Their website show 1405…

      • +1

        EBay $100 off $1000

        • Tks

          • @rasme: Just checked no more stock. I think you are the lucky last.

            • +1

              @rasme: Do you think it was a good buy? I can see the prices are almost the same everywhere else. I am sure with a 10% eBay sale, you can even buy it cheaper.

              • @alx88: IMO it is good value for the price. I had a look at this model in store and I could not fault it. But again I am not into TV techs thought.

    • +1

      Android TV has the likes of Kayo and Disney now, so very good App wise. Recently renamed as Google TV.
      The only problem with the P715 is that the CPU is a bit slow. Good picture quality though.

      • Exactly. I saw the picture quality in Costco and it was similar to Sony 8000 series.

    • +1

      Just grab a GoogleTV Chromecast.

    • I bought the 85” not long ago and I am regretting it every day… android is so slow. Sometimes it literally takes a minute to load…

      • Any other problem? I am happy with 1 min load time if it works fine after that. I heard apps can crash too. Any audio sync issue?

        • +1

          I haven’t had any other issues. Apps have not crashed and audio is fine. It is just annoying that long delay most of the times

  • Am looking to get a TV for in-laws to replace their 10 year old tv. They don't really care about anything specific so was looking at the 65" TU8000 since its about $1,000. Is it worth paying a few hundred extra for this considering they won't really care too much?

    • +1

      Just get the TU8000 if they don't care, it will be a great upgrade for them.

      • +1

        Unless their 10yr old set is a Panasonic or pioneer plasma

        • Curious to hear why those were good?

          • @pipe: I still have my pioneer and still has the best motion and deepest blacks

            • @Dezeption: At least it did until OLED made it's arrival. Any plasma's capable of 4k or HDR?

              • @JudoChop: OLED still has its limitations compared to plasma and no don't think any plasma did 4k

            • @Dezeption: I remember those Pioneer Kuros from 2007/2008. They were so expensive…something like $5k. But the sizes would be considered very small screens by todays standard.

              • @fuzor: They were expensive and heavy. The bezel and the speakers made a 50" look like a 65".
                My pioneer Kuro died on me last month. I'm still in mourning. They don't do 4k but the picture was amazing. Lasted well over ten years.

                I ended up getting this Q8 Hisense last month. I didn't have enough for an OLED, but am really happy with what this tv does at its price point. Well worth it.

        • No it was a Sharp, pretty average picture and the screen is covered with lines now.

          I have to admit, the in-built sound on the TV is actually quite good. Much better than some $300 soundbars that I've heard and a million times better than the tin cans that come standard on TV's nowdays.

      • Thanks!!

    • This is a way better telly than the TU8000. This has Full Array Local Dimming for a much better picture quality.

  • About the same price paid for 55 Sony 9000 series.

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