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Corsair RM850 850W Gold PSU $129 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


The Corsair RM850 Gold 850W Power Supply is fully modular with a Corsair 10 year warranty.

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  • Pickup still closed.

    • It's permanently closed, along with bank transfers

  • Is that usually using Japanese capacitors? I could only say… WT…thanks OP!

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      I think the RMx using japanese capacitors not RM. But same 10 years warranty.

      • Thanks for clarifying this to me. :)

      • I was about to ask what the differences were between the RM850x and the RM850. Is that the only difference?

        • RM850 may have support for modern standby.

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          Slightly better load regulation plus the better Japanese vs Taiwanese capacitors, but to be honest they are both amazing high end PSUs with 10 year warranty so you won’t go wrong with either

        • RM850 has modern standby mode which may be a "future proof" feature.

          • @Yuri Lowell: Thanks for the answers Caped Baldy & Yuru Lowell.

            May I ask what modern standby does (if it's an easy explanation)?

  • Can this run 3x 8 pin gpu cables independently?
    Guessing it only comes with 2 from info I can find.
    Worth extra for 850rmx?

    • Yes.

    • It comes with 3 cables in 8+8 configuration and not worth getting the rmx cause they have same warranty period

      • Thanks for clarification. Cheers

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      rmx is only like $10-20 extra so you should def get that

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      For just $10 extra, I would say totally worth it.

  • Wonder if it's worth upgrading from my Corsair Enthusiast Series 850-Watt 80 Plus Bronze
    Psu I bought over 10 years ago

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      I'd say it's worth it as 10 years is definitely at the end of life for most PSUs. Might get another 5 years out of it or could die tomorrow. Also if you're running high end components then I'd definitely upgrade.

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    Is there any downside at all to putting this in your PC (apart from cost) when you only really need a 500?

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      No downsides at all (as long as it fits!) It will run cooler and be less noisey than a similar 500w power supply. You shouldn't run PSUs at close to max anyway.

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      Nope. 80+ efficiency starts from basically idle (50-100W) and it'll probably never turn on the fan as the PSU will never be under any significant stress.

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        Sounds like a win!

        Thanks guys

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      Depends on how you use your PC. As this Toms Hardware article puts it, "you have to ensure that the PSU is neither overtaxed nor under-challenged" and "Buying too big just to be on the safe side is counter-productive; it only makes sense if you actually need the reserves" (link). Or as Steve from Gamersnexus puts it, "a lot of people are criminally overpurchasing on their power supply in terms of wattage" and "we've noticed that a lot of people over-buy their power supply needs, and we'd assume that's because it's the safe thing to do" (link).

      The way I see it, these days it is better to buy a pre-built if calculating the correct PSU size isn't your thing. Getting it wrong is unlikely to cost you more than $20 a year… but by then it is no longer a bargain.

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        Interesting article, didn’t play nice on my iPad but I got the gist.

        Since Gold and Platinum supplies are 80-90% efficient even 20% loading buying this at a great price when you only need a 500 still seems like a good idea. Especially as it will run dead silent most of the time.

        You then have the headroom to add the biggest baddest video card if prices ever return to something sensible.

  • Should I get this or a Corsair SFX 700W Platinum? I have an SFX build.

    • Does this fit in your SFX case?

      • it does, SG13. But I was worried that even if I had a 700W capable SFX, is it going to be as quiet or quieter than the 800W ATX?

        • I'd go SF750W for the SG13 or a shorter ATX PSU. This one is 160mm which will fit but it will be a very tight fit especially so if you use an AIO. My SG13 has an ATX PSU with 140mm length and it fits quite snug. You can put a slim fan on the side with the SF750W which can help with exhaust, or alternatively you can just let the PSU act as an exhaust which an ATX PSU would help with as they have larger fans. One thing to note however is that many PSU, such as this one and the SF750W have a passive mode so the fan may never turn on which means you'd have no exhaust in the SG13 unless you put a side exhaust fan in (which again only fits with an SFX PSU). For reference I use the 550W Phanteks AMP which has a switch that makes the fan spin at any load or go completely passive at low loads, unfortunately corsair PSUs don't have that switch.

  • Same price on their eBay, you can use discount gc plus other eBay discount code


  • Overpowered PSUs for the win!

  • no mothers day code for free shipping see nzxt

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