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Heat Resist BBQ Gloves $21.65 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Prana Products Amazon AU


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ASADOR BBQ Grill Gloves and Meat Claws,1472℉ Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves/Mitts for BBQ Grilling, Smoker ,Pizza Oven & Fireplace. An Essential Barbecue Grill, Smoker & Pizza Oven Accessory

What our customers say

"These are great gloves for when you are working on the BBQ or smoker. Previously I was relying on my wife's oven mitts or burning the top of my hands when reaching in to fix charcoal. These gloves allow me to reach into the smoker, do what I need and not worry about getting burned. I'd say they are essential "

MULTI-LAYER PROTECTION: Hold onto your title as King of the BBQ without the risk of nasty burns. Our BBQ gloves are designed with three layers for your comfort and protection. They're made with food-grade silicone followed by strong Deyan fibres that ensure a superior level of heat resistance (500-800C). Inside, the cotton-polyester lining helps your skin breathe to stay cool in high heat.

SUPER HEAVY-DUTY KITCHEN OVEN MITTS: Don’t fear the HOT GRILLS! With these Large size, heat proof gloves, you'll have far greater arm protection. With a total length of 33cm from the fingertip, these grill gloves stay snug and keep you protected. These are far beyond your regular oven mitts, with these you can get stuck right into baking,open grilling,a pizza oven or smoker .Washing machine safe.

MEAT SHREDDER CLAWS: Easy and safe to use heat proof meat claws make shredding fast and convenient. The ergonomic design keeps your hands comfortable while sharp claws make quick work of the meat. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

A MUST-HAVE BBQ & SMOKER ACCESSORY: Our bespoke design makes these BBQ grill gloves the must-have item for all serious outdoor cooks while the sharp-edged meat claws bring your BBQ game to a whole new level. Hook design makes gloves easy to hang in your outdoor BBQ area.

PIZZA OVEN ACCESSORY : Keep your hands safe whilst creating delicious Pizzas and using the HOT PIZZA OVEN

Use Coupon Code TAKE15OFF at checkout.

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  • If you're not using Prime, you can get them on ebay for $28.50 including delivery: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/284036475441

    • was about to ask if its on ebay.

    • Or sign up to a free month of prime and get them with free postage :)

    • If you're not using Prime, you're not doing online shopping right.

  • Code not valid message for me

    • +1

      IN 4 DAYS

      • I didn’t see that was it only just put on?

        • Was there from the start.

          Anyway look under Customers who viewed this item also viewed on that Amazon page, tons of cheaper options at everyday prices.

          • @m9: Yeah think I’ll just do that

          • +1

            @m9: Hi M9 , there are always cheaper items in the market. But quality is what matters at the end of the day.Our customers have vouched for our quality of product and service. Best wishes!

            • @Prana Products: What are the key differences in quality when comparing your product against the competition then?

              • @KangaDrew: Hi KangaDrew,
                Thanks for asking
                our gloves are made of Deyan fibres which provide higher heat resistance for longer and therefore superior protection.The length of the cuff is longer to provide better forearm protection and the quality of the silicon groves is better, which helps when carrying hot trays. Hope this helps.

  • Hi OzPilot - the Deal starts on Amazon Aus
    May 10th and runs till May 12th .The code will be valid from then.

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    Are you really a grill master if you need one of these?

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      If your knuckles aren't singed and you don't walk away with what feels like 1st degree sunburn are you even BBQing?

  • +1

    I am really happy with the Inkbird gloves

    • I bought this yesterday before seeing this deal.. glad to hear. Thought I would go with a more reputable brand

  • +2

    Since I don't have these gloves, I usually make do by not putting my hands in burning flames…

  • +2

    Ah yes, "Slow cooking" The ultimate answer to why you have bear-claw knuckledusters in the car.

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    get some welding gloves from bunnings. thank me later.

    • Have done this and works a treat

    • +1

      $19 "TIG" gloves from tradetools are almost fashionable.

      Butter soft, and just like wearing regular gloves.
      Less expected spatter means thinner leather, but I use them for MIG and they work fine.
      I'll never buy hard, thick MIG gloves again.

    • Hi Ozmanp89, Our gloves can be used for welding as well .Plus you get bonus meat shredding claws

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        Wish I had a dollar for every time a MIG welding session ran overtime due to the lack of meat shredding claws…

        • +1

          Every time the customer wants to watch, or hovers, yep.

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    Send a pair to Romain Grosjean

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    I have a set of these exact gloves. We actually use them for 2 things: bbqing (well husband does) and I use them inside all the time, when foraging through the deep freezer to find some meat, so I don't freeze my hands!
    They are actually nice quality gloves.

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    Why not these for $18.99 now:


    I've had them a year now and much prefer them over regular oven gloves.

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    I actually need a pair of these. If you posted this in 4 days I would have purchased straight away.

    Chances of me remembering in 4 days to buy some gloves, unlikely.

    • Hi Tool , I'm happy to send you a reminder :-)

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      Click on the reminder button just under the description, with report etc, and you'll get a notification.

    • Hi Tool
      Just a friendly reminder That the deal is active today.Cheers

  • remind me

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      Click on the reminder button just under the description, with report etc, and you'll get a notification.

      • Thank you incipient-much appreciate that .

      • Thanks pient

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      Hi Kooratz,
      Hope you had a good weekend.Just a reminder that the deal is active today

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        Thanks Champ..

  • For when your tongs are just not enough to squeeze that juicy meat.

  • ty op

  • Code doesn't work..

    • Hi Kiryn, My apologies,I've alerted Amazon about the code not working. They have replied to say that it should go live by 4 pm AEST instead of 4 am.

    • Hi Kiryn
      The deal is active and ready to go .Thanks

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