Optus Prepaid $180 Mobile SIM Starter Kit (100GB + 20GB Bonus Data, 365 Day Expiry) - $150 @ Optus (Online Only)


Includes 20GB bonus data for new customers. Purchase by 13/07/21 and activate by 18/07/21 on the Epic Value Plan.
3-in-1 SIM fits all phones
Transfer your number from another provider or get a new number

Use Cashrewards to get $12 back

What does it include?

Buy a SIM now and activate on Optus Prepaid Epic Value to receive:

Includes 20GB bonus data on activation for new customers. Purchase by 13/07/21 and activate by 18/07/21. 60GB standard from next recharge. Charged by KB.
Up to 50GB when you recharge before expiry. Bonus data does not rollover.
Unlimited calls to standard national numbers, 13/1300 numbers and Voicemail. Unlimited standard national SMS and MMS.

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  • Can you get this with an esim?

    • I have no idea

    • Yes, I did this. You need to activate the physical SIM first, then visit an Optus store where it can be converted to an eSIM on the spot. Took about 10 minutes until it appeared on my phone as active.

      • does it work on Apple watch cellular? I just activated Vodafone esim prepaid hoping to use the apple watch but the support team said I cant do that. Esim on apple watch only available on postpay :(

  • Looks like a good deal.
    But if you do not have a 5G handset, is this any better than the Coles Mobile $99 deal?

    • It's more comparable to Coles $128 ($150) offer in terms of data size.

      However, if you need to make International calls or SMS, Coles is unlimited for 15 selected destinations.

      I think Coles cycle through their offers for each plan quite regularly as well.

      Not sure about 5G - not even sure if Coles include 5G.

      • Just checked - it says "Powered by Optus 4G Plus network" in their website.

        Chat with them on their website if you are interested.

  • If you already have this plan but its about to run out is buying it again on a special deal how you ‘recharge’ or extend for another 12 months? (our first prepaid renewal date)

    • You can't recharge with a new SIM offer. Has anyone had success activating a new SIM and porting their old prepaid number to the new SIM to get the deal?

    • To get the ‘bonus data’ you would have to port out your number to another provider like kogan, vodafone, etc (depends on the provider, you might need to pay for a recharge). Then port back to Optus.

  • Optus only allows 5G on postpaid plans.

  • NOT Worth it when Can get coles/ Catch mobile for way cheaper

  • Poor 60gb if/when you renew next year
    Only good for burner phones that you don't intend to renew or jump providers

    • Always jump providers after the 1 year (i.e. put it out to tender to the best bidder, and if it's still your current provider, then just renew).

      The main problem with the deal is Optus - every time I port to them lately (just ported to them today) their online activation fails with a technical error (when I enter the my existing number to port) and I have to use live chat to get it ported; and then voicemail doesn't work, so I have to get live chat to resolve that too. It's exhausting, it's happened the last 3 times I have ported to them, happens on different browsers / machines / networks / after clearing all cookies & cache / etc (so it's their end not mine), so I'm avoiding Optus now for at least the next 12 months until they sort out their activation & porting process.

      • Exactly the same happened to my wife today. Could not get past that point, whether we were using Firefox or Chrome, with or without clearing the browser history.
        Online chat was not able to help so I swore for half an hour and then tried it on an iPad. Went through without a problem, number ported in 30 minutes, voicemail easy to set up and reception and sound 10/10.
        I'd like to think the swearing helped but in reality, it was doing it on an iPad. No idea why but may be worth a try

  • Hate this kind of marketing. Try to lure new customers and wouldn’t concern much about existing customers. Aren’t big companies like Optus have rule to treat all customers equally. Will give this a negative for Optus lack of consideration.

  • Link doesn't seem to work at the moment.