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10x Everyday Rewards Points (Online Only, 11-14 May) @ Big W


Just saw this post on Facebook.

BIG W’s VIP Online Shopping Event is almost here. Enjoy 10x points when you shop online at BIG W between 11 May and 14 May. Psst, make sure your Everyday Rewards Card is linked to your online account at bigw.com.au to collect your points.

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Everyday Rewards
Everyday Rewards

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    What % of a return is this please?

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      So if I got the math right, 2000 Rewards points = $10 off therefore each point is worth around 0.5 cents.
      So a 10% increase means each point is worth 5 cents.
      You earn 1 point per dollar so essentially it would be a 5 cent cashback per 1 dollar you spend which is 5%.

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      Let's say you spend $50, you score 500 points, which is worth $2.50

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    Nice, wish the PS5 was able to be purchased


    I also got an offer which was spend $40 online and get 2000 bonus points. That expires 16th May so possibly stack.


    I have an offer for times 5 until the 16th.
    I think it's a separate thing. Do I get both?


      Yes, it should stack.

      If you click on the link in the post and scroll towards the bottom, it says this:

      If you are eligible for multiple points boosters on the same product, 1 standard Everyday Rewards point will be collected once only for all such points boosters, plus the applicable number of additional points.

      You should see the same message in the T&Cs in your 5x booster.

      In your case, you should get 1 standard point and 14 bonus points for every dollar you spend on eligible products at Big W online.


    I got two 10x offers. One says, if I shop online I get 10x points. The other is for online and offline shopping where I get rewarded 10x points. So, what are the off chances that these two will stack? And what do I buy?


      Yes, as long as the T&Cs of your own 10x booster says it can stack.

      In your case, you'll get 19 points for every dollar you spend on eligible products online.

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    Don't forget to use code GET10 for 10 bucks off $100 or more spend online.


    Hopefully some stuff goes on sale right as this goes live so we can stack the savings

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    Check Flybuys as well it would be targeted for Target 20 X pts on biggest online purchase . exp 12/5


    Do you need to activate this deal somewhere before shopping?

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    Don't forget to get and additional 5% on Suncorp's Big W gift cards!

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    Dont need anything from Big W right now Sorry