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[WA] $0.10/kg Loose Brown Onions (4kg Limit) @ Spudshed


This deal is back again for this coming Mother's day.
$0.10/kg Loose Brown Onions @ Spudshed

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Spudshed Fresh Food Market
Spudshed Fresh Food Market


  • Some.Mothers day present!

  • Good enough bargain to bring you to tears

  • Deep fried onion flowers.

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    still more meaningful than a hallmark card

  • I'm soooo jealous every time I see one of these 'Spushed' posts. 'Ten cents for a kilo of potatoes' … 'ten cents for a kilo of onions' …

    I wish these guys would hurry up and expand to some other states. Victoria/Melbourne in particular. Preferably somewhere in or near Northland.

    There's plenty of cheap leases going in Victoria at the moment Spudshed dudes, thanks to the state government royally screwing up you-know-what … so how about it? An exploratory expansion into Victoria? I bet it would be highly successful. Melbourne is full of tightarses. And little restaurants. They will buy stuff from you.

    • The guy who owns Spudshed also is responsible for growing a large chunk of what he sells, it's mostly grown in WA. I suspect the 10c things are a way to move stock after bumper crops, or that combined with a loss leader to get you in the door and buy other stuff.

      Shipping it east would add huge costs. Maybe one day he'll buy up some land in other states? Who knows :)

  • Don't buy the lamington ice cream, it's bad. And I say that as someone who likes gimmick ice creams.

  • I just got some. :D
    Will be my mothers day present haha.