Swann 1080p Full HD 1TB HDD 8x Thermal Sensing Weatherproof Cameras Home Security Kit $449 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Swann 1080p Full HD 1TB HDD 8 x Thermal Sensing Weatherproof Cameras Home Security Kit [email protected] for $449
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In J.B hi-fi @$649

The good guys @$649

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  • Is there something that's WiFi or POE and 4k at this price. I've never really liked Swann

    • try Reolink via amazon AU or their official AU reolink site (sydney AU stock shipped). their offical site and amazon regularly have sales. they are better then swann and good value for money have installed 3 kits. not advance as hikvision/unv etc but decent value

      This unit it great as it has human and car detection which does truly work to lower false alarms etc 4k 8ch 4 x 4k cameras @ 831:

      otherwise these kits have been great value 3 installed at friends places and family and no issues so far 8ch 4x 5mp @ 528:

      with all kits i recommend also making sure you update all firmware leave it running on a table for a few days to make sure its all working etc and make sure if you buy additional reolink compatible cameras and update their firmware and test as well before install as well.

      All poe but i recommend using better cables if you can spare some extra cash - cables in the box work etc but bit soft and thin and just easier to do it once do it right!

      and fyi wifi you still need power to each camera wifi is still not reliable even with good quality unifi wifi waps everywhere. wifi interference lag missed frames due to motion detection delays and wifi etc my work tried this and has the entire corp office covered in waps and nothing but issues. they went poe and no issues since

  • Cool price !