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40.5% off Select Hoka One One Shoes + $5 Shipping @ Running Warehouse


30% of select Hoka shoes. No code needed.
(Note : If you also use the code SUNSUPER15 you will get an additional 15% discount)

Men's sale shoes

Women's sale shoes

Decent deal for those who have been waiting for some recent deals on these.
Not all of the range is on sale though.

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    Great deals. Good colours and sizes available in my shoes of interest….the Clifton 7 and Bondi 7.

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    • Ah, yeah. Will amend the title.

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    Don't forget code SUNSUPER15 for a further 15% off. $120 for a pair of Rincon is great value, even if they don't have a great life expectancy.

    • Thanks for that! brought mine down to $155!

    • Any idea when the code expires?

      • SUNSUPER15 has been around for at least 2 years — might be a permanent code for customers of Sunsuper?

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    Found some models even cheaper than sale and code here: https://hokaoneone.com.au/

    • That is a good one too.
      Alas it doesn't have my sizing on sale though.

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      Got Gaviota 2 for $139.95 vs $186.97

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        Good one, @DanMar. There are also a few models cheaper at Kogan, the Arahi 4s in particular. Even with shipping cost added.
        I overpronate - have used Arahi and Arahi 2 and love the Hokas.

        • I have flat feet too, interested in these. The arahi 5 is only about $10 more running warehouse. Is there much difference between 4 and 5?

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            @Jared17: I haven’t seen the 4s or 5s. Did see some YouTube reviews of the 4 and 5. IMHO the differences are not that big, and I might actually prefer the 4s and save the $10.
            I must add, these are surprisingly long lasting too! I usually have to retire my running shoes around the 350-450km mark (ASICS, Adidas, Saucony, Mizuno, Brooks, Skechers). Hoka Arahi went all the way to 550 for me. Worth the extra in purchase price for the support and longevity.

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    Thanks grabbed a pair of Arahi 5's :)

    • Are these good for mild overpronators?

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        I believe so, I have pretty bad overpronation and had a read around and seems these are good for it.

    • yes they are. I have Arahi 2 and overpronate a lot. Just bought a pair of the Arahi 5's thanks to this deal to replace them.

      • Hi siw666, just wondering if you wear orthotics woth these?

        • no I don't :)

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    Are these for a specific type of fit or are they just for people that are too good for Nike/Asics?

    • would also like to know, thinking of replacing my gel nimbus with Clifton 7

    • Much more cushion than you would find in Nike/Asics

    • Cushioning, mostly. But Clifton 7 also helps support a rolling stride.

  • Thanks op bought the Gaviotas for $188

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    Hoka are the best running shoes, i absolutely love my cliftons on the road and when i do my triathlons. I use the Mafate for trail running and they are amazing. once you invest in a pair you can't run in anything else. I pretty much tried them all, nike, adidas, reebok, saucony, new balance, altra, brooks, asics, etc…, and i keep going back to my hoka shoes.

  • +1

    Coming back from a run at CP in a pair of Mach 4. Ordered Arahi 5. Bon weekend guys

  • Got me a few cheap HOKA's.
    Thx OP

  • Are cliftons for people with flat feet? I am looking at the images and the sole photo looks like there is very little super for normal or high arches?

    • The details in the table at the bottom talk about how it supports. I think they're neutral.

    • Clifton's are neutral shoes, so not ideal for flat feet unless you have custom orthortics.

      I believe the Arahi's are more suitable for flat feet.

  • thanks for this post. I've been waiting ages for a good deal to replace my Arahi 2's. Running Warehouse are a good vendor too.

  • When does the coupon code expire?

    • +1

      The extra SUNSUPER15 (15% discount) has been going for ages. The current 30% off sale I am not sure how long it goes for.

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    There are a few articles out which suggest the 'confidence' you get from the extra cushioning ultimately results in you striking harder and increasing the amount of force up your body. These are probably great for walking/hiking thou.


    • +2

      Incorrect footstrike will always cause issues regardless of the midsole size.

      "We recruited 12 healthy men (mean age 27) who had several years of sports background and who ran with a heel strike pattern"

      There's your problem right there. Why not include mid/forefoot strikers in the study?

      • +1

        And 12 is nowhere near enough for scientific significance. Plus there are so many other factors that would influence such a result, which were probably not controlled for.

  • cracker deals, really tempted to give a pair of Rincon 2 a go, but i'm completely in love with the beacon 3.

  • Thanks, picked up another pair. Loved my Bondi7s into the ground.

  • Rincon vs Bondi vs Clifton?

    • Its been Clifton for me.
      I have only tried the bondi at the store and it was too much shoe, height and width (but coming from Asics at that point they would feel huge)
      Clifton's have hit that right spot
      I got excited to try the Rincon, but their price difference didn't justify the shorter life people reported… and my shoe life is often short

    • Just beware that if you overpronate at all (like I do) the Clifton (although a neutral shoe) has a seat type structure that can easily irritate your medial arch area if you probate into it at all. The Rincon does note have this issue but agree with all other comments re limited lifespan (barely got 300 km on mine before midsole started to RIP but I am a relatively heavy heel striker FYI).

  • +1

    Thanks OP, was wanting to try some HOKAs and got a pair of Clifton 7's

  • Which shop sells Hoka, so I can go and try to see which one fits me better. The shop will then get an opportunity to price match
    I’m in Sydney

    • Athlete's Foot chain sells them also

      • from memory they don't have a big range of Hoka's

        • I went today and tried the hoka clifton 7s and bondis @ macquarie centre

    • Pace athletics

  • Thanks OP. Any idea when will it end?

  • Normally I'd cope some Mizuno Wave Riders but for this price the Carbon X is worth it for the full plate.

  • Just received an email that my order cannot be supplied by the manufacturer, asking if I want store credit or a refund (seriously?). It was in stock when I ordered it. Hope others have more luck.

  • Mine arrived today - impressive shipping speed, thanks OP.

  • The sizing runs a bit long. I'm a 10 in Nikes but sometimes need to get a 10 wide. For these, I'm a 9 wide (2E) because the 8.5 becomes too narrow around the toes. I much prefer Nike's sizing.

    Thanks OP.

  • Confused by their product line.

    • +2

      What brand do you usually run in? For Hoka One One,

      • Clifton: Daily trainer
      • Bondi: Max cushion
      • Arahi: Stability
      • Rincon: Light weight trainer
      • Carbon X: Plated racer
      • Speedgoat: Trail
      • Thanks, bro, that's pretty comprehensive!

        I used to buy Nike and Adidas but recently shifted to Saucony.

  • Clifton 7 (in one colour and three sizes is available direct from Hoka for $130.

    Size 11.5,12,13


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