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Tenda Nova MW6 2 Pack Whole Home Mesh Router $99 Delivered @ PC Byte


Sharing this deal on a 2pack MW6. I have a 3-pack but have only been using 2 nodes and works really well. Other Tenda stuff on sale as well like 3-pack MW3 for same $99

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  • what the maxmium number I can use at home? 5 units or unlimited?

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      Q 3: How many nova units can be used together to establish a network?
      A 3: A mesh network system can be composed of up to 10 nova units. Considering network stability, we recommend a maximum of 6 nova units.


  • I'm having trouble understanding how this needs to be set up.

    I have FTTP so an NBN box in my house, which I have connected to a modem(?) which has ethernet running out of it to my computer.

    The house has 4 ethernet ports in the 2 bedrooms and the living room, does this mean that I can have these 2 Tenda units connected via the wall outlets (which are connected to my modem) or does one of these need to act as a modem?

    Sorry if this is confusing but I am a bit confused myself.

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      My setup is: NBN box > Tenda unit (instead of modem) > wirelessly connected to other Tenda units

      Each unit has 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports per mesh point;WAN and LAN on primary (whatever is connected to the NBN box); mesh point both act as LAN ports on additional mesh points.

      I've never tried wired connection between nodes

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      You should be able to create a mesh network with these units in either wired, wireless, or a combination of both.
      Hopefully this post gives you a better understanding of how it can be configured.

  • Hey There, just wanted to have a feedback on these. Thinking of buying. Currently I just have a basic WiFi Router but keen to expand connectivity and speed.

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      night and day difference compared to your basic router. you'll get good signal with significantly less drop in speed between walls.
      it's still a basic wifi mesh though. can only be configured via an app instead of a webpage and not much extra features. it does have some parental control where you can add devices to a group and that group can only have internet in certain times of the day/s

      • Thanks :)

  • I got the 3 pack MW3 connected using ethernet backhaul and it has met way beyond my expectations. All across at every corner of my house I get an Excellent Wi-Fi strength and an amazing speed of minimum 80 Mbps on a 100/20 plan.
    MW6 might give you much better results.

  • Is there any current redemptions happening on these? A quick search looked like the previous buy 3 get 1 free is over.

  • Gone back to $139

    • Currently $126.40 incl shipping through Kogan, or $185.90 for 3-pack. (Actually sold by Harris Tech but cheaper when buying through Kogan.)

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