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$10 off $100 - $499 | $50 off $500 - $999 | $100 off $1000+ Spend on Eligible Items @ eBay


works on most of the major stores, tgg, bl, appliance online, powerlandau, big w, sony etc..

Excluded sellers:


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    Two other sales starting today -


      Any computer worth it at Lenovo taking about 28% of the listing price including payment by Ebay Cards ?


        This question depends solely on your needs.


        Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 9 at $2,079 after discount is better than the student portal. Even cheaper once you factor in eBay cards.


    Just notice this on my ebay account. 10% off stack with Lenovo. Not bad :O

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      What's the 10% off? Usually they're vouchers and do not stack

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    Think this works without eBay plus FYI ;)

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    Worth noting this doesn't have to be on one item. If you're buying something for $490 you can just add another $11 of items to your cart to get the $50 off.


      What's the easiest way to find something cheap that's eligible? Only need $2.


    Why do some sellers exclude itself from eBay sales? I thought eBay is the one that subsidises the discount.


      Nope. They put it back onto the sellers mostly.

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    Prefer a $23.50 off $235 please lol


    Can't find any deals on Apple watch on this sale, seems like with $50 off it only goes down to about what the big retailers are selling for ($547)


    wow really just spent 7k yesterday :( never in time


    worked on adidas ebay stacked.


    Has this stopped working for people?


      still works, you may be looking at a store that is not eligible


    I tried to stack with the 10% off and other $5 off codes I have but won't let me. Checkout will allow me to use the codes individually, but not stacked…